Hannah Overton Deserves to Die in Prison


The woman grinning her way through a 20/20 interview in the still above is Hannah Overton, who murdered her four-year-old foster child with a massive dose of salt. She was convicted of capital murder in Texas for the crime, and is rotting in prison where she belongs. But thanks to the efforts of her church full of depraved murder apologists and the Internet based campaign of disinformation they run she may escape justice and walk free.

The “Free Hannah” movement, largely made up of people from her church it seems, want you to believe her victim was a mentally unstable child with an eating disorder that led him to overdosing on salt himself.They claim he was unmanageable, that he was injuring himself, and that ultimately he was responsible for his own death.

That victim was a four-year-old child. A four-year-old who these sanctimonious supposed followers of Christ to this day claim was a uncontrollable hellion who ate himself to death. Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. From the Caller-Times:

Authorities issued arrest warrants for the foster parents of a 4-year-old boy who died last week after investigators say he was fed a mixture of water and Cajun seasonings by his foster mother.

Hannah Overton, 29, was charged with capital murder and her husband, 30-year-old Larry Overton, was charged with injury to a child. Officers arrested the couple late Friday afternoon a short time after District Attorney Carlos Valdez and investigators met to discuss the case. The Overtons’ bonds have been set at $250,000 each.

John Gilmore, the attorney for the couple, said they are innocent.

“It was done accidentally and I don’t see any criminal activity done here at all. They’re both going to plead not guilty,” Gilmore said.

Police said the Overtons waited nearly three hours on Oct. 2 before taking Andrew Burd to a medical clinic after he drank the mixture, vomited and drifted in and out of consciousness. He was not breathing when he arrived about 5:20 p.m. and medical staff immediately contacted police.

The boy was taken to Christus Spohn Hospital South but died the following day.

According to arrest affidavits, one of the Overtons’ biological children told investigators Hannah Overton watched Andrew on a security camera in a bedroom and used food and pepper as a form of punishment. A neighbor, who lives in the 5900 block of Parkview Drive, told investigators Hannah Overton called her about 2:52 p.m. that day and asked her to watch one of her children because Andrew was intentionally vomiting and defecating and “smearing it everywhere.”

He is not sick, he is doing it to get to me,” Hannah told the neighbor, adding he had defecated eight times, the affidavits said.

Kids act out to “get” parents don’t you know. And we all know how easy it is for a child to vomit and defecate at will when they’re angry. But Overton supporters claim that nothing in the above report sounds like intentional murder to them. I guess giving a child a fatal dose of sodium and waiting until he’s comatose to take him to the hospital is just good parenting to the Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship members that cheerlead for this murderess.

But all their theories are verifiably false, as during the trial the child’s former foster parent testified that Andrew was not a difficult child and certainly didn’t have a eating disorder:

During the trial, Overton, a former licensed vocational nurse, admitted she gave Andrew a cup of water mixed with spices but said it wasn’t to punish or harm him.

Her attorneys also argued Andrew had behavioral problems and an eating disorder and ingested something on his own to cause the toxic sodium levels.

Sharon Hamil, Andrew’s foster mother for the 18 months before he lived with the Overtons, said she remembered a much different boy.

“When I had Andrew I didn’t have any problems,” Hamil said. “To me he was a happy, typical child.”

The Overtons were in the process of adopting Andrew, who had lived with them since June 2006.

The “Free Hannah” group’s entire argument is based on explaining away Hannah Overton’s abuse of the boy by claiming he was so difficult that the extremely bizarre things investigators discovered Hannah was doing to this defenseless child were logical in context. What sorts of bizarre things? from Parents Behaving Badly:

When the autopsy was performed the cause of death was ruled as sodioum poisoning with a secondary factor of blunt force trauma. Hospiatl workrers also noticed bruising in his body and an untreated wound on his arm that was consistent with a burn. The Overtons were arrested for Andrew’s death.

During the investigation one of the Overtons biological children told police that Hannah Overton would use pepper as a form of punishment and that Hannah would watch over Andrew with a security cam. One might assume that since she was using a security cam they she may have been locking Andrew in the room, the same room where it was alleged that Andrew was forced to sleep on a piece of plywood.

