Hannah Overton Deserves to Die in Prison


The woman grinning her way through a 20/20 interview in the still above is Hannah Overton, who murdered her four-year-old foster child with a massive dose of salt. She was convicted of capital murder in Texas for the crime, and is rotting in prison where she belongs. But thanks to the efforts of her church full of depraved murder apologists and the Internet based campaign of disinformation they run she may escape justice and walk free.

The “Free Hannah” movement, largely made up of people from her church it seems, want you to believe her victim was a mentally unstable child with an eating disorder that led him to overdosing on salt himself.They claim he was unmanageable, that he was injuring himself, and that ultimately he was responsible for his own death.

That victim was a four-year-old child. A four-year-old who these sanctimonious supposed followers of Christ to this day claim was a uncontrollable hellion who ate himself to death. Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. From the Caller-Times:

Authorities issued arrest warrants for the foster parents of a 4-year-old boy who died last week after investigators say he was fed a mixture of water and Cajun seasonings by his foster mother.

Hannah Overton, 29, was charged with capital murder and her husband, 30-year-old Larry Overton, was charged with injury to a child. Officers arrested the couple late Friday afternoon a short time after District Attorney Carlos Valdez and investigators met to discuss the case. The Overtons’ bonds have been set at $250,000 each.

John Gilmore, the attorney for the couple, said they are innocent.

“It was done accidentally and I don’t see any criminal activity done here at all. They’re both going to plead not guilty,” Gilmore said.

Police said the Overtons waited nearly three hours on Oct. 2 before taking Andrew Burd to a medical clinic after he drank the mixture, vomited and drifted in and out of consciousness. He was not breathing when he arrived about 5:20 p.m. and medical staff immediately contacted police.

The boy was taken to Christus Spohn Hospital South but died the following day.

According to arrest affidavits, one of the Overtons’ biological children told investigators Hannah Overton watched Andrew on a security camera in a bedroom and used food and pepper as a form of punishment. A neighbor, who lives in the 5900 block of Parkview Drive, told investigators Hannah Overton called her about 2:52 p.m. that day and asked her to watch one of her children because Andrew was intentionally vomiting and defecating and “smearing it everywhere.”

He is not sick, he is doing it to get to me,” Hannah told the neighbor, adding he had defecated eight times, the affidavits said.

Kids act out to “get” parents don’t you know. And we all know how easy it is for a child to vomit and defecate at will when they’re angry. But Overton supporters claim that nothing in the above report sounds like intentional murder to them. I guess giving a child a fatal dose of sodium and waiting until he’s comatose to take him to the hospital is just good parenting to the Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship members that cheerlead for this murderess.

But all their theories are verifiably false, as during the trial the child’s former foster parent testified that Andrew was not a difficult child and certainly didn’t have a eating disorder:

During the trial, Overton, a former licensed vocational nurse, admitted she gave Andrew a cup of water mixed with spices but said it wasn’t to punish or harm him.

Her attorneys also argued Andrew had behavioral problems and an eating disorder and ingested something on his own to cause the toxic sodium levels.

Sharon Hamil, Andrew’s foster mother for the 18 months before he lived with the Overtons, said she remembered a much different boy.

“When I had Andrew I didn’t have any problems,” Hamil said. “To me he was a happy, typical child.”

The Overtons were in the process of adopting Andrew, who had lived with them since June 2006.

The “Free Hannah” group’s entire argument is based on explaining away Hannah Overton’s abuse of the boy by claiming he was so difficult that the extremely bizarre things investigators discovered Hannah was doing to this defenseless child were logical in context. What sorts of bizarre things? from Parents Behaving Badly:

When the autopsy was performed the cause of death was ruled as sodioum poisoning with a secondary factor of blunt force trauma. Hospiatl workrers also noticed bruising in his body and an untreated wound on his arm that was consistent with a burn. The Overtons were arrested for Andrew’s death.

