Robert Lee Newton, Jr and Anna Featherston Win! Plus a Contest

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Apparently everything I say about Robert Lee Newton and Anna Featherston is libel and due to the constant threats of law suits I’ll be pulling all articles about them and will not be mentioning them again. One of many sticking points in this has been the fact that people who say they are still owed substantial sums of money from the failed business Anna Featherston ran were afraid of being targeted by the Dick James lawfirm for speaking out. However Robert Lee Newton has assured me that he is not representing her in that matter so I assume these people should have nothing to fear from him for going public. That being the case there’s really not much of a battle here to fight unless I want to be bankrupted on principle.

Robert Lee Newton has also assured me that despite my concern that this was just a first of many demands he would make until Greenville Dragnet closed alogether that he would not be threatening any more suits after these items are pulled. Of that we will see.

Indirectly Robert Lee Newton has actually given me an idea for a new idea for a category. See aside from being one of the few states that don’t have SLAPP protection Bobby Lee has pointed out SC case law which finds that being critical of the way someone does their job is libel. So all you people posting negative reviews on Angie’s List watch your asses! So in the future especially juicy stories will be run as blind items, the douchebag’s way of avoiding litigious people.

So I am starting a Blind Item category and in soliciting for scandalous stories from readers. At the end of the year the person sending in the juiciest, most scandalous item will win a prize! Here’s an example of a blind item for readers:

Can anyone guess what “progressive” organization throwing money around in South Carolina has connections with Hugo Chavez and the communist narco-insurgencyFARC? Here’s a hint, they have as members several very prominent “liberal” citizens in Greenville.

I wasn’t going to run that as a Blind Item because actually it’s well known that the People for the American Way, through their affiliation with Castroite front groups like United for Peace and Justice knowingly support foreign controlled, seditious organizations. But in the Blind Item I just put out the info and let readers do the research as to who it is themselves. So start sending them in people!

And be sure to congratulate Anna Featherston and Robert Lee Newton on their great victory! Also if you see anyone in the area who has ever claimed publicly that I was incompetent, a liar, etc – you know like in a forum or in the comments of a news site, please send that in so I can sue them.

Video of College Student Trying to Start a Fight with Cops

Via Zionism’s Survival we have the supposed future of our country throwing a hissy fit with a cop. Notice that this “protest” looks suspiciously similar to a temper tantrum thrown by a 9-year-old.

This is what animates Occupy Wall Street – theatrical childishness by spoiled brats who look down on the rest of us.

Anit-Vaxers Cause Deadly Whooping Cough Epidemic

Let's Cure Whooping Cough with Sexy baths!

The Internet makes people stupid. I know it sounds strange coming from someone who works primarily on the web but facts are facts. The Internet amplifies everyones voice and extends the reach of their ideas while creating a culture in which people think that simply reading a few online articles (or worse Wikipedia entries) makes them an expert. This is why there are 9/11 “truthers” who still claim fire can’t melt steel girders even though fire was used to melt the steel to form the girders in the first place. It’s why people think jet contrails are “chemtrails” sprayed on them by “the Illuminati” who, if the Internet is to be believed, are a secret organization who murders everyone who learns of their existence except bloggers and Alex Jones – who are just too damn tough to be killed by the invisible empire that controls the entire Earth.

And it’s why people get their medical advice from drug addled celebrities like Jenny McCarthy.

I do believe that we are over vaccinated as a society and that there are dangers in vaccination. However I also know that not vaccinating against things like polio and whooping cough leads to resurgences of those diseases. Anti-vaxers on the web believe that the recent outbreak of whooping cough is a conspiracy against them by drug companies. They also explain away the effectiveness of vaccination programs for these diseases by claiming the diseases aren’t real. So what are these evil drug companies infecting babies with? Any answers?

No, because people who believe this are stupid. Unfortunately their stupidity is fatal:

(Reuters) – Whooping cough took the life of a 9-week-old girl from Idaho this week, the first death from an outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory disease that has hit Idaho, Washington state and Montana, health officials said on Friday.

Few details were available about the infant, who was treated for whooping cough at a hospital in Pocatello, Idaho, before being flown on Wednesday to a medical center in Salt Lake City, where she later died, hospital and state health officials said.

Washington state has seen 1,132 confirmed cases so far this year, up from 961 for all of 2011. Montana has also seen an alarming rise, with 99 cases so far this year, or about double the number recorded during the same period last year.

In Idaho, 31 cases have been reported since January. The state, where the per-capita occurrence has usually risen higher than the national average since 1987, recorded its last infant death from whooping cough in 2009.

The disease, also known as pertussis, causes severe coughing attacks and is especially dangerous for infants who are younger than a year old and have yet to complete the full cycle of vaccinations against the ailment.

Worldwide, it infects 30 million to 50 million people a year and kills about 300,000 – mostly children in the developing world.


Idaho and Washington are among 20 states that grant so-called philosophical exemptions to vaccination.