Outrageous. The Hannah Overton supporters see these same facts and in their depravity attempt to justify the monstrous behavior of Hannah. They have run a campaign that has caught the attention of the always credulous 20/20 (which you can see in three parts, I, II, III) and other media outlets that are glad to air the Hannah supporters’ smears of this little dead boy, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars so this monster can afford high-priced lawyers to get her out, and it might work.

Lost in Lima, Ohio sums up this case this way:

Dozens of news media organizations have picked up Hannah’s story- from 20/20 to Christian News Sources. They’ve picked up Hannah’s story, her version of how a child declared “healthy and fit for adoption” one month, could end up dead less than six months later. But it’s Hannah’s story they have picked up- not Andrew’s.

No one wants to talk about Andrew’s story, about the suffering he endured, the incredible pain he would have been in the last day of his life. They don’t mention that the 23 teaspoons of Zatarain’s he would have had to have ingested was almost 100 times the recommended serving size (1/4 teaspoon), which introduced almost 24000mg of salt into his body at 240mg per serving. How, in making Hannah some sort of saint, they’ve made Andrew a child that was wild, and flawed. They’ve went as far as to claim that perhaps Andrew- suffering from his never mentioned before eating disorder- might have found a moment alone in which he on his own consumed so much salt that it caused the fatal toxic levels in his blood. The bruising on his head that was listed as a secondary cause of death? Well, that wasn’t really what it seemed. Perhaps someone rubbing his head, and the onset of his death caused it. Really, it could have been anything.

There is more to Andrew’s story, but sadly, it may be washed away by a flood of support for the woman who was responsible for providing him with care, love, and protection- the woman who didn’t fulfill that responsibility.

Indeed. Andrew Burd’s story must not be forgotten in the mad rush to free a child killer. He deserves justice, and that justice would be Hannah Overton dying in prison, caged like the animal she is. But the lawyers paid for by this insidious smear campaign against a four-year-old are appealing the case and may well get her conviction overturned. Andrew needs your support now more than ever.

Send letters, call and fax your support to:

13th Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi Site Nueces County Courthouse 901 Leopard, 10th Floor, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 – Telephone: (361) 888-0416 Fax: (361) 888-0794

Don’t let Hannah Overton get away with murder.

Update: Now this is just weird. Hannah’s Father beat a teenage girl to death with a crowbar and her maternal Grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, the man who led the Heaven’s Gate cult. There are Internet rumors that Pastor Rod Carver, one of Hannah’s most ardent supporter, was superficially involved with one of Applewhite’s pre-Heaven’s Gates groups. The group Carver heads now is a fundamentalist sect (an “intensive” religion rejecting outside influences on the key mythology) while Heaven’s Gate was a syncretistic cult (an “expansive” religion accepting outside ideas as complimentary of the central mythology) so the groups have little in common, aside from the unconditional support of murderers.

147 thoughts on “Hannah Overton Deserves to Die in Prison

  1. Thank you so much Red Alerts for taking up for the true victim in this case, Andrew Burd! The abc 20/20 special left out almost all of the material evidence pointing to Hannah Overton’s guilt. Hannah Overton’s church and the Free Hannah Overton movement then used this shoddy piece of journalism to collect thousands of dollars in donations from naive viewers. Hannah Overton was a LVNurse who had worked previously in a nursing home and with a cerebral palsy patient administering medication and food. Andrew had brusies and scratches all over his body. ABC 20/20 should be ashamed of themselves for their story. They have enabled fanatics, and their story fueled further threats against those who defended Andrew from the Hannah Overton church and the Free Hannah Overton supporters.

  2. Another major news group has issued a warning that the Hannah Overton 20/20 special may be inaccurate. ABC left out almost everything. People who followed the case were appalled. I understand the Doctor on the show (the defense darling) discredited himself in countless ways- during his last examination of Andrew, several months before the murder, he found that Andrew was perfectly healthy and had no behavioral or physical disorders (and issued a report saying this); this same Doctor was listed by the Hannah Overton DEFENSE PRIOR to the Hannah Overton trial as their number one defense expert, this Doctor is not a forensic psychologist or psychiatrist and isn’t qualified to decide whether a criminal had the mind set to commit the crime; this Doctor never spoke with Hannah Overton (unlike the true hero in the Hannah Overton trial, Dr. ALexandre Rotta). It is disgraceful ABC 20/20 worked out a deal to paint Hannah Overton as a martyr in exchange for getting an exclusive interview with her from prison. From what I’ve heard, the 13th Court of Appeals is smart and will read all of the trial testimony and see through the $ 700,000 defense claims and tactics. There are many of us out there who are taking up for Andrew Burd. Free Hannah Overton members- you need to read the Red Alert post and the Lost in Lima Ohio post!