During the investigation one of the Overtons biological children told police that Hannah Overton would use pepper as a form of punishment and that Hannah would watch over Andrew with a security cam. One might assume that since she was using a security cam they she may have been locking Andrew in the room, the same room where it was alleged that Andrew was forced to sleep on a piece of plywood.

Outrageous. The Hannah Overton supporters see these same facts and in their depravity attempt to justify the monstrous behavior of Hannah. They have run a campaign that has caught the attention of the always credulous 20/20 (which you can see in three parts, I, II, III) and other media outlets that are glad to air the Hannah supporters’ smears of this little dead boy, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars so this monster can afford high-priced lawyers to get her out, and it might work.

Lost in Lima, Ohio sums up this case this way:

Dozens of news media organizations have picked up Hannah’s story- from 20/20 to Christian News Sources. They’ve picked up Hannah’s story, her version of how a child declared “healthy and fit for adoption” one month, could end up dead less than six months later. But it’s Hannah’s story they have picked up- not Andrew’s.

No one wants to talk about Andrew’s story, about the suffering he endured, the incredible pain he would have been in the last day of his life. They don’t mention that the 23 teaspoons of Zatarain’s he would have had to have ingested was almost 100 times the recommended serving size (1/4 teaspoon), which introduced almost 24000mg of salt into his body at 240mg per serving. How, in making Hannah some sort of saint, they’ve made Andrew a child that was wild, and flawed. They’ve went as far as to claim that perhaps Andrew- suffering from his never mentioned before eating disorder- might have found a moment alone in which he on his own consumed so much salt that it caused the fatal toxic levels in his blood. The bruising on his head that was listed as a secondary cause of death? Well, that wasn’t really what it seemed. Perhaps someone rubbing his head, and the onset of his death caused it. Really, it could have been anything.

There is more to Andrew’s story, but sadly, it may be washed away by a flood of support for the woman who was responsible for providing him with care, love, and protection- the woman who didn’t fulfill that responsibility.

Indeed. Andrew Burd’s story must not be forgotten in the mad rush to free a child killer. He deserves justice, and that justice would be Hannah Overton dying in prison, caged like the animal she is. But the lawyers paid for by this insidious smear campaign against a four-year-old are appealing the case and may well get her conviction overturned. Andrew needs your support now more than ever.

Send letters, call and fax your support to:

13th Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi Site Nueces County Courthouse 901 Leopard, 10th Floor, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 – Telephone: (361) 888-0416 Fax: (361) 888-0794

Don’t let Hannah Overton get away with murder.

Update: Now this is just weird. Hannah’s Father beat a teenage girl to death with a crowbar and her maternal Grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, the man who led the Heaven’s Gate cult. There are Internet rumors that Pastor Rod Carver, one of Hannah’s most ardent supporter, was superficially involved with one of Applewhite’s pre-Heaven’s Gates groups. The group Carver heads now is a fundamentalist sect (an “intensive” religion rejecting outside influences on the key mythology) while Heaven’s Gate was a syncretistic cult (an “expansive” religion accepting outside ideas as complimentary of the central mythology) so the groups have little in common, aside from the unconditional support of murderers.

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  1. Stevie, give it up. Are you one of those BDSM people? Are you, like, into sadomasochism and domination stuff? You must be to keep posting to sites that are clear on what you are about.

    Regardless of what you claim about not being one of them, you are saying she shouldn’t be charged with capital murder (a woman who force fed a 4 year old until he vomited and shit all over continuously, and who poured bleach on an open wound). Then, you go to Lost In Lima, Ohio and post the identical garbage “Free Hannah!” jerks are spewing on her fan sites.

    You do realize people who read this have already gone to the Lost in Lima site, have seen your comments, and have more than likely checked out her fan sites to see the identical sentiments there … right? I mean, you know this, right? I cannot fathom anyone being stupid enough not to know.

    I stand by my earlier assessment: Moron. Though, I’m not as amazed as you are at being busted. Anyone who has behaved as you have on these myriad of sites is clearly an ill-bred imbecile.