In Ravalli County in western Montana, the number of school-age children who have gained exemptions on religious or medical grounds from vaccinations caused health officials there to request 115 students stay home for three weeks – a period slated to end May 13 – to avoid contracting whooping cough.

From Mother Earth News:

Washington state is gearing up for one of the worst epidemics of pertussis in nearly 70 years. Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes a nasty cough. It is particularly dangerous for young infants.

Public health officials have confirmed more than 1,100 cases of whooping cough so far this year in the state. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported this year, but 20 infants have been hospitalized with the illness.

Washington’s Gov. Christine Gregoire announced May 3 that state emergency funds would be available to provide free vaccinations and help spread awareness about the disease and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Both stories via The Extinction Protocol, which is one of my favorite blogs but please check out the comments on these two stories to see the kind of circular logic and conspiratorial thinking I’m complaining about.

Look, you and noted genius Jenny McCarthy think vaccines cause autism? OK. But don’t avoid vaccines and then complain when we see resurgences of diseases people vaccinate against. That’s just stupid. You’re rolling the dice and when you do that someone’s coming up snake eyes. Like a 9-week-old infant.

Warren Buffet Thinks America Can F&%$ Away the Housing Crisis

Tara Bush to Raise Home Prices in Fetish Shoot

But he’s a goddamn genius! Just saw this tidbit in the equally eyebrow raising “Sovereign Man” newsletter which is dedicated to telling idiots that they’d be safer in communist countries on tourist visas during an economic collapse than staying in America. That idea is nowhere near as vacuous as what he reported Buffet believes to be the future of the housing market:

Last but not least, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention the Oracle’s failed prophesies on the US housing market. Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Buffett has written a number of times that the US housing market would turn around in… 2010. Make that 2011. Make that 2012. Oops.

In his annual letter to shareholders from earlier this year, Buffett finally admitted that he was “dead wrong” predicting the end of US housing woes, but is still convinced that a turnaround is in the works.

His reasoning? Coitus.

Buffett’s latest hypothesis is that good ole’ fashioned American sex drive will cause a population boom that generates demand for housing:

“People may postpone hitching up during uncertain times, but eventually hormones take over. And while ‘doubling-up’ may be the initial reaction of some during a recession, living with in-laws can quickly lose its allure.”

There you have it: America is going to fornicate its way out of the housing crisis.

Buffet is a liberal so you would think he’d have a better understanding of the pill, condom and the abortions his ilk think should be mandatory for every first pregnancy. I guess he knows the truth that condoms break, the pill fails and most people don’t like abortions. But still – you take investment advice from this guy? Let’s be honest here for a moment. With socialist style government intervention and the Fed destroying the dollar and creating rampant inflation would any of Buffet’s investments be doing that well?

If you believe Warren Buffet the government should be able to start selling more houses by streaming soft core and arranging cocktail mixers. If anything shows how out of touch Obama’s corporatist business partners are it should be this.

The Death of Grown Up: Park Slope Edition

Ever wonder how we produced the OWS movement? I don’t mean the communist or radicals, I mean just in general how we produced a generation of people who don’t understand why you won’t give them what they want, why they can’t camp on your lawn indefinitely, why even though they’re committing crimes and harassing people you aren’t being nice to them? Here’s why:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who doesn’t like the ice cream truck? Apparently some parents in Park Slope.

Dozens of recent comments on a Park Slope parents message blog said ice cream vendors need to leave the area, especially places around the playgrounds and parks, to help avoid afternoon meltdowns and temper tantrums from children craving frozen treats.

“Go somewhere else, go on another corner because…it does make it too tempting for them,” Debbie Markovic said Monday as her lactose-intolerant daughter begged for ice cream.

Park Slope, for those of you who don’t know, is a very rich section of Brooklyn populated mostly by the elite of the area. It is predominantly wealthy, snobbish liberals and their hipster children who live there.

And the people that live there are the kind of people who want to ban ice cream trucks from entering their rarefied Obamunist ghetto than tell their children “no” and be done with it. Think about that for a second.

What lesson does the daughter of Debbie Markovic internalize here? That it’s other people who must deprive themselves of making a living or indulging in one of life’s simple pleasures so that she doesn’t have to be discomforted? Is she being taught that if she can’t have something due to her individual condition it is acceptable that other people be denied as well? Is she learning that her problems can be solved by inflicting them on everyone else?

Obviously. And doesn’t that sound familiar?

Diana West wrote an excellent book called The Death of Grown Up: How America’s Arrested Development is Bring Down Western Civilization that seems more like prophecy than social critique. She argues that our nation of eternal adolescents cannot hold up the West – and in OWS we see she’s right. Debbie Markovic, a petulant child herself, is raising the next generation of OWS who will proudly hold up a sign demanding that the government ban ice cream, that scourge of the lactose intolerant. That it’s simply her responsibility to avoid things she can’t handle never will occur to her.

She would need a grown up in her life to teach her that.