  3. Thank you for the great article. I’ve been keeping up with the Hannah Overton trial. Those Free Hannah Overton supporters have “free hannah” bumper stickers on their cars. It makes me sick! The pastor is to blame because he has misled the congregation about what happened.

  4. Excellent article. How can the Free Hannah Overton supporters attack a little 4 year old boy this way. There was evidence he was force fed- bruising to his nose and mouth and scratches on his neck. The District Attorney, Carlos Valdez, did the right thing by prosecuting this case. Thank you for bringing out the true story of Andrew Burd. These types of defense tactics need to stop!

  5. Hannah Overton put clorox on a festering staph infection on Andrew’s body instead of taking him to a Doctor. She then claimed that Andrew did it to himself (the staph infection). Another Hannah Overton church member, who is a Doctor, supposedly gave her the clorox advice when Hannah took her own biological child to him- not Andrew. This is one messed up scenario. Sorry Free Hannah Overton supporters- I’m not buying your ridiculous excuses. Oh, and I’m not asking for donations from anybody (unlike the Free Hannah Overton supporters). I’m just speaking out for Andrew.

  6. The Hannah Overton appeal claims made by her defense attorneys were very misleading. They were wrong, wrong, wrong.

  7. In the original Hannah Overton Motion for New Trial defense brief, Hannah Overton’s attorneys made a claim that the prosecution had deliberately withheld a highly paid defense Doctor, Dr. Moritz, from testifying. The Hannah Overton conviction story in the San Antonio Express News blew that claim out of the water when Dr. Moritz gave a quote himself saying the defense attorneys kept him from testifying, not the Prosecution. Good Morning America (ABC 20/20) also accused the Prosecution of withholding Dr. Moritz. They had to retract that story, but it was still very misleading. All the Free Hannah Overton supporters should read the Lost in Lima Ohio. They have really been misled. The Hannah Overton church and the Defense attorneys have quite the PR machine going!

  8. I really don’t have a problem with religion in and of itself, as long as the only person affected by it is the believer. Once religion interferes with someone else, especially a little child, all bets are off. How could a woman who called herself a Christian brutalize a boy and then be martyred by her church. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Did the church leaders advise her to take this brutal course of action? Why are they covering for her- they should be the first to jump on the band wagon for her prosecution. Didn’t the vicim go to the church as well?

  9. Why is this Free Hannah Overton movement believing everything the criminal defense attorneys say? How idiotic is that? Defense attorneys will allege anything in an appeal.

  10. Look at what happened in the OJ Simpson original murder case. He did it. We all knew he did it, but the defense managed to create enough smoke and mirrors to get a not guilty. The Appeal Attorney for the Hannah Overton case was paid over $ 100,000 to create all kinds of smoke and mirrors.

  11. Great article! Thank you for reporting the true facts about Hannah Overton and the murder of Andrew. Please keep us informed.

  12. Hannah received a fair trial, just verdict, and appropriate sentence. Her story defies logic and did not fool the jury. Her supporters attack anybody who does not accept her lies. The slander about the prosecution, jurors, and judge is as sad and baseless. Her defense “dream team” failed because her guilt was too obvious for them to obfuscate.

  13. Thank God there are people out there who didn’t swallow the kool-aid concocted by Free Hannah Overton supporters and 20/20 (what a sad, pathetic, divorced from reality “story” that was). Great Job giving us the real story, Red Alert.

  14. The Free Hannah Overton movement was created by people from Hannah Overton’s church, which, by all outside observers, is very anti law enforcement. They are highly suspicious of CPS, the police, the District Attorney, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children), Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and have helped to promote some highly slanderous allegations against those who prosecuted Hannah Overton. The Free Hannah supporters, from what I’ve been hearing, have written hate mail accusing anyone who defended Andrew Burd of perversion and wickedness and saying that they (those supporting the prosecution of Hannah Overton) will burn in Hell. That’s too extreme, in my eyes.