  2. Oh, and by the way, Stevie. I’m not full of hatred. I’m a very logical person who points out the very logical points. Just because you thought you’d have it easy here and failed miserably, don’t project your low self-esteem on me. In fact, you don’t even make me angry. I rather find you quite entertaining. Your efforts to prove your lies are very humorous. Please, continue. I do so love dissecting frauds like you, who come to an anti-child abuse forum and try to make people believe you agree ….but disagree ….. but agree … but disagree ….. LOL.

  3. Something else. There was a large fingernail mark on Andrew’s neck- a deep fingernail mark, consistent with being held by the neck while being force fed. This was a tiny child. And let’s not forget about the head injury- those symptoms would have been loss of consciousness and eventual coma. Those were the findings of the ME. For Stevie to claim he’s been thoroughly investigating the Hannah Overton case- where…at Disneyworld.

  4. A “large fingernail mark” was an so insignificant that no one noticed it until Dr Rotta took over hours later. It was apparently invisible until the blood-thinnning took place ( a side effect of hypernatremia) Most of his marks were due to blood thinning. Look at heart patients on blood thinners & you will see such marks that were caused by insignificant bumps.

    And the head injury would have been insignificant, without the effects of the bloodthining. In fact, the head injury could have been caused by hypernatremia. (there is always bleeding in the brain from severe hypernatremia. It is usually what eventually kills the patient) But I suspect Hannah did cause the head injury. My theory is on the other site. Don’t feel like cutting & pasting it.

  5. Dr. Rotta, a Pediatric Cirtical Care Doctor, expertly explained how the horrible scratches and abrasions and head injury on Andrew’s body were separate and apart from hypernatremia. Dr. Rotta expertly explained how Andrew wsas given 20 teaspoons or more of zatariains, a salty, spicy substance that doesn’t wash away with water. This was a cruel, sadistic act by a cunning, angry woman named Hannah Overton. I suggest to all posters on this site that we simply ignore the cult plant, Stevie.

  6. SMP, I gotta tell you, I love your style! At least you are REAL. Thank you for caring so much about Andrew. Someone needs to speak up for him. The Hannah Overton cult never will. And, MedPro, keep up the excellent research. You are definitely on to something. I want to read all about it!

  7. WARNING: STEVIE IS A CULT PLANT (I know it’s rather obvious, but…in case we get on this site intoxicated or incredibly fatigued… or something).

  8. LeeAnn: Thank you very much! That means a lot! “WARNING: STEVIE IS A CULT PLANT (I know it’s rather obvious, but…in case we get on this site intoxicated or incredibly fatigued… or something).” … ROFL!!!! Obvious, yes, but your comment is just too funny! LOL!!

  9. I just read your update on Rod Carver. Freakish. He and Marshall Applewhite. How does one develop into a cult. Extreme ego. Feelings of inadequacy, control freak, fearful, distrustful. Can you fill us in a little more on this church.
    I liked the Warren Buffet piece. It is a buyer’s market. Now is a great time to be buying stock, if you can afford the long wait.

  10. LeeAnn – were you with us (Anon, leavintheranch,me) on the topix site? Let me know – if not I will repost the info and sources I have. (It is a awful lot though).

  11. Can someone explain Red Alerts update on the Hannah Overton case- is Red Alerts saying Hannah Overton’s church is not a cult because Red Alerts used the wording “Fundamentalist Sect” to describe Hannah’s church while using the word “cult” to describe Heaven’s Gate. And, what group did Rod Carver have in common with Heaven’s Gate. Any more info?? Thank you Red Alerts for your excellent article on Hannah Overton!

  12. There was a guy named Blastus who used to get on the sites as an Hannah Overton church insider. He was completely in favor of Hannah’s prosecution. I wonder what happened to him.

  13. Yes, Medpro, I was with you. I drift back and forth between several sites. I’ll head that way now and then come back here.

