Black and Latino Gang Feud Turning California Town into War Zone

Monrovia is a small city nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. 26 miles from the mean streets of Los Angeles, the town with a population of less than 40,000 is, on paper, hardly the kind place to wracked by gang violence. Such quaint notions have been dispelled for many as a teen girl was murdered and another wounded in apparent retaliation for Latino hate crimes against Blacks. Detectives are now warning parents that their children, gang members and non-gang members alike, are in danger of being the victims of an escalating cycle of violence:

MONROVIA – Detectives warned parents of teens Monday to be on high alert after two 16-year-old girls were shot, one fatally, in the latest round of escalating black-versus-Latino gang violence.

“This concerns me a great deal,” said Lt. Dan Rosenberg of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau. “Parents in the area should know there is an ongoing gang feud. If their teens are at a party, make sure they stay inside the house, or that they at least stay in the back yard.

“As we know with most of these gang shootings, the majority of the victims were usually shot while standing in the front of the home,” he said. “It is important for the readers to be on alert.”

Monrovia Mayor Rob Hammond also expressed concern. He met Monday with Duarte, Arcadia and county officials to formulate a plan to address the on-going violence. Monrovia already has beefed up police patrols, according to city officials.

The murdered girl was not a gang member, but 16 year old Sammantha Salas. She was an innocent victim caught up in a conflict orchestrated by decades of government complacency which allowed gangs imported from Latin America to run head on into our own violent gangs, with inevitable results. The Monrovia authorities are desperately spinning the killings as a “simple” matter of gang violence on the one hand while on the other claiming people pointing out the obvious racial component of this crime wave as “oversimplifying” the situation. The facts show them to be wrong on both counts:

Although they were not gang members, the girls were “specifically targeted,” Rosenberg said, adding that it is “quite unusual (for gang members) to target females.”

Rosenberg said detectives see connections between Salas’ shooting, the Jan. 12 shooting of a 16-year-old black teen who was wounded in the lower body, and the fatal shooting one day later of 64-year-old Sanders “Pete” Rollins, a black man who was hit by a shotgun blast while walking toward the front door of his Sherman Avenue home.

The suspects in both shootings were described as Latino.


Investigators believe the spate of shootings and other gang-linked violence in recent months stems from an on-going battle between a long-established black gang in the area and a relatively new Latino gang, he added.

“The reality is, there is a feud going on,” Rosenberg said. “It appears that this (newest shooting) is possibly racially motivated. Based on what we know now, it doesn’t involve any feuding involving drugs or turf or boundaries.”

I doubt that the 64 year old Mr Rollins was a known gang banger. It is more likely that he was targeted simply because he was Black, a situation that has been happening more and more. The feds have already begun indicting Latino gangs for hate crimes, and the shooter of the above mentioned 16 year old black teen was arrested amidst reports that police suspect the crime was racially motivated:

MONROVIA – Authorities today arrested a 19-year-old Latino man in connection with a Jan. 12 racially motivated shooting that left a black teen paralyzed, officials said.

Jimmy Santana of Duarte was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and is being held on $500,000 bail.

The victim, a 16-year-old Monrovia High School student, was in front of a church in the 2000 block of Peck Road in unincorporated Monrovia. The victim was hit in the abdomen and buttocks, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Scott Schulze, who withheld the boy’s name to protect him from retaliation.

The victim of a shooting has to have his identity protected to avoid “retaliation” for his attacker going to jail. Madness! A madness that White liberals who promoted the false dream of a “rainbow coalition” amongst “brown people” (gently guided by those same White liberals of course) created while ignoring the warning signs that have been appearing for decades. White liberals see Blacks and Latinos as essentially the same, and thought nothing of encouraging not just illegal immigration which is only peripherally a factor in this chaos, but the importation of Latin American culture and custom which are often less enthusiastic about “celebrating diversity.”

These deaths are the result, in part, of a culture of divisiveness where the assimilation of American values (like not killing old Black men) is seen as a racist attack on another’s culture. These deaths and maiming are more blood on White liberals hands.

The wave of bias attacks by Latino gangs has caused retaliatory strikes by hard pressed but no less vile Black gangs. These gangs are the product of decades subtle encouragement by the American media and left wing political establishment to disenfranchise themselves and become a a lawless nation within a state who make the lives of our poorest and most vulnerable a living hell.

Sammantha Salas and her unidentified friend were victims of two of these home grown terrorists, who could care less if the girls were gang members or not, as long as they were Latino.