  15. What’s sick and twisted is that the Defense Attorneys, who have been paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for the defense and appeal of Hannah Overton, have fed into the Church’s fanatical beliefs by making all sorts of outlandish allegations,which the church treats as the Holy Grail. Gee…whizz…a criminal defense attorney never tries to mislead…golly gee no…..Defense attorneys always tell the truth.

  16. I’ve heard Dr. Alexandre Rotta was an outstanding witness for the State. The jury loved him because he was well-spoken, a brilliant Chemist and Mathematician, a world famous Pediatric Critical Care Doctor, and he was the one who got the “pleasure” of speaking with Hannah Overton on the night she killed Andrew Burd. Hannah Overton told Dr. Alexandre Rotta and the socialworker for Driscoll Children’s Hospital she had given Andrew the zatarain solution mixed only with water- she mixed it, she claimed, in a large tumbler of water. And then she claimed Andrew drank the whole thing from a sippy cup and “wanted more.” Sure, Hannah. Just one problem: Andrew did not like spicy foods (zatarains is very spicy), Andrew had bruising to his mouth and nose and scratches to his neck (which were consistent with being force fed) and it would have taken 20 tsps (at least) to cause a sodium level of 240. The human body automatically regurgitates a salty solution, so…. Hannah Overton, as an experienced LVNurse who knew how to administer medication and feeding tubes (she administered food and medication at a nursing home and with a child who had cerebral palsy), figured out a way to get the sodium solution in Andrew.

  17. butterfly: You will find that Rob Taylor and his blog followers are not duped by the bullshit of child abusers. 😉

    Rob, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this. As you know, things have been hectic. I need to post this, too, but I am also wondering if there are any resources out there providing handouts countering those “For Hannah” style bumper stickers and so forth. If not, there should be. I’d like to post something saying “For Andrew” or something on every site I have with a link to this article or one of the articles you provide. Let me know if there is something.

    I would like to believe the courts won’t be so easily duped by these imbeciles. They can lie to the average citizen who prefers to be spoon fed tidbits rather than research for themselves. They cannot, however, fool a court of law that is privy to all of the evidence and full accounts of all that took place. As I said – I would LIKE to believe. Let’s just hope this is the case.

    By the look of the responses to this post, you’ve encouraged a lot of people who care more for this innocent little boy than the monster who murdered him. Good for you!!!

  18. Mom: 20/20 has gone on record protecting the liberties of pedophiles and sex abusers of minors. This incident is not surprising in the least.

  19. SMP: I want to take up for Andrew Burd. I’m not buying the the propaganda put out by the Free Hannah Overton crowd. It’s about time the real story on Hannah Overton came out. Free Hannah Overton folks need to swallow the real facts on Hannah’s case, and quit taking in the propaganda offered by the money collecting free Hannah Overton leaders. Andrew Burd was murdered. Physically Abused. Mentally abused. A 4 year old innocent boy was killed. Poisoned. Denied help. They need to quit defending this woman. Start working to prevent child abuse. Pour that massive amount of money into helping abused children. Wake up, people. You are right on, SMP. Thanks to Red Alert for publishing this excellent piece!

  20. SMP: beautiful..well written…I agree!
    BTW, I’m disgusted with the abc 20/20 story on Hannah Overton. It was so far removed from the reality of the case. It was just a show piece for how manipulative some criminals can be. abc 20/20 supporting pedophiles- yeah, I can believe it. The producers and reporters seem like nitwits.

  21. This case is typical. A murderer is convicted and sentenced following a long and fair trial. Now her supporters try to reopen the case in the court of public opinion. They attempt to discredit the prosecution, judge, jury, and witnesses via propaganda. This woman is guilty of both child abuse and murder. She lost at trial because the evidence proved her guilt. Anyone believing her story is naive. She refused a plea due to arrogance and an unwillingness to accept consequences for her criminal acts. She got what she deserved. Let’s hope she stays in prison.

