Neo-Nazi Ron Paul Supporter Soured on Mitt Romney by Red Alerts Endorsement

Sorry Mitt looks like my endorsement cost you the support of these Ron Paul supporting douchebags. And they might have been your staunchest supporters being that they have so much in common with a moderately conservative Republican who’s proud of his Moron faith.

Except for the pretentious racial tinged radical atheism, unseemly pining away for Nazism and the Confederacy and the hatred for Jews, Capitalism and Business, I guess it would have been a match made in heaven.

Yet again, a Ron Paul supporter shows how inane, asinine and childish the “libertarian” left is. At least the human garbage of the Odessa Syndicate are almost honest about their political leanings, claiming to be a synthesis of the far left and far right. Of course what they are is a synthesis of faux rightest racism and with the fellatious love of totalitarianism only people who grew up unpopular could muster.

Thus, they love “right wing” characters like Pat Buchanan (who they blogroll) not because they agree with him (they being anti-American Marxists) but because the Christianized Communism Buchanan preaches is balm to the soul of emotionally stunted perpetual teens who make up the White Nationalist movement. Fearful, inferior and unsuccessful, the constant stream of complaints and demands from those who have an inflated sense of entitlement plays into the fantasy they have of creating a society where their personal shortcomings no longer keep them from attaining some success or happiness.

Unsurprisingly, they are in bed with the illiterate degenerates of The Civic Platform, radical Muslim Kevin MacDonald and the nexus of all things that embarrass Ron Paul, Lew Long time readers of Red Alerts will remember Robert Lindsay, who took exception to my characterizing him a racist. “How could you think such a thing?” he asked just before banning me from his comment section. How indeed Lindsay, How indeed.

So, sorry Mitt, I cost you the votes of people who are claiming it’s time to overthrow the country. I cost you the votes of people who think you’re beholden to “international Jewry” and think you following your religion, or anyone being religious, is a sign of intellectual inferiority even while the faithful surpass them economically and socially. I cost you the votes of a collection of misfits so degenerate that even the Democrats don’t want them.

You can thank me when you’re President.

Since all these cretin are apparently in a link baiting kind of mood, I have a little something to help everyone with traffic. I recently got some swag for A&E for promoting the premiere of this season’s First 48. So far it’s been excellent by the way. But I have this wrapped two DVD set of the show that I’m offering for the winner of my new contest. Here are the rules:

One of the people involved with one of the sites mentioned above is allegedly (according to a reliable source) a registered sex offender. I personally lacked the time and inclination to follow up on it because frankly how is it a surprise to find out some neo-Nazi is a convict? They recruit in prison. But since there are some people who really want to increase traffic to their crappy sites, let’s make a game of it.

The first person to find out the identity of said filthy Ron Paul supporting pervert will receive the unopened DVD set.

No guessing! I want deductive reasoning used, and you’ll be required to detail how you found the pervert. As proof we want the link to his registry page and your proof that pervert on said page is actively working for one of the sites above.

I will of course publish the results.

Game on! And in the future if you’re a Nazi who wants to bait a link out of me, this is how Red Alerts rolls.

7 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Ron Paul Supporter Soured on Mitt Romney by Red Alerts Endorsement

  1. I confess. It’s me. I’m the registered sex offender, though I’m not a Nazi and not a Ron Paul supporter. I also have no control over who links to me or likes my posts either, but that never works for you guilt by association guys does it? Why don’t you convert to Judaism? You do the character assassination thing so well, why not hire on with the best at this sort of thing?

  2. You tell me to convert to Judaism as an insult but are shocked to be lumped in by anti-semites. Let me guess, you’re a pot smoker.

    My point was that your writing is Nazi bait, racists love it. That should tell you something about yourself. The high ground is not available to someone so steeped in bigotry that White Nationalists love their writings.

  3. It’s not an insult, it’s a compliment. No one does this character assassination better than those guys, although you Gentile neocons do a pretty good job yourself. I would say that’s because Gentiles like you are Judaized, but then I’m getting into Albert S. Lindemann (Esau’s Tears) territory here. Our whole society is becoming Judaized. See Yuri Slezkine (The Jewish Century). His theme is something like “We are all Jews Now”.

    As far as White Nationalists, most of them see me as an anti-racist antifa enemy number 1 of the White Race who wants White people to go extinct. So if you want to call me White Supremacist, that’s not going to work.

    Maybe anti-Semite is a better word. I get called that endlessly. I think my Jewish ex-gf would disagree though. Anyone who criticizes Jews in any way is going to be cheered on by anti-Semites and Nazis. They just jump all over anything like that. Jewish internal critics have had to deal with this for ages.

  4. Sure Sure. Are you the Lindsay from Arizona who bit the cop?

    You seem smart enough so I’m not going to allow you to pretend you’re not a hateful bigot. I’d respect you mre if you admitted that, for whatever reason, you hate Jews.

    The only thing I will argue with you about is the characterization of me as a Neo-con which would only be possible if I was a leftist first. I’ve always been a Republican. And though I don’t consider myself “Judaized” I do respect all peoples and their rights to live as they see fit. That includes Jews. I know Jews I like and Jews I don’t, I don’t lump them together in an attempt to make myself feel better about my short comings.

    And that’s what anti-semitism is to you isn’t it? A form of projection where you export your self lathing on some group that you can find hundreds of others who hate as well. A way to deflect responsibility, a handy scape goat. That’s what you and all the rest of the anti-semites use Jews as.

    It is not being “Judaized” to accept responsibility for your own life and not place the blame for everything that goes wrong on some mythic conspriacy. You know why Palestinians are poor? Because Islamism combined with communism created a society of people who don’t work and allow their leaders to piss their money away. You know why so many sub prime mortgages are in default? Because people won’t live within their means.

    You know why you hate Jews? Because the mythical Jew in your mind helps keep you from examining yourself honestly. I’m not “judaized”, I’m an adult who doesn’t look outward for the sources of my problems.

    So keep bleating about how you want Whites to go extinct (another pathetic sign of the self loathing you feel) rather than trying to fix those things about yourself that make you want to die. Keep blaming Jews for the worlds misery and keep fellating Nazis. But don’t insult me by trying to act as if I’m the one with the problem.

  5. I believe in only believing in half of what you see and hear! In David Icke’s book “the greatest secret” he has may theories some plausible and other are stretched but he does have a lot of history in the book on NAZI’S AND i think its worth seeing if his info has merit!

  6. Well you can see if his theories have merit through a simple test – if you were the mythical bad guy in the theory, would your actions make sense.

    For example, on my other blog I write about crime – and theorize about motive etc. I’m right 85% of the time. That’s because I look for the big three:




    Now, let’s just look at motive. Many conspiracies posit the super rich are doing things that, if found out, would lead to revolution and even if not found out would hinder their enjoyment of their wealth. Why would they rock the boat? If you’re rich you are predisposed to keeping the system stable, no?

    Others posit that even though the “conspiracy” can secretly have thousands killed – so they have unlimited means and opportunity. Yet they won’t kill off Icke or Alex Jones? Why?

    Criminals actions make sense to them. If someone posits a wild theory that makes no sense be suspect.

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