  14. I few more tid-bits for the did you know column or what makes you say “hum”-
    Applewhite graduated from high school in Corpus Christi,TX (anon found that) The only high school in existence in 1948 was Corpus Christi High School (name changed to Roy Miller in fall 1950).
    Applewhite’s son, Mark (Hannah’s maternal uncle) is/was a principal at a Christian school in Corpus Christi. Anon mentioned Hannah’s older kids attended a Christian school (Annapolis Christian Academy possibly is what Anon seems to remember). Bennie Saenz was the Pastor of Calvary Chapel when it was located on Ayers Street until shortly before he murdered a 17 year old girl on Padre Island with a crowbar. AP reporter interviewed Applewhite’s sister at her home in Aransas Pass, Texas shortly after the Heaven’s Gate suicides.Lots of info and lots of sources.

  15. I have to call it a night – lots of meetings tomorrow. I’ll try to get back here on Wednesday and catch up. Stay safe, smile and love alot and keep up the wonderful work!

  16. You, too, MedPro. I have a feeling you are very good at what you do! Thank you for all of the great info! I’ll send this question out there: what’s the difference between a fundamentalist sect and a cult, and how does a group formally receive the label of “cult.”

  17. busybee: I believe Rob was making a distinction between Heaven’s Gate and this church to which Hannah Overton belongs. There is a difference between radical fundamentalists and cults, though they are both dangerous in their own right. Rob likes to be precise as it leads credence to his reporting. Myself, I just like to call people for what they are making themselves appear – like a cult. A Hannah Overton cult. Technically speaking, however, there is a difference between the church and Heaven’s Gate.

  18. LeeAnn: From what I’ve been able to gather, a cult is made up of people who have been brainwashed into following a leader, regardless of what he says or orders his followers to do. They cannot and will not through brainwashing think for themselves. They reach a point where they honestly believe what it is they are saying (The grass is pink … Father FlowerPower says it is so…). It becomes quite clear they are no longer rational or in possession of their own mental facilities. This is how you get your followers to drink the Kool Aid.

    Fundamentalist Sects are made up of people who know full well what it is they are believing in and saying and doing. They just choose to follow the more radical teachings, even when it leads them to hurt others. Mormons don’t marry off their 11 year old girls to their 45 year old Uncles. They know this is incest, rape, and child abuse. However, we all know what happened at that compound in Texas. Those people knew it was wrong to rape and impregnate these young girls but they did it anyway because it made them feel good and empowered the men who are otherwise powerless in the rest of society.

  19. Oh, and I don’t think that church is a cult because I believe they know damned well what she did to that little boy for months and tried then as they are trying now to cover it up. They don’t get the easy way out of calling themselves a cult, in my opinion.

  20. Busybee- Cult and Sect are both technical terms in Comparative Religion with meanings separate from the common jargon. Cult in this sense isn’t negative (the media has turned the word into something it doesn’t mean) but refers to an emerging religion that deviates significantly from the parent religions teachings by either adopting theological ideas from other religions or creating new ones within the group. When I was in college this sort of group would be known as an Expansive Emergent Religion because it’s theology was expanded from the parent religion

    A Sect is a group that adheres to the core values of a religion, and strips away what they see as problematic without replacing the lost ideas or teaching with anything. They are known as Intensive Emergent Religions. Protestantism is in general a sect of Christianity that rejects many of the Catholic and Orthodox Church teachings.

    Academically Jim Jones group was a cult not because they were bad, but because the group combined Buddhist, Theosophical and other non-Christian philosophy into the teachings, making them distinctive from other Christian groups. The Amish would be a sect, because though their lifestyle is odd they adhere to traditional theological interpretations of the Christian tradition.

    Applewhie’s group was a cult in both the academic and popular sense of the word, combining “contactee” (UFO abduction beleifs) theology with Christian theology. Hannah’s church seems more like a Fundamentalist Christian church, which would mean it was literally a sect. Though as an academic I don’t make judgments based on these classifications, it is more likely to be the case that cults, because of their structures, will be in some sort of tension with society. They may incorporate beliefs that are technically illegal, etc. Christian sects are in most respect mainstream enough to blend well into society, although in this church’s case that is obviously not true.