  22. The abc 20/20 story on Hannah Overton was divorced from reality. 20/20 left out almost every major piece of evidence supporting Hannah Overton’s conviction. 20/20 traded journalistic integrity for getting an exclusive interview with Hannah Overton from prison. 20/20 left out Hannah Overton was a nurse, Andrew (the 4 year old victim) drifted in and out of consciousness for over an hour, was in shock for over an hour, struggled to breathe for over an hour, and could have survived if Hannah would have called 911. 20/20 should be ashamed for presenting half the facts. And, the Doctor who was the defense darling: 20/20 failed to tell you that this same Doctor examined Andrew (the last exam before he was killed) a few months before the murder and wrote a report stating Andrew had no physical or behavioral problems (this totally discredited the Doctor), this same doctor was listed by the Defense Attorneys as their number one expert for the defense PRIOR to Hannah Overton’s trial (yet they claim not to know about him), this same Doctor said on the first day of Hannah Overton’s capital murder trial in the presence of other Doctors that “Hannah ought to fry” (yet he was shocked when Hannah was convicted of capital murder?), this Doctor never spoke with nor met Hannah Overton and is not a forensic psychiatrist or psychologist ( yet, he is now the self-proclaimed expert on what Hannah Overton was thinking), and this Doctor pointed out to the prosecution that it appeared Andrew had been force fed from the bruising around Andrew’s face (but it was all just an accident). 20/20 failed to interview the Doctors who testified at trial, including a world expert, Dr. Alexandre Rotta, who spoke with Hannah Overton the night of the murder, and found clear evidence of child abuse or the Medical Examiner, who actually autopsied Andrew Burd and who ruled his death a homicide by acute sodium poisoning and secondary cause, blunt force head trauma. 20/20 also failed to mention that Andrew Burd only had 1 foster mother, Sharon Hamil, who fostered him for over 18 months and who said she and her adult son, who is a special ed teacher with the school district, never observed Andrew to have any behavioral problems or eating disorders. Accolades to Lost in Lima Ohio and Red Alerts for their articles on the Hannah Overton case.

  23. Tom, Car, and everyone else, can’t believe how the Free Hannah Overton “followers” have misled the general public! Does Hannah Overton now have groupies. Even Dahmer had groupies. Hey, Bundy came across as a real swell guy. Thanks to Red Alerts for the reality check!

  24. 20/20 pro pedophile. Disgusting. It’s obvious they are pro child killer. I don’t even watch 20/20. It’s all about ratings, nothing about the truth. What they did with Hannah Overton… makes me want to vomit.

  25. Oh, sure. Her lineage has nothing to do with her inclination to torture and murder the innocent. What are these people on?! Seriously!

  26. One other act of idiocy by the Free Hannah Overton supporters. Their nauseating mantra…. the jury only found her guilty of killing Andrew by omission so let her go. Turns out, those 12 jurors did think Hannah Overton physically abused Andrew, but decided it arose to the level of Capital Murder when she, knowing he was dying and in dire need of medical care, watched him die for over an hour and didn’t call 911. The jury considered all the other signs of abuse in deciding this was a cold hearted woman who knowingly withheld calling 911.

  27. Death by hot pepper seasoning. Now that’s foul… Hannah Overton has got some real deep psychological issues. Her relation to Marshall Applewhite, the kool aid cult heaven’s gate guy. Maybe something’s genetically wrong with this family.

  28. I’m not sure if there are some who have never had Zatarains, but I’m from Louisiana. Zatarains is sometimes the closest thing to the spiciness we are used to when we are living away from home (I’m a Navy wife always on the move). Zatarains, honestly, isn’t the best stuff or even the closest to real Louisiana cooking, but it is available practically all over the country so it works if absolutely necessary. If you’ve not had any of the Zatarains boxed meals or seasonings, I invite you do try some. Put some of the seasonings on a spoon and taste it. Then see if you can, in good conscience, believe any 4 year old would purposefully digest the quantity it took to kill him. No adult I know would even do it unless they were a contestant on Fear Factor and would receive money for it. It’s not just that some of it is “hot”. Cajun cooking has nothing to do with “hot”. That’s Texas. It’s the seasonings that are very strong and in a certain combination will make your throat burn and your eyes water if not digested properly. Also, water does NOT make the burning go away, as seen on silly TV shows. Only milk. Water, actually, makes it worse. Therefore, any one who would believe this little boy ate this quantity of seasonings in conjunction with water on his own is a complete dipshit.

