LA Strip Club Gives to Charity … And People Complain?

So I read a story about a strip club in LA called Jet Strip Gentleman’s Club that gave $1,200 on a little league team that desperately needed cash, and in the article it’s mentioned that the team is still in need of cash. The reaction in the comments was less than supportive consisting mainly of sanctimonious finger wagging and stupid jokes.

Nowhere have I seen any of these people complaining about this offer to match the donation or even give anything. Even so-called conservatives who believe that charitable giving is the ideal in a free society as opposed to welfare and government hand outs would rather complain about stripping than follow the lead of this club and help these kids out. I understand many people have moral issues with clubs like this but it is legal. I don’t drink and think it’s a filthy habit but I don’t opine about beer companies sponsoring community sports teams.

I would especially keep my mouth shut about it if I didn’t give to charity. Instead of complaining about how this club made their money I suggest donating your own money to a worthy cause – like this little league team that will close down if they don’t get any. I know doesn’t sound like it’ll be  as satisfying as complaining about other people who are doing something worth while but give it a try. You might be surprised by how much more satisfying it is to do a good deed than try to shame others for their supposed moral short comings.

Let me be very un-PC here and point out something all men used to know. Men don’t complain about women working these jobs unless the women are being forced or you’re willing to pay their bills and men don’t let these same women – who often are in a bad situation – pick up their slack in the community. How about you stop making T&A jokes and start taking care of your community. Maybe then there wouldn’t be a little league desperate for money and there probably would be people who thought the only way they could make a good living was flashing you.

Race Controversy Over Michigan Republican’s Superbowl Ad

US Senate candidate, Pete Hoekstra, is under fire for an ad that appeared during Superbowl Sunday.  His opponent is Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow, often criticized for her spend-it-all mentality.

Critics call the ad racist towards the Chinese as it features a supposed Chinese woman, though obviously an Asian American, against a stereotypical backdrop of a rice field using broken English.  She’s thanking Debbie Spenditnow (Stabenow – Spenditnow, get it?  yeah, I think it’s a reach too) for benefiting the Chinese economy by spending American money.


Is it racist?  I don’t know.  Personally, I think it’s in poor taste along with the tacky website replete with Chinese flags, red dragons and such.  Detroit black ministers are predictably crying racist being completely innocent of any sort of race baiting themselves.

Being a cynic, I think it’ll be just another season of idiotic attack ads.  But this tactic may work for Hoekstra.  Debbie Spenditnow is a phrase now embedded in Michigander’s minds.  Unfortunately, so is the image of another tacky while male Republican.

Source:  Detroit Free Press

Stacy McCain Knows I Didn’t Compare Him to John Wayne Gacy

This was originally published on Greenville Dragnet

Though his little LGF like cult of degenerates, “Men’s” movement sissies and neo-nazis, (sorry, I mean “neo-Confederates”) probably don’t because like any  gathering of losers who invest their lives in some guy they take his word as gospel. And Stacy McCain is, among other things, a liar.

What am I talking about? A recent post by McCain called Nobody’s Fault but Mine which is his sixth or seventh attempt to explain away his theory that date rape victims are morally responsible for their own victimization. The title is ironic because the post mostly claims people who criticized him overreacted and are thus to blame for this whole fiasco. McCain mentions me in passing, but just long enough to threaten me (saying near the end of the piece I was on a “short list I didn’t want to be on” whatever that means)  and lie about what I wrote:

As I say, the argument I actually made wasn’t quite the same as the argument I intended to make and my invocation of Hunter S. Thompson’s maxim — “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” — particularly offended people. Recognizing that I was in violation of the First Law of Holes, I stopped digging. And then a blogger I never heard of compared me to serial killer John Wayne Gacy, falsely describing me as part of the so-called “Men’s Movement.”

The Men’s Movement groupies he has will be shocked to find that out. But the big lie here is that I compared McCain to Gacy. I didn’t. Here’s the quote from my piece:

John Wayne Gacy gained control of many of his victims by getting high with them and sometimes offering to show them a “magic trick” which involved being put into handcuffs. According to McCain, the thirty-three young men Gacy raped, tortured and murdered “bought the ticket” to that ride when they trusted their killer.

It’s pretty clear I was talking about McCain’s theory, not claiming he was “like” Gacy. But lest you think this is some sort of misunderstanding McCain already knew that on December 8th, when he emailed me after the piece originally went up. I will publish the full content of those emails here and will forward them to anyone who wants them. I present to you Stacy McCain in all his mincing glory:

from    Robert McCain
to    Rob Taylor
cc    Stacy McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 1:21 AM
subject    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

May I ask what inspired that? I mean, out of all the things in all the world that you could have blogged about Tuesday, your top priority was to attack me? To accuse me of exhibiting a “hug-a-thug” mentality, “nihilism,” etc.? Does this look like “hug-a-thug” to you?

