James Von Brunn Wasn’t a “Right Wing” Extremist

I’ve got a lot of updates in the post below about 9/11 truther/White Nationalist James Von Brunn. But since DU and other lefty sites are claiming this guy is basically a Republican, here’s a missive by Von Brunn reprinted by “6killer” on the Original Dissent forum about John McCain that should lay that lie to rest:

As a former Navy officer,WW2, this writer finds Senator John McCain unfit for any governmental position. He is a traitor to the United States of America.

John McCain was raised in Naval lore. His grandfather and father were decorated 4-star Admirals. “Don’t Give Up the Ship,” was engraved in their personas. Yet, that is exactly what John McCain has done . He “Gave Up the Ship” – then kissed the Enemy’s ass.

John McCain has steadfastly refused to confront and bring the State of Israel to justice. As you know so well, JEWS deliberately attempted to sink the USS Liberty, with all hands. It was a botched false-flag operation; similar to what JEWS got away with at Tonkin Gulf, and on 9-11. In effect, McCain turned against the United States of America, and surviving members of Liberty’s crew, to join hands with Murder, Inc.

In 1967, while the USS LIBERTY patrolled the Med , John McCain flew A-4 Skyhawks over Hanoi. He was bunked aboard the USS FORRESTAL. . The great carrier was named for James Forrestal, former SecNav, then SecDefense under Truman. James Forrestal attempted to curtail ISRAELI influence in the USA. He was murdered by JEWS. Jack Mc Cain, John’s father, knew Forrestal well – but Jack, a boozer, sucked up to “The Jews.” He knew on which side his bread was buttered. He taught his son well. Blood will tell.

When you read the following references ( tip of the ice-berg) you will sense the evil ambiance surrounding John Mc Cain .

On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. This USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.


Although Forrestal had told associates he had decided to resign, when Truman abruptly asked forhis resignation he was shattered. His letter of resignation was tendered after Truman’s dismissal on March 28, 1949. On the day of his removal from office, he went into a sort of strange daze and was flown on a Navy airplane to the estate of Under Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett in Hobe Sound, Florida, where Forrestal’s wife, Josephine, was vacationing. He was checked into the Bethesda Naval Hospital five days later. The condition was officially announced as “nervous and physical exhaustion”; his lead doctor, Captain George Raines, diagnosing his condition as “depression” or “reactive depression.”

A chief reason for Forrestal’s fragile mental state was that his high-profile position was in sharp contrast to his personality[citation needed]. As a person who prized anonymity and once stated that his hobby was “obscurity”, he and his policies had been the constant target of attacks from columnists, including Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell. Pearson’s protege, Jack Anderson, later asserted that Pearson “hectored Forrestal with innuendos and false accusations.” [3]

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Forrestal seemed to be on the road to recovery, having regained 12 pounds since his entry into the hospital. However, in the early morning hours of May 22, his body was found on a third-floor roof below the 16th-floor kitchen across the hall from his room. The Montgomery County, Maryland, county coroner called it a suicide within hours of the death.

The official Navy review board, which completed hearings on May 31, waited until October 12, 1949, to release only a brief summary of its findings. The announcement stated only that Forrestal had died from his fall from the window. It did not say what might have caused the fall, nor did it make any mention of the bathrobe sash that was tied around his neck. There were reports of paranoia and of involuntary commitment to the hospital, as well as suspicions about the detailed circumstances of his death, which have fed a variety of conspiracy theories, some of which are described below. One of Forrestal’s statements described as “paranoid” was his prediction that the United States would soon be at war; a few months later the US was indeed at war in Korea.[3]

His alleged suicide note