  29. I read this comment and thought it was worth sharing. Thank you, Lost in Lima Ohio (and Red Alerts!) for caring about little Andrew Burd. The supposed “behavioral issues” of Andrew Burd that abc 20/20 mentions are ridiculous, and, thankfully, the jury saw through the defense team’s lies! ANY pre-schooler has “behavioral issues.” And abc 20/20’s remarks that those issues became “very severe” in the Overton home is telling: ANYONE, INCLUDING FREE HANNAH OVERTON SUPPORTERS, would have “behavioral issues” if they were 1) continually denied enough food/ were always hungry, especially if they saw that the other children were fed properly, 2) forced to sleep on raw, cold plywood that scratched their skin with every turn they made as they were trying to sleep, 3)knew that every move while they were in bed/ trying to sleep was being watched through cameras that a sadistic woman had installed above us, 4) abused by several means, especially with painful burns, and including watching some of their favorite things go up in flames, 5)experienced who knows what else Hannah did to this poor little boy, including constant emotional abuse. Remember, Andrew was a little pre-schooler, who was not equipped with the more sophisticated emotional coping skills that an adult or older child has learned. Anyone who is well-read or has ever taken a college psychology class knows that when children “act out,” that’s a way of coping with something upsetting that’s happening in their lives right now. Additionally, of course, the Overton friends would “witness” fabricated “emotional issues” with Andrew, since Hannah Overton had pointed them out! Think about it, Free Hannah Overton supporters: if I dramatically told many people how I was so concerned about specific things YOU were doing and all the stress those things were causing me, etc., etc., wouldn’t YOU begin to “witness” those things?

    What it all comes down to is that little, defenseless Andrew Burd was abused, neglected, and died a slow, torturous death in the hands of a twisted, sadistic adopted mother, Hannah Overton. Andrew was the victim, FREE HANNAH OVERTON SUPPORTERS, NOT Hannah Overton. Hannah Overton still breathes and has enough to eat. Ironically, however, now Hannah Overton knows what it feels like to be watched constantly, from overhead cameras. Tragically, little Andrew will never have the chance to have a good, kind, true Christian adopted mother, because Hannah murdered him.

  30. SMP, your comment was amazing. Thank you for the inside scoop. This so-called mother needs to stay in prison! She shouldn’t be allowed to ever have more children!

  31. Hannah Overton deserves to be in prison. Hopefully, the Hannah Overton appeal will be denied. Pleased to see there are accurate articles coming out now to rebut the abc 20/20 Hannah Overton manifesto.

  32. Just FYI: I posted this on my Facebook page, also, and out of curiosity, I browsed Groups there. I searched “Andrew Burd” and was brought to a page with only “Free Hannah” groups. Nothing for poor Andrew! And yes, they are repeating the same bullshit and are promoting the ABC special to support their claims. I wish I had the time to create a group for Andrew there but I don’t. I posted it to the PACA group there, though. I posted it to my MySpace page and also looked for a group there. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or what but I didn’t find anything.

    As soon as I can make something to counter the “Free Hannah” gear, I’ll post it to my awareness site (link in my name).

  33. SMP= you make the rest of us feel empowered. I’ve never joined facebook , but maybe someone here knows what to do. I came across another great comment on Hannah Overton and the ridiculous pica defense and wanted to share it here: Exactly. I don’t know about ya’ll but I had to chase my daughter around to get her to take meds that tasted like cherry. And come to think about it I never forcibly held her down. Hum??????
    I’m so tired of hearing (or reading) Hannah’s medical “experts” refering to pica. Pica is “a craving to eat substances that are not foods, such as dirt, clay, chalk, glue, ice, starch, or hair. This appetite disorder may occur with some nutritional deficiency states, with pregnancy, and in some forms of mental illness”- Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, Fourth Edition, pg.1218. Didn’t Hannah and her “supporters” say she used the seasoning because it was a food product? Sound a little premeditated to ya’ll?