    Long story short, her religion isn’t to blame, but her church seems to be full of cretin.

  21. After reading the definitions, I’d like to correct my earlier warning:

    There are many wonderful Christian churches. I cannot, in good conscience, place Hannah Overton’s church in this category. Her church has taken up an unconscionable cause “in the name of God.” It is frightening her church somehow convinced the Overtons that it was better to call a church elder than 911 when Andrew was in cardiac arrest. It certainly appears that Hannah Overton’s church was assisting in covering up a terrible crime. And, this was not a church that did not believe in medical treatment. Hannah Overton had called 911 before (on other occasions), took her children to Doctors, had even gone to a Chiropractor that day, and was, herself, a nurse. This only leads one to the conclusion Hannah Overton was trying to cover her tracks.

  22. This reminds me of the tv show House- the Doctors know it’s a terrible medical problem, they just have to diagnose it. We all know Hannah Overton’s church is a terrible problem, we just need to figure out the right label. I think churches are a very positive influence in our society, so long as they do not lead people to do cruel acts or excuse those who have commited terrible acts. We as a society must have laws. This church gives the appearance of not respecting society’s laws with the rationalization that it is not their interpretation of God’s laws. This becomes a real problem if, for example, they allow terrible criminal acts or sanction those criminal acts and mislead other kind-hearted Christians into unwittingly taking up their cause. This is the case with Hannah Overton’s church. It has hurt not only the loved one of Andrew Burd, for example, Sharon Hamil, who needed the church’s support during her time of grief, and the CPS caseworkers who knew and loved Andrew, but the church’s actions have brought a schism between law enforcement (many of whom are devout Christians) and this church and misled the public.
    BTW, cult is much easier to say than fundamentalist sect full of cretin.No wonder the media messed up the labels!

  23. From what I’ve surmised, Hannah Overton’s church and Free Hannah supporters quickly garnered the sympathy of many kind-hearted and solid Christian churches in Corpus Christi by stating mistruths and painting those on the side of prosecution as terrible, “wicked,” “perverted” sinners. Every mistake made by law enforcement or CPS or the prosceution was hugely exaggerated or exploited. Couple that with Hannah’s seeming devoutness (hey, even devout Christians commit terrible crimes) and the seeming “lack of devoutness” by those defending Andrew, and it suddenly became a case of religious persecution or a spiritual battle or a gigantic conspiracy. Those defending Andrew have been ostracized, condemned and labelled as “tormentors.” Thank you for putting out the true facts of this case, Red Alerts. It may not be pretty, but at least it’s the truth.

  24. The responses I have received here have certainly proven that the FreeHannah nuts aren’t the only extremists surrounding this case.

    I say Hannah deserves to be in jail, just not for murder, and you equate me with the nuts who want to free her & put her in charge of their own childcare (not literally, but many have said they wouldn’t hesitate leaving their kids with her.)
    Did any of you bother to read my theory of what happened? Not once did I blame Andrew. All the blame went to Hannah.

    The only point is one of law, that without intent to kill, capital murder was the wrong charge.

  25. Anyway, the issue the appeals court faces has nothing to do with salt – or plywood – or the church.

    The biggest issue they have to face is the wording of the jury charge & whether it was clear to the jury that intent to kill (or knowledge that her inaction would result in death) was required for a conviction.

  26. Stevie, just STFU. I swear to god, STFU! I’m damned tired of dealing with and being diplomatic with POS like you. You screwed yourself several times to reveal you are a “Free Hannah” plant – not only here but the LILO site. No one is buying it, never did and never will, so STFU you brainwashed douchebag!

  27. You have revealed yourself to be hateful.

    If someone accuses Hitler of molesting little boys, will you accuse me of being a Nazi if I point out that this was not accurate?

    What I have said about Hannah & that church is very harsh critical. But because I think she should be in jail for a DIFFERENT crime & I think the church is dysfunctional instead of actually a cult, you call me a plant & curse & hurl insults.

    Yet you claim I am the one who is illogicial.