Monrovia’s Black population is under 9%, while it’s Hispanic population is a little over 35%. 13.5% were immigrants from Latin America. Those figures were as of 2002 and don’t include the undocumented. The race war Latino gangs wanted to start will obviously favor them as the ultimate winners, especially given the medias obvious bias toward the Latino victims (there’s little mention of Rollins in the news I’ve seen) the county officials refusal to admit the problem even exists.

Read this statement from Monrovia city manager Scott Ochoa and remember that this declaration of ignorance comes two years after the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report of the racist motives of Latino gang attacks on Blacks in … Los Angeles.

This Monrovian blog is mad at hell at the goings on and Crime Scene Blog really has the nuts and bolts of the cases for all you crime blog types spelled out, sans Red Alertism.

14 thoughts on “Black and Latino Gang Feud Turning California Town into War Zone

  1. A horrible situation followed by horrible journalism!

    “The race war Latino gangs wanted to start will obviously favor them as the ultimate winners, especially given the medias obvious bias toward the Latino victims (there’s little mention of Rollins in the news I’ve seen) the county officials refusal to admit the problem even exists.”

    There are NO winners in this situation Mr. Rob Taylor, just LOSERS!!! Shame on you for suggesting otherwise.

    As for your “medias biases,” that’s absurd. Many Latino’s in America are either undocumented, or just a few generations removed from undocumentation. As a result, they live in a state of paranoia and do all they can trying to avoid law enforcement for fear of deportation. You think being Black in America is difficult, try to imaging living with the constant fear of deportation. As a result, many crimes towards Latinos are not even reported do to this same paranoia. When that poor 14 year old Black girl was killed by 204 Street Gang Members, it received a lot of attention (as it should have, horrible incident!), but they failed to mention that it was done in retaliation for a young Latino boy who killed just a week earlier by Black Gang Members. The only favoritism is for the victims, as it should be. No winners, no handicaps, just losers!

    “but the importation of Latin American culture and custom which are often less enthusiastic about “celebrating diversity.”

    Hmmmm. So you feel this problem is attributed just to the influx of Latin American Culture being forced into historically African-American Communities? Interesting and naive. I agree it’s a clash of cultures but to suggest it’s one sided is moronic! It takes two opposing sides to create a clash.

    Hopefully this problem will fade out with a limited amount of death and violence. I won’t pretend that I know how to fix it, I though I wish I could. If you have any desire to fix it, please stop covering it! This type of journalism is just fuel to the fire.

    Take care Mr. Taylor and enjoy life,

    Jose Cuenca

  2. What awful rubbish. A 14 year old girl is killed in “retaliation” for a gang shooting? Does the fact that they targeted a teenage girl not prove that this is a culture clash, or are you claiming that this is not just normal, but should be considered normal?

    The Latino gangs aren’t the losers if they drive out Blacks from the areas they control and for you to imply that in some way even the gang members are victims in this is complete nonsense and worse, and attempt to minimize a Klan like pogrom against Black Americans. When even the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization which normal is quite favorable to illegal immigrants, says that these are racist killing then I think we had better listen.

    The idea that it takes two sides to clash is moronic to use your words. Does this theory of agressive duality aplly to the Jews in Nazi Germany? The Black Christians being sold into slavery in Arab countries today? Women who are beaten by their husbands? And I suppose children who are molested played a part in their victimization.

    It is beyond asinine to suggests that where there is conflict all parties involved share equal responsibility for the violence. That kind of simplistic thinking excuses those who perpetrate evil by lumping in their victims or those who oppose them into one group with no distinction. By that logic the allies and the axis were the same in WWII, a man defending his family from home invaders is no different from the home invaders and 14 year old girls murdered by degenerates is no different than a gang member killed in a turf war.

    It’s that kind of intellectually lazy moral relativism that allows you to sit back and “hope” that Black Americans aren’t exterminated while never once supporting commonsense steps we can take to curb the violence, like using hate crime charges to prosecute these gangs or having Latinos denounce the imported racism that lay at the heart of this nightmare.

    You yourself would rather attack me than the monsters that murder children, proving that in essence your sympathy is not to any sense of justice but to the concpet La Raza, which is exactly the motivator to these killings. You, Mr Cuenca, are as souless and repugnant as the cretin you’re defending.

    I’d return the sentiment of your closing and tell you to “enjoy life” but the sanctimonious tone of your comment indicates that your smug enough, I hope instead that one of the poor souls murdered by your “undocumented” workers haunts you and your family forever as that is the only punishment fitting a person of such low character as to propagandize for racist gangs involved in a pogrom against innocent women and children.