  34. And another interesting comment on Hannah Overton and her Grandfather, Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate Cult: fromanotherposter wrote:
    Oh, sure. Her lineage has nothing to do with her inclination to torture and murder the innocent. What are these people on?! Seriously!
    I wondered what else we should know and found this:
    Marshall Applewhite and Louise Linant (this is a bit confusing – I have found his mother listed as Louise Haecker and a older sister Louise Applewhite) married in 1962 (Presbyterian church). They had 2 children – Mark in 1963 and Mary in 1968 (Hannah’s mother). Applewhite & Louise divorced in 1968. Applewhite fired in 1970 reason “health problems of an emotional nature” (he was a music professor).

    Mary (aka: Lane – Applewhite’s followers did function in normal society under false names) married Bennie Saenz. Had 2 children (all I have found mentioned) Hannah and Nathan Saenz. Bennie Saenz was convicted of murder in 1985. He beat a teenage girl to death with a crowbar.

    My questions:
    1. Does anyone else see the pattern here?
    Psychological problems DO have a genetic
    component and this case proves that. Shows,
    once again, Rod Carvers ignorance in his lame
    attempts to explain things away!

    2. Why, when this all began, did authorities
    place the remaining Overton children in the
    care of their maternal grandparents? I don’t
    think they knew exactly what they were dealing
    with or it’s magnatude.

    3. Does anyone else think that CPS or the
    adoption agency should have looked a little
    deeper into “good ol’ Larry and Hannah’s”
    backgroung? Good Lord, many of us go through
    more intense background checks to get jobs
    and clearences.

    What do ya’ll think??????????

  35. It amazes me how BOTH sides are so blind to the complexties of this case.

    The Hannahites are blind to anything that presents her as anything other than a saint.

    And people like most who posted here are blind to anything that makes the prosecution’s version look unlikely.

    I think Hannah deserves to be in jail. But not for murder. Life without the chance for parole is not justice in this case. The DA should never have charged her with capital murder. If the jury instructions were clear, this woman would be free as a bird, which would have ALSO been an injustice!

  36. Stevie, in all fairness, you have been on Hannah Overton’s side from day one, and your postings clearly show that you do not have a firm grasp of the case. Thankfully, you are not one of the 13th Court of Appeals judges, who will have read every word of the transcript and will review all of the submitted evidence. Just because others do not share your views does not make them blind. I have read over the comments on this site and on many other sites. I am quite impressed with the concise and insightful comments on this site and on the Lost in Lima Ohio site. And, I hardly think the author of this site or of the Lost in Lima Ohio site is “blind.” I doubt anyone could fool either one of these sites!

  37. Stevie, you’re a moron. If you can’t see this child was force fed a toxic dose of seasoned salt, you are an idiot.

    I suppose, though, you examined Andrew’s body? I suppose you work for the ME? Or perhaps you are just all-knowing and better educated than the ME as well as have viewed Andrew’s body using psychic projection?

    Honestly, I usually engulf myself into lengthy discussions with defenders of pedophiles and other such child abusers for the purpose of education and enlightening the brainwashed idiot. In this case, however, when it is so clearly obvious what happened here and someone like you comes along who has no idea of what he is defending, I’ll just save my energy and call you a dumbass – but not just any dumbass. No, for you it would be a child murderer sympathizer dumbass. The worst kind.

    This isn’t the pro-Hannah, child torturer and murder website that you are used to. This is a pro-child, anti-child abuse blog written by a man dedicated to effectively exposing filthy degenerates like Hannah Overton (says so in the tags). This, dear, is not friendly territory for you. I suggest you read his other blogs about child abusers and their defenders before you continue.

    Welcome to our world.

  38. I finally got here! Many of my posts from another site arrived before I did. I say thank you to all who quoted my words. I feel we are all doing this for the same reason – to be the voice for poor Andrew. He has been forever silenced at the hand of his “mother” (gag) and my ultimate goal is to see he receives the justice he so rightly deserves. Keep up the good work everyone! The real truth must be told. Not the “cultified” version being spread by his murderer and her sick, brainwashed supporters.

  39. SMP – I have not examined the body any more than you have. So why does the fact that I haven’t examineed the body make me a moron & not you!