  28. Such an asinine comparison from an equally asinine Hannahnite. Go spoon feed yourself some Zatarains and wash it down with a tall glass of water. You’ve earned it.

  29. People who can’t discuss without insulting are claiming to be on the high moral ground. Now THAT is asinine!

  30. Stevie – in your post 1-26-09 @1:07PM “5. Is there evidence that Hannah knew her actions or inactions would cause Andrew’s death, or that she wanted to die? NO!” Sorry your answer is WRONG! I addressed these points in #2 & #3 of my post so there was no need for a question 5. She had extensive medical knowledge both as a LVN and EMT training. She called a nurse hotline (and my opinion is she didn’t follow instructions they gave her). Didn’t she get out her EMT materials (book, equipment)? Yes she did! She knew exactly what she was doing when she gave him the sodium (seasoning) and what she was watching in the 1.5 hours he was suffering.
    Now you stepped onto my playing field and buddy I know how to play this game well. If you don’t have the medical knowledge to backup your “out the ass” medical claims, don’t make them. “Look at heart patients on blood thinners and you will see such marks caused by insignificant bumps” – The blood thinner is warfarin sodium (Coumadin). You do see increased bruising in elderly patients with thinning skin due to loss of subcutaneous fat deposits. The dosages of warfarin are closely monitored so the dosage may be titrated to achieve optimal therapeutic effect while minimizing bruising as well as other side effects. When warfarin is prescribed to young to middle age patients it takes a much more significant “bump” as you call it to produce severe bruising. Put simply – acetylsalycylic acid (plain old aspirin) is also a blood thinner which is why cardiac patients utilize low dose therapy – 81 mg/d. Don’t see bruising or hemmorhage on them like what was noted in autopsy with Andrew do you. THINK before you speak, KNOW your shit or STFU. It is people like you with your off the cuff medical knowledge that can really hurt trusting people!

  31. Both of you are amazing: MedPro (of course!!!) and SMP. Where is Blastus? Thank you for his unwavering dedication to the truth.
    If the Free Hannah Overton facebook and website are wanting to bring up Andrew’s troubled past, then they should also be bringing up Hannah Overton’s family history. Hannah Overton’s father, who helped raise Hannah, founded and was the Pastor for Calvary Church (same church as Calvary of the Coastlands) on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi. Hannah’s pastor father murdered a teenage girl by bludgeoning her to death with a crowbar and dumping her body by Bob Hall Pier (you can see this pier in the background of some of the photos where Hannah is posing on the beach), and he was convicted for the murder. When Hannah’s father, Pastor Bennie Saenz, was charged with this young girl’s murder, he made up an abduction story to explain her blood in the church van (he claimed he and the murder victim were both kidnapped, but only she was killed while he was unscathed). The authorities didn’t buy this story, especially after he confessed, but Calvary Church did buy his lies- after all, he was a man of God, a Pastor, and Calvary church rallied to Saenz’ defense. I heard from a reliable sourse that Hannah Overton, when she filled out her adoption application to adopt Andrew, wrote that her father was unjustly convicted of murder. THAT is the mentality of Hannah Overton and the Calvary Church. But, it doesn’t end there. Hannah Overton’s grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, the Heaven’s Gate Cult leader, who led 22 people to suicidal death by drinking poison in San Diego, California. I wonder how much Rod Carver, the current Pastor of Calvary Church of the Coastlands and Hannah’s most ardent supporter, and others, are leaving out in their continued misleading efforts to free Hannah. I do know they have raised $ 700,000 from naive, kind-hearted Christians who haven’t heard the whle story. So, sure, Free Hannah Overton supporters, continue to slam Andrew for his past. Just be sure to tell the entire story… Sharon Hamil’s testimony (his only foster mother who said Andrew was a wonderful child with no eating disorders for the 18 months she continuously fostered him), Dr. Cortes’ last medical report finding no behavioral or physical problems, the testimony of world expert, Dr Alexandre Rotta, who found this was child abuse, the video statement of Hannah Overton admitting to making Andrew sleep on plywood and giving him zatarains, and the testimony of a highly-respected Medical Examiner who autopsied Andrew and found burns, abrasions, a life threatening head injury caused by blunt force trauma to the head and ruled Andrew’s death a homicide (not a suicide, not from natural causes, but a HOMICIDE)with the cause of death acute sodium poisoning and secondary cause of death, blunt force head trauma. Incidentally, he also found jalapeno peppers in Andrew’s inflamed stomach.