Do you have any idea how much work I did covering the Culture Wars — interviewing Wendy Shalit, Judith Reisman, Robert Knight, Phyllis Schlafly, Michelle Malkin, etc. — from 1997 onward? It is extremely unfortunate that the Washington Times has failed to maintain its online archives pre-2007, but I’ve got the Nexis docs on my hard-drive, if you’d care to see any of it.

Robert Stacy McCain
Co-author (with Lynn Vincent) of
DONKEY CONS: Sex, Crime & Corruption in the Democratic Party

Like the way he worked in some plugs? This email seems to be quite a different tone from the one he takes about me in his new piece. Here’s the reason:

from    Rob Taylor
to    Robert McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 1:44 AM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Oh, did I not link to the piece I was responding to? Let me check.

No, it’s there. You mitigating the responsibility of criminals for their own criminality by claiming that victims play a role in their own victimization. I think that’s important but I’m eccentric in that way.

Thanks for reading!

Rob Taylor

I was up rather late that day! I am a confirmed night owl. Stacy, like Tom Cruise, is not a fan of glibness:

from    Robert McCain
to    Rob Taylor
cc    Stacy McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 4:28 AM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Is it wrong to warn people out of harm’s way? Are crime-prevention training and self-defense classes “mitigating criminality”?

The woman who hooks up with a stranger — and that’s what happened with Assange in Sweden — is putting herself at risk, period. How are those “pro-sex feminists” who encourage such behavior exempt from your (allegedly) conservative criticism while those of us who warn against hook-ups and criticize the culture that promotes hook-ups are “mitigating the responsibility of criminals”?

What sort of warped mental prism produces the kind of bizarre distortions that lead you to think it fitting or fair to compare me to serial killer John Gacy?


Ah, the infamous comparison rears its head. It should also be noted that in this paragraph he even lies about the contents of his own post. In no part of his piece did he talk about the importance of self-defense training for women. He said women who hook up with strangers “buy a ticket” on the date rape express. But here is were I explain to him that I didn’t compare him to Gacy:

from    Rob Taylor
to    Robert McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 12:55 PM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

You’re being disingenuous now and I’m not interested. You’re not recommending self-defense training – you’re claiming victims who have done something you disapprove of have it coming.

This isn’t about Feminists, it’s about you. You linking to a site that promoted legalizing child porn (Roissy) you claiming that date rape wasn’t a crime by putting it in quotes, you defending depravity at it’s most obvious then claiming to be a social conservative.

I’m not sure how much you drink or get high per day so I’m not sure if you literally believe I said you’re like John Wayne Gacy or if even in private email exchanges you can’t help but lie. My point, as I suspect you know, is that in essence Gacy’s victims were “date raped” as you call it and thus, according to you and your “Men’s” Movement pussies, responsible for their own victimization.

There is only one person responsible for any crime – the criminal. I have always advocated strong self-defense laws, but I won’t pretend your ill-conceived attack on Feminism through rape victims is anywhere near the same as that.

Grow up a little.

Rob Taylor

So, to be clear, my quote doesn’t say he’s “like” Gacy and on December 8th I was gracious enough (in my own way to be sure) to explain to him that I was not comparing him to Gacy. His response?

from    Robert McCain
to    Rob Taylor
cc    Stacy McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 3:14 PM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

1. This is the second time you’ve accused me of being part of the so-called “men’s movement,” which I’m not.
2. The link to Roissy was a reference — and it was impossible to miss as such — to their endless discussions of “game,” i.e., recreational-seduction strategies. It’s like linking to a feminist site (which I did) in discussing feminist theory. A link is not an endorsement, and I certainly don’t pay enough attention to Roissy to be aware of everything they say about every issue.
3. Your obsession with Gacy — or rather, your repeated attempts to project your obsession onto others — is disturbing. You are not a psychic and your arrogant “I know what you’re thinking” pretense of omniscience fools no one, except perhaps fools.
This isn’t my first time in the rodeo. I’ve been through a flame-war or two. (Or twenty.) So if what your are communicating is your intent to continue this fruitless attack, so be it.

I didn’t realize illustrating a point with a famous crime case was obsessive.

But notice that his response to me saying he was making up the fact that that I compared him toJohn Wayne Gacy was to claim I was obsessed with John Wayne Gacy, but he never to refuted my contention that I made no such comparison. McCain knows I didn’t compare him to Gacy, but he also knows the kind of people who frequent his site won’t bother to read my piece to figure that out. A good place to end, but lest I be accused of leaving anything out I’ll show you how we left things.