  40. LeeAnn – I have been on “Hannah’s side” only in that I would witness the assumption of guilt from the beginning & I felt it prudent to express my doubt. The more I investigate the case, the more certain I am that she is guilty of a crime, just not of murder, much less capital murder!

    I am NOT one of the Freehannah sheep who assume she is some martyr for the cause of Christ.

    p.s. The freehannah site does not have a discussion panel like this. Most other places I have posted (caller.com & courtTV) have been very pro-prosecution. So this is nothing new.

  41. Stevie, For someone who claims to not be brainwashed by the Free Hannah Overton followers, you sure seem to be reciting all of their ridiculous defenses. I, myself, choose to have common sense and follow the scientific testimony of the Pediatric Critical Care Doctor, Dr. Alexandre Rotta, and of the Medical Examiner, Dr. Rey Fernandez. Let’s put it this way, if you had a terribly sick child, would you want to take your child to Dr. Alexandre Rotta or, instead, to the morons who run the Free Hannah Overton site or the Hannah Overton church. Dr Rotta IS one of the best Doctors in the world… he has won world awards. His testimony was beyond compelling. This was clearly child abuse. The ME has served, from what I’ve read, in Miami and Dallas. He is highly respected and does a fantastic job. Science iand common sense and truth is on our side. Abusurdities are on your side, Stevie. Further, the author of this site is damn smart. That’s abundantly obvious. I’m sticking to my position.

  42. Stevie, there is a reason the FreeHannah site doesn’t have a discussion panel. The leaders of this cult, through their mind control, forbid the followers to have any independent thoughts especially if they differ from theirs. These followers can be likened to annoying telemarketers who spew words from a canned text. It only takes a few simple questions to see that the jury decision and the judge’s sentence was and is accurate.
    1. Did Andrew die while in the Overton’s care? YES
    2. Did Hannah act as a someone with her knowledge would in the same
    situation? NO
    3. Was Andrew’s death the direct result of Hannah’s actions? YES
    4. Was Andrew under 6 years of age at the time of the homicide? YES

  43. Stevie:

    You are a moron because you are a “Free Hannah” lemming. You are a moron because you come here believing no one will know this. You are a moron because at the same time you are saying, “Oh, I don’t think she should be set free…” you are saying she doesn’t deserve to die for MURDERING her 4 year old son. You are a moron because you don’t believe MURDERING a child is a capital offense.

    What? You think she should be charged with negligent homicide? That’s the equivalent of saying a child rapist should be charged with negligent “oops, they tripped and fell on my dick”.

    I’ve already explained in a previous comment that NO child would, of their own free will, digest the quantity of seasoned salt the ME determined was ingested.

    Are you suggesting a 4 year old, eating disorder or not (where is the proof she was having him psychologically evaluated and in a doctor’s care for this eating disorder?), no 4 year old would spoon feed themselves any quantity of something that burns like fire going down, douse it with water – which spreads the seasonings and makes it worse, and do it again, and again, and again. You believe he did since you believe her story that he did it on his own, i.e. You are a moron.

    I also called you a child murderer sympathizer dumbass. Nice to see you aren’t arguing that point.

    I invited you to read Rob Taylor’s other blogs about child abusers because I wanted you to get a clear picture of what we deal with on a daily basis so you would understand you have no chance here spewing the “Free Hannah” dumbfuckery. You are no different than a pedophile sympathizer who comes here to say, “They just need counseling. They would never harm a child. They loooove children.” That doesn’t get passed the front door and neither will you.

  44. MedPro –

    5 – Is there good evidence that Hannah knew her actions or inactions would cause Andrew’s death, or that she wanted Andrew to die? NO!

    Therefore, although it seems clear to me that Hannah is guilty of a crime (something the lemmings at the FreeHannah site would not admit) that crime is NOT capital murder.

    SMP – you are so full of hatred that I don’t bother to do more that scan through your posts. You can’t see the difference between me & the free Hannah people. Have you ever seen any of those lemings say anything less than wonderful about Hannah?

  45. I come here saying the church is dysfunctional, they Overton household was dysfunctional, the FreeHannah people are lemmings & Hannah deserves to be in jail BUT not for capital murder.

    And you are accusing me of being a brainwashed follower of some cult!

    Absolutely amazing!

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