    There used to be a commenter named Blastus. Wish he would start commenting again! he faught unerringly for the truth!

  32. Well, the Hannahite plant is back. Dear Stevie: it does appear that you are one of the Free Hannah Overton plants. There are many sites put out by the free Hannahites that would love to receive your biased and defense-oriented views. Why, the Hannah Overton criminal defense attorneys are trying to make the same argument as you are, ” Let’s let her out because it was too high of a sentence and then let’s just demand a new trial and plead her not guilty once we get the case reversed.” Well, the 13th Court of Appeals is smarter than that. I do not share your views and agree with anon and Med Pro and everyone else above.

  33. anonymous: Would you mind if I posted this latest comment to the Facebook group I’m going to start? Or you can join and post it yourself. I will be starting a “Justice For Andrew Burd” group on Facebook either today or tomorrow and invite every member of the “Free Hannah” groups to join for the truth. I’ll post the link here, on LILO, and on my site. It’s up to you if you want to join or just have me re-post your comments (giving linked credit, of course).

    I am also trying to make a symbol for his cause. On Facebook, they make things called “flair”. Buttons, like on that movie Office Space lol. I like making them and will make some for the group. I’m also talking about making clickable images for webpages that link to any of the major sites posting the truth, as well as actual designs for bumper stickers if anyone wants to go that route – because she has bumper stickers for her. Any suggestions on the designs are welcome.

  34. LeeAnn: I suspect (s)he is consulting the Free Hannah site people on everything we do here for a response because if you look back at all of his/her comments, they don’t appear to be from the same person. I’m not saying they aren’t written by the same person, but it seems like more than one mind is at play. Do you know what I mean? If you read back you’ll see the pattern I’m talking about. They sent a representative who didn’t have enough facts to counter those of all of us, and this person has to keep going to them with, “What are they talking about? What do I say now?!” I’ve seen this before when dealing with tweens and teens on sites where predators were taking over. I’m wondering if this person is even over 18.

  35. Hello my playground buds – SMP let me know about the face book thing. I’ll be there but you can go ahead and post anything of mine. I do have to say I’m sorry though. I REALLY try to “contain” myself when I respond to ones like Stevie. But my anger came through in last nights post. I finally got to my breaking point with his/her continued ignorance. ANYWAY – Lilo’s report concerning the burns put it out there in black and white. Did any of us say the burns were caused by cigaretts? All I remember reading in comments or research stated burns, never a certin kind of burns.

  36. BTW – on SMP’s site Stevie asked my about my sources and said he/she couldn’t afford to purchase transcripts of the trial. I so wanted to say “Go to your wonderful Pastor Rod and have him dip into the “Free Hannah” fund and purchase one. It might serve as a good investment so you Hannahites don’t have a damn clue as to what is the “truth”. I think that was my last ounce of patience for the day. Hey, they better be glad I don’t react like ol’ Hannah does when she loses her patience. I might have driven over there and mixed them up a big old batch of salt water!!!!

  37. Yes, SMP, you can place any of my posts on the Facebook or any other site. You have a fabulous idea! Please let me know the link once you have it up and running! And I love the idea of flairs! MedPro and SMP and Rob Taylor, I’m a big fan! Yes, Stevie is probably being spoon fed comments. Most of her/his arguments sound like defense attorney arguments.

