Holder DOJ Grantee Promotes Incest and Child Molestation as Normal and Healthy

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Stop It Now! purports to be a organization dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse, though many have pointed out that much of their website is devoted to minimizing child sexual exploitation and giving advice to people that amounts to letting child molesters off the hook. They claim to have received a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice (grant number 2010-DD-BX-0694) which is used to fund an online advice column called AskNow!

In a recent column someone supposedly wrote in to ask what to do about their 13-year-old son, who was caught “practicing” kissing with his 4 1/2 year old sister. Their advice is a shockingly blase shrugging off of troubling child sexual abuse. I will reprint their response in it’s entirety:

If this was a one–time practice for a first time kiss with his same-age girlfriend, it does not seem to be something that is very concerning, although certainly still offers an opportunity for some healthy sexual development and healthy boundary education with your son. Knowing him as well as you obviously do, does his explanation make sense to you and seem plausible?

Have you noticed any other concerning behaviors in your son? Have there been any other sexual behaviors between your children? I would encourage you to take a look at the Signs That a Child or Teen May Be At-Risk to Harm Another Child. Look especially for patterns in the behaviors, behaviors that you’ve tried to redirect before that keep coming up.  A single sign is not necessarily meaningful, but seeing a group of them could be concerning and call for follow-up.

Even if you do believe that this is an isolated incident, please still consider addressing any concerns that may come up about how your son may have gotten his little sister to participate in this behavior. These questions may help you to further assess your son’s behavior and this incident:

Did he threaten or bribe his sister to get her to kiss him?
Did she try to refuse to participate?
What’s your daughter’s presentation? Did she seem scared? Or did she seem more pleased that she was “helping” her big brother practice for something important?
Did he try and keep this behavior a secret?

If any of these questions raise worrisome thoughts, or if you are seeing other behaviors in your son that concern you, then yes, increasing supervision is very important and it’s possible that you may want to seek out other professional supports.

Regardless, talk with both of your children about this experience. Avoid blame and shame – rather use this opportunity to make clear and re-establish your family’s rules about appropriate and inappropriate touching, and about personal and privacy boundariesi.

This is a good time to learn about child sexual development, and particularly about the differences between typical and common behaviors for different age groups, and behaviors that could be concerning. Our online listing for Resources on Age-Appropriate Sexual Behavior can help you locate accurate and age-appropriate information. Additionally, our tip sheet, Talking to children and teens can support you in ongoing conversations with your children.

As a final note, I don’t know whether one of your children told you about this behavior, but if they did, they should be commended for sharing this with you and you should be commended for raising children who know that they can tell their parents when something unusual or inappropriate occurs.

Emphasis added by me of course. Notice that right off the bat this group is advising that finding out your teen son has “practiced kissing” his 4-year-old sister is not necessarily cause for concern. Think about that for a second. A teenager, kissing a toddler to “practice” for his girlfriend is no big deal according to a group dedicated to stopping sexual abuse? And forget the fact they’re brother and sister for a second – that in and of itself is clearly problematic and something parents should probably be looking into counseling for.

This is a TODDLER that a teen is using as a sexual surrogate. This is bizarre and potentially dangerous behavior that a parent should take as a sign that it’s time to get their son some psychological help. Even at 13 it is not normal for a child to be attracted to 4-year-old or interested in sexual experimentation with them for any reason.

But the Stop It Now! crew goes further in the second paragraph by imply the 4-year-old might be partially to blame for the molestation her older brother inflicted on her. They advise the parent to find out “how he got her to participate” as if she’s a co-conspirator – she’s a TODDLER. How morally backward and degenerate do you have to be to even suggest that a teen and the toddler he was caught molesting could in some way share the blame for the molestation?

Not that Stop It Now! believes in blame. After all they call for the parent to talk to the teen who molested a toddler to not “shame or blame” him. Only some fascist, I suppose, would point out that a teenager who is using a toddler as a sex doll to practice his moves on is completely at fault for the situation and the subsequent problems his behavior causes. Only a heartless fiend would suggest that a person who has kissed a TODDLER in a sexual manner should feel shame!

And almost as bad as all that the anonymous advice columnist prevaricates on the issue of whether the parents of this deeply troubled teen should supervise him more. The answer is of course he needs more adult supervision, but Ask Now! gives a virtual shrug of their shoulders and says “maybe” on the issue. What kind of organization that wants to prevent child abuse takes that sort of insouciant stance toward parenting a teen who has shown signs of being sexually predatory?

One that gets a grant from the Department of Justice.

These people are taking your tax money and using it to promote a dangerous agenda. Stop it Now! sees child molesters as victims and they promote a quasi-Marxist “restorative justice” program designed to de-stigmatize sexual predation and exploitation and desensitize Americans to the horrors of child sexual abuse. I am calling my congressman now to demand that this group be defunded and the Department of Justice explain why a group like this is getting taxpayer money and I urge everyone reading this to do the same.

Anit-Vaxers Cause Deadly Whooping Cough Epidemic

Let's Cure Whooping Cough with Sexy baths!

The Internet makes people stupid. I know it sounds strange coming from someone who works primarily on the web but facts are facts. The Internet amplifies everyones voice and extends the reach of their ideas while creating a culture in which people think that simply reading a few online articles (or worse Wikipedia entries) makes them an expert. This is why there are 9/11 “truthers” who still claim fire can’t melt steel girders even though fire was used to melt the steel to form the girders in the first place. It’s why people think jet contrails are “chemtrails” sprayed on them by “the Illuminati” who, if the Internet is to be believed, are a secret organization who murders everyone who learns of their existence except bloggers and Alex Jones – who are just too damn tough to be killed by the invisible empire that controls the entire Earth.

And it’s why people get their medical advice from drug addled celebrities like Jenny McCarthy.

I do believe that we are over vaccinated as a society and that there are dangers in vaccination. However I also know that not vaccinating against things like polio and whooping cough leads to resurgences of those diseases. Anti-vaxers on the web believe that the recent outbreak of whooping cough is a conspiracy against them by drug companies. They also explain away the effectiveness of vaccination programs for these diseases by claiming the diseases aren’t real. So what are these evil drug companies infecting babies with? Any answers?

No, because people who believe this are stupid. Unfortunately their stupidity is fatal:

(Reuters) – Whooping cough took the life of a 9-week-old girl from Idaho this week, the first death from an outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory disease that has hit Idaho, Washington state and Montana, health officials said on Friday.

Few details were available about the infant, who was treated for whooping cough at a hospital in Pocatello, Idaho, before being flown on Wednesday to a medical center in Salt Lake City, where she later died, hospital and state health officials said.

Washington state has seen 1,132 confirmed cases so far this year, up from 961 for all of 2011. Montana has also seen an alarming rise, with 99 cases so far this year, or about double the number recorded during the same period last year.

In Idaho, 31 cases have been reported since January. The state, where the per-capita occurrence has usually risen higher than the national average since 1987, recorded its last infant death from whooping cough in 2009.

The disease, also known as pertussis, causes severe coughing attacks and is especially dangerous for infants who are younger than a year old and have yet to complete the full cycle of vaccinations against the ailment.

Worldwide, it infects 30 million to 50 million people a year and kills about 300,000 – mostly children in the developing world.


Idaho and Washington are among 20 states that grant so-called philosophical exemptions to vaccination.

In Ravalli County in western Montana, the number of school-age children who have gained exemptions on religious or medical grounds from vaccinations caused health officials there to request 115 students stay home for three weeks – a period slated to end May 13 – to avoid contracting whooping cough.

From Mother Earth News:

Washington state is gearing up for one of the worst epidemics of pertussis in nearly 70 years. Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes a nasty cough. It is particularly dangerous for young infants.

Public health officials have confirmed more than 1,100 cases of whooping cough so far this year in the state. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported this year, but 20 infants have been hospitalized with the illness.

Washington’s Gov. Christine Gregoire announced May 3 that state emergency funds would be available to provide free vaccinations and help spread awareness about the disease and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Both stories via The Extinction Protocol, which is one of my favorite blogs but please check out the comments on these two stories to see the kind of circular logic and conspiratorial thinking I’m complaining about.

Look, you and noted genius Jenny McCarthy think vaccines cause autism? OK. But don’t avoid vaccines and then complain when we see resurgences of diseases people vaccinate against. That’s just stupid. You’re rolling the dice and when you do that someone’s coming up snake eyes. Like a 9-week-old infant.

Good News! Golden Dawn Threatens Greek “Traitors” While Praising Their “Black Shirts”

Anti-bailout sentiment caused a backlash in Greek elections where communists and the Greek party Golden Dawn were the main beneficiaries. To call Golden Dawn neo-Nazis is a good short hand for their authoritarian stlye but the group are nationalists without the same loyalty to socialist principles Nazis have. They are a Nationalist, authoritarian revivalist movement.At one point in the 80s they were an expressly anti-Christian, neo-Pagan movement but have since embraced the Orthodox church. There are claims that the hierarchy are still Hellenistic Pagans.

Here’s video of their victory speech. Though they aren’t technically Nazis their rhetoric makes it clear that they intend to act in similar ways, unleashing “Black shirts” on the public and pursuing racialist policies. With communists and groups like the Golden Dawn taking over Europe what could go wrong? I mean, did anything bad happen last time that happened? Via The Blaze:

Golden Dawn members fought in volunteer units in the Bosnian War and are being attacked in the media. Since the international and Greek media support the communists but the Golden Dawn has 10% of the voters support (and more among non-voters) the rising tensions there will cause more civil unrest.

Robert Spencer on His New Book Did Muhammad Exist?

I have to admit that even with a degree in Comparative Religion and a Masters from a prestigious university I have always taken for granted the existence of a guy named Mohammad who started a death cult called Islam. Robert Spencer has taken the research of various scholars to show that there is no evidence there was a Mohammad. In this video interview with Micheal Coren my mind was actually blown by some of the research he mentions:

I’ve already ordered a copy of Did Mohammad Exist? from Amazon (for my Kindle) and I urge everyone to do the same. The Blaze has more.