Surprise! I was extremely rude to him. But he did buy that ticket when he emailed me, so he had to take the ride:

from    Rob Taylor
to    Robert McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 3:50 PM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

A) If you walk like a duck … or in this case a misogynist don’t be surprised when people think you are one. Men’s movement sissies are defending you, your theory is one that has floated around their sites for years and what? You’re upset for being lumped in with people who you agree with on an issue? Really? I suppose I should be disgusted to be lumped in with Perverted Justice.

B) Since you have promoted Roissy-like views on feminism, rape victims and women in general I find your ignorance of the site and the Men’s Movement in general dubious at best.

C) I am in fact psychic, this is quite well known. Readings start at $25. But more to the point my “obsession” with Gacy is that he was, essentially, a date rapist, and you’re defending date rape. Even you see the connection, surely.

I’d also point out that I’m not interested in communicating anything to a degenerate. You’re no different than any of the people who show up to a crime blog claiming some woman got what was coming, or that pedophilia is normal or whatever. Blog war? The fact that you think telling your fellow degenerates that I suck in a series of blog posts is some sort of threat really puts you in perspective.

I’m onto you. You’re no different than Charles Johnson with your thin skinned screeching and endorsement of hurting people. Go ahead and and attack me for pointing out your own depravity, which you vomited on to the Internet for that collection of pedophiles, sex offenders and drug users who love such posts to lap up. If that makes you feel like your god won’t punish you for defending people who prey on others have fun.

Now stop emailing me.

Oh snap! But like one of the feminists McCain rails about so often he was unwilling to accept the idea that a man had no interest in listening to his nonsense. He tries one last time to keep our conversation going:

from    Robert McCain
to    Rob Taylor
cc    Stacy McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 4:21 PM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

“Men’s movement sissies are defending you”

Where? Who? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, and I’m beginning to suspect that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, either.

At which point things turn ugly:

from    Rob Taylor
to    Robert McCain
date    Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 4:33 PM
subject    Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

What part of stop emailing me don’t you understand? Or is stalking just another crime you endorse? No means no!

But now it’s all making sense. The ruder I am to you and the harder I try to brush you off the more you want my attention. Not that I recommend him because he was kind of a douche but have you ever read Anton LaVey’s essay on misogyny? It posits that misogynists are all closeted homosexuals who hate women because secretly they desire the attention of men and can’t compete with the women, especially one who is overtly sexual. A little un-PC these days but I think he was on to something.

I have a similar theory about rape apologists I call the Tennessee Williams syndrome.

That said, I’m married so your wasting your time.

Rob Taylor

OK. That last one might have been a little over the top, but who the F#@% is Stacy McCain to demand I run out and give him the links and comments of every last nut who loves his writing while I’m trying to watch Cavuto?

Look, I get it. McCain thinks he’s important because he’s in some clique of big name bloggers and he wants people to stroke him over  his mighty accomplishment – of running a semi-popular website. Of course it’s mostly popular with Neo-Confederates, White Nationalists, perverts, rape apologists, pedophile apologists and a host of “Social Cons” who think law and order isn’t as important as attacking ideological opponents.

In other words it’s like DailyKos for people who claim to be on the right.

But if McCain had just said “Rob Taylor is kind of a jerk” I’d have said that was fair and ignored him. But instead he’s Charles Johnsoning me, lying about what I wrote then sending his minions to Newsreal to claim that I shouldn’t be allowed to freelance there because I dared criticize Dear Leader McCain. It’s pathetic.

I agree with Tommy Christopher on the very over rated McCain, if he’s so smart and such a great writer why has it’s taken him five or six different posts to “clarify” what he said about rape? My theory is because what he wrote was indefensible and he didn’t realize how disgusted people would be by his blatant immorality when he wrote it . That’s what the lies about me in his piece are really about. McCain is using blogers who “attacked” him as a distraction designed to rally his cult and get the conversation off his degeneracy and onto something else. I’m told at this point they’re even “exposing” me as a Pagan in the comments which would be quite the scoop – if I hadn’t been open about my Paganism on my sites since I started blogging.

McCain is a liar and everyone knows it. When will the right stop taking people like this seriously?

Concord, Massachusetts Bottled Water Ban Puts Lives at Risk

News organizations are all a flutter at tenacious busy body Jean Hill’s successful campaign to ban bottled water from Concord, Massachusetts. What a victory for the Earth!

It’s also a death sentence for the people of Concord if disaster strikes.

No one can store all the water they need, but if you don’t have at least a couple of weeks worth of drinking water squared away you will die in the event of a long term disaster. You can live only three days without water, and having seen the government’s belated responses to Katrina and the Gulf oil spill should solidify in your mind that help after a large scale disruption or disaster is often more than three days away.

But what about tap water? Jean Hill has said there’s nothing wrong with drinking water out the faucet and I frankly concur. All you “but Fluoride controls minds!!!” people do bath in the same water you shun after all, or drink it in coffee and tea so obviously I’m not of the belief that there’s anything necessarily wrong with the water. It’s the deliver system that’s at play here.