  38. If you read the defense briefs and arguments, you’ll see that the main goal of the defense is getting Hannah Overton’s case reversed by arguing capital murder is too high of a charge. By making this argument, which they already made at the Motion for New Trial and lost, they are hoping to get the case reversed and START ALL OVER AGAIN. If the appellate court reversed stating it was too high of a charge, they won’t just automatically convict her of some lesser-charge. Instead, the case will be sent back to the trial court with a charge ceiling, and will start all over from square one. This would give the defense another bite at the apple. I feel certain, based on the ridiculous assertions of the Free Hannah Overton site, that Hannah would refuse to plead guilty to anything and would again demand a trial, hoping for a not guilty. So, “benign” comments like, “Well, she may have committed a crime or I think she committed a crime, but just not capital murder” are not “benign” at all. I say, justice for Andrew. And, I believe the Appeals Court will affirm her capital murder conviction.

  39. This discussion is about Intent to kill. – I am NOT claiming innocence.

    I have talked with many nurses & one doctor about how much sodium it would take to be fatal to a 4 yr old boy. Only one of the nurses (with 20 yrs experience) gave the right amount. Every other person, including the doctor, thought it would take much more sodium to kill a child. Assuming she gave him the fatal dose of sodium (I have some doubt, but that does seem the most probable scenerio) she did woudl have known he was sick because of her. She would not have known he would die.

    It is clear she was delaying care even though it posed a risk to the child. And this alone would make her a good candidate for life in prison. But without intent to kill, the charge should not be capital murder.

    It may be just a technicality. But I think it is a worthy issue for discussion.

    Although THE issue before the appeals court seems to be the wording of the jury charge.

  40. Anonymous

    I do think she needs a new trial. I would hope we coudl bypass that by her accepting a plea. But I agree with you that with her “support system” acting like she is 100% innocent, she will not accept any such plea.

    My heart just aches over that. I may have a certain degree of sypmathy for the FreeHannah sorts, but there is no doubt that they are doing hard for everyone. Hannah should take a plea & serve her time. And hopefully give a full confession to her equally blind husband, allowing him to start his life over again, instead of him taking those kids on those weekly trips to see their mother. But the devoted church members will not let go of their notion that Hannah is some kind of martyr. They may have meant well, but they have grossly prolonged the pain of many.

  41. Hey Stevie – Ask your medical sources what happens if there is a significant imbalance of sodium and potassium. Want a clue? The function of the heart relies on the sodium-potassium pump. Thus too much of one causes a decrease in the other. Resulting in cardiac failure. Oh and let’s see – Andrew died. All medically trained personel know that – it’s as basic to life as breathing and is taught as such. So (in your make believe world) if she didn’t know that, she sure knew what the signs/symptoms of death are and she opted to stand and watch for at least 1.5 hours. Even after all of that she still wasn’t the one to call 911

  42. Stevie is a sick SOB. I think we can all agree to that. If there was any question before, there is none now. He just admits he has sympathy for her and wants a new trial for her so she can make a deal (for a lesser sentence). Not that he needed to put his foot in his mouth any further, but it’s always fun to see them hang.

  43. SMP- great job on the site! I’m going to have to learn how to navigate my way around facebook! I love the flairs! You really worked hard for an Angel!
    How could anyone, I mean anyone, make a little boy (with soft baby skin- they still have it at that age) sleep on exterior plywood. And, a lot of the scratches were on his back, bare skin. Which means- she didn’t even put clothes on him when she made him sleep there. And then to have the security camera aimed so he couldn’t move to another bed. Sad. Sad. and sadistic. There’s a lot of us now who know what really happened. It feels good taking up for Andrew!

  44. MedPro- very insightful. Stevie doesn’t know the law- the defense attorneys make the intentional argument. She was charged with capital murder, indicted for capital murder, and convicted of Capital Murder, and the judge supported that charge and didn’t grant the defense’s request for a directed verdict or new trial.

  45. LeeAnn

    You claim I don’t know the law, but don’t say where I am wrong.

    Are you saying intent to kill (or knowledge that death would result) is not required for a conviction?

    Medpro – No one is debating whether Andrew died by sodium poisoning. Not even the Freehannah folks. I am just saying most people, even most nurses, do not know what a small amount of salt ban be fatal.

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