  3. Good job latinos! miro lo que pasa when u messing wit my raza!! hopefully that towns africans are wiped out maybe my city will be next they waste all my taxes to support there foodstamps and all make living from breaking into cars and selling drugs just making world a bad place. VIVA LA RAZA

  4. Good job latinos! miro lo que pasa when u messing wit my raza!! hopefully that towns africans are wiped out maybe my city will be next they waste all my taxes to support there foodstamps and all make living from breaking into cars and selling drugs just making world a bad place. VIVA LA RAZA!!!

  5. There is no possible way on earth you mud-dogs can defeat us! Keep on trying and solidify your place in hell with the other devils….Slabhank…you especially…fukkin’ dirty wetback cowards….

  6. But But But only White people are racist right??..My jewish teacher told me so!

  7. Unfortunately, a Civil War 2 is brewing folks! The addition of all these illegal Mexicans into our country is the trigger that will be the catalyst to such mayhem and woe, on such a level that this nation has never seen before. As a Black female and a Christian, it is disturbing to look at not only what is happening within the States, but the rest of the world as well. Here in America, our problems are boiling over with the illegal immigration of these Mexicans. In Europe and Africa, it’s with the Muslims. All PURPOSELY done to destroy any sense of nationalism, togetherness, and . From the Al Sharptons, to the leaders of La Raza, and white racialist groups, ALL in my opinion are being funded by a force that is well hidden, and yet, so deep and pervasive within our Govt, that it would literally blow the minds of many ppl if the TRUE power behind any of these groups was ever revealed. It’s all about stirring hatred to help speed the breakdown of society, so that the Govt can come in and control the populace. They’re playing ALL of us and doing a darn good job in accomplishing their objectives. I agree with the author of this article. America is being taken over by sheer numbers through massive illegal immigration. and the incredible thing is it’s being done with NOT ONE BULLET being fired! They just waltz across our borders without a care in the world. And believe me, they are not the only ones coming acorss. I believe this nation is filled to the brim with terrorists and every kind of malady that can be imagined. It’s only by the grace of God and the intercessory prayers of His saints, that have held back the chaos that is sure to explode. Trust me when I say with the deprivation and denigration of our society on all levels, those prayers will not be able to hold back the flood of judgment for too much longer. Massive immigration in our country is but one of the judgments from the Almighty He is using to chastise us for our nation’s moral disintegration.

  8. Just wanted to clarify my above post. America does not have the natural resources to sustain such growth on the level that ppl are pouring into this country. We are going to implode sooner rather than later. We need a moratorium to stem the tide. Then work our way from there. But of course, we’ll see this when donkeys fly, because the slowing/curbing of these massive numbers flowing in unchecked, is NOT on the agenda of those in Govt.These politicians know EXACTLY what they are doing. Only a fool wouldn’t be able to see through all of this nightmarish nonsense.

  9. this is a very unfortunate situation and a direct result of illegal immigration and the liberals that encourage it and allow it. Gang conflicts cant be classified as race wars but the greed for money and most gangs are determined along racial lines but hispanic gangs go out of their way to kill innocent black citizens in an effort to force them to move. gang killings are another thing.

  10. The killing thats going on between my black and brown brothers is a shame. The two most religious organizations and are kids are killing each other, and for what. a lack of understanding between the two groups.Were doing to each other what the clan been trying to do for decades.there is no winners win it comes to the lost of a life of any kind. America used to be a GOD founded state, but now with all this foolishness going on,and you say the devil aint real. People wake up learn your truth BELIEF IN GOD AND LOVE & RESPECT HUMANS UNCONDITIONALY/ AND WHEN BLACK AND BROWN CROSS EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF GUNS LETS GET BACK TO GIVING EACH OTHER OUR SOUL GREETING AND STYLES.BECAUSE NO OTHER RACES HAVE FLAVOR LIKE BLACK & BROWM

  11. Latinos are not “brown’ they are of all races. There are Black Latinos, White Latinos, Asian Latinos etc. The “Brown people” concept is based on racism, on the idea that only European English speakers are White which is nonsense.

  12. That self destructive attitude is not but internalized racism. That is, the lack of understanding about the hatred from institutionalized and personally mediated racism toward minorities. The Southern Poverty Center Law Center is wrong, So long as these kids do not see the black and brown adult leadership to coalesce in order to beat internalized racism, minorities will continue killing each other while the white officers of the law that live outside of the inner city will continue watching us in the news at the expense of our tax money!..

  13. Go back to Venezuela commie. You know as well as I do that “brown” people is a bogus concept designed to unite Spanish speaking Whites, Blacks, Arabs and everyone else into a violent revolution … directed by Whites.

    The key to solving this is assimilation of immigrants and deportation of gang members.

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