Many preppers worry about nation wide grid outages in the event of an EMP or solar storm, or disruption of transportation in an oil crisis. In both these situations water will stop running or be unsafe to drink even if it does. Water stations use electricity, if the grid goes down the pumping stations go down too. Any disaster, natural or man made, that takes out electricity will stop water flowing to cities. People with wells and hand pumps may be fine, but people who live in a town where they have no stored water will be at the mercy of  the slow responding government.

But even if we talk about a situation where electricity is available but transportation is disrupted, like an oil shortage, clean water would be at risk. Your tap water is only safe to bath in because trucks deliver chemicals to pumping stations to make it safe. At best, the reservoir you’re town is getting water from is filled with old cars, discarded appliances and dead bodies. I recently republished a 2006 white paper from the American Trucking Association which maintains that if trucking was curtailed for just two weeks the entire nations water supply would be stressed, and after a month water would not be safe to use without boiling.

This sort of data is often used by the Jean Hills of the world to “prove” the need to do something, but if you’re thinking realistically what it means is that you need to be prepared to provide safe water for yourself and your family for drinking, but also for bathing, cooking and even flushing toilets (though that water doesn’t need to be clean) and watering your survival garden. Bottled water is the most economical and safest way for people to be prepared.

Filters are great now, and everyone should have some sort of low tech filtration system to treat water gathered from the wild or rain barrels in long term situations, but not having bottled water in the house, even if you don’t drink it, is irresponsible and short sighted.

I bring this up not because the madness in Concord matters to most of us, but because many cities are moving in this direction and many more people impose these sorts of bans on themselves and their families in order to “go green.” But what will these people do when the water’s been out for four days and FEMA still hasn’t showed up?

I store a few weeks worth of water in the form of flats purchased from Costco, which are rotated out because we happen to drink a lot of water. I also have gallon jugs filled with tap water and treated with bleach for bathing if the water stops, and scouted the area for streams where I can collect water to be treated. The Jean Hills of the world hope that when they need it water will just magically flow from a faucet, and her green pretensions are going to put everyone in Concord at risk if something happens.

h/t Zionist Anti-Communist

FTSE Gains 100 on Rainbows and Fairy Dust

The actual title of this Telegraph piece is FTSE gains 100 on BP Spill Hopes, Optimism over U.S. Corporate Profits but my title works as well. First the BP “hope” that investors are supposedly buying into:

BP shares gained 2.9pc as investors awaited news that tests on a new cap would show the leak in the Gulf of Mexico has been brought under control after 12 weeks. The shares have rise nearly 13pc so far this week, buoyed by takeover talk and reports of assets sales.

In reality BP is done. The Obama administration will gut the company and BP will need to sell off most of itself to pay for the damages to the gulf. A cynical person might put forward that both America and England need BP to be worth more when it sells off it’s assets so maybe they have arraigned some market movement to milk every last dime out of them. But I’m a well known optimist.

The U.S. news is just as “good” for investors:

Banking shares were lifted by positive sentiment about US quarterly results after a bullish statement from Alcoa, the largest US aluminium producer, yesterday. JP Morgan, Citigroup and Bank of America all report this week.

Barclays rose 4.2pc and RBS 3.85pc as Britain’s index of leading shares is heading for its sixth straight gain.

“What we have generally seen over the last few days are traders betting that the US earning season will be a fruitful one and are therefore cherry-picking stocks that to them may look cheap,” said Giles Watts, head of equities with City Index.

Alcoa lifted its outlook for global consumption of aluminium, which led to a rally among miners. Eurasian Natural Resources gained 3.3pc, and precious metals group Johnson Matthey, rose 3.6pc. Recent worries over a slowdown in Chinese demand were forgotten.

Did I say fairy dust? I meant wishful thinking. Anyone who thinks China can indefinitely float the world and pull us out of a depression should spend less time reading DNC press releases and more time looking at economic indicators. The same article that announces this ‘good news” (China needs aluminum …for what?  Bombers?) slips in a little unimportant nugget. Portugal just had their credit rating downgraded.

Oh, and economic powerhouse China has lost almost 2% as investors there sold off shares of property developers and lenders, the two industries supposedly powering China’s economic boom.

But the reality here is that investors are desperate and want good news. No one can believe that BP and U.S. corporations are really going to be doing well. It’s insane. Insane but instructive.

It’s this type of magical financial thinking that got us in trouble in the first place. Instead of common sense safe investing strategies people look to make quick bucks on market movements driven by herd mentality. That can work for a short time, but the wise investor now will be ignoring the herd and taking the steps he needs to top protect his wealth from the next crash that is coming this year.