Importing Violence: Four Arrested in San Francisco “Lesbian Gang Rape” Case

And the left is shocked to find that they aren’t White Republican “Christianists” at all. Instead it’s beginning to look as if the two adults and two teens were some of the left’s “brown people” they love so much, as in unassimilated immigrants or children of immigrants from Latin America. It is an outcome easily predicted by anyone who has read the essay Importing Violence: The Danger of Immigration from Violent Cultures by Dr. Deborah Shurman-Kauflin author of Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killer. The multiculturalist view of immigration, where we ghettoize immigrants and allow them to continue to act in accordance with third world values, leads to violence and mayhem. Violent homophobia is common in Latin American cultures, as is rape unfortunately, and without a demand for assimilation of immigrants into American culture we see a growing pattern of hate crimes against gays and sexual abuse of women and children from people we haven’t got the decency to give the full benefit of first world civilization to.

Black Americans have long been the targets of racist hate crimes from immigrants who have refused to abandon the racist views of Blacks common in Latin America. All the while White liberals, comfortable in their gated communities and eagerly working to keep minorities out of their rarefied neighborhoods, have accused us of racism for demanding that immigrants here adopt our norms of behavior. But in terms of the treatment of women and gays why shouldn’t we demand that immigrants recognize that rape and mayhem against any person is un-American and if they want to live here they need to leave such barbarity behind?

Would it really be racist to tell Latin American immigrants that gays and Blacks have the same right to live free of predation they do?

Via Brietbart here’s a video report of the arrests:

7 thoughts on “Importing Violence: Four Arrested in San Francisco “Lesbian Gang Rape” Case

  1. Hello, I heard you wrote about my blog I’d love a link to read what you wrote.

    Your post is accurate in a way not widely understood. Our progressive culture is one that has taken a lot of culturist training to create. People are not default secular humanists around the world. Multiculturalism completely under estimates diversity.

    In their circles, the behavior of these rapists was normal. They were doing the thing that would bring them pride and honor from their homies. Many cultures kill women who disgrace the family name. We cannot simply celebrate diversity.

    To protect the West we must leave multiculturalism for culturism. We must know that we have a culture to protect. Diversity is real.

  2. PS, sorry, to answer your question. It is not racist, it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with judging cultures by western standards. it is culturist. We need to stop letting multiculturalists browbeat us with the term ‘racist.’

  3. Culturist John,

    I’m sorry to make you think Rob wrote about your blog. I don’t think he did. Its my fault. I should have check what I wrote more, so it wouldn’t be so confusing.

  4. Well, was new. I am one of the persons who have being telling all who I could about Latin American Violence but I was label as “racist” or ” too white” or my favorite ” a Gringo lover”. Politicians don’t listen, the common American sees me as an alarmist and the Latinos sees me as a Crazy bitch who deserve what comes to her. It is a shame when people are willing to close their eyes for the political correctness sake. I see how little by little this, my country is heading towards the hell holes Latin American countries are and there is not much what people are wailing to do to stop it. Sorry for getting carry away but this is one of subject that really touches my heart deeply……. : (

  5. I agree Ana. I welcome anyone who wants to move to America from countries which are run by communists or are failed states. But most immigrants i know move here because they want to live here, but we have a large portion of people who want to import the same failed state mentality here and we simply can’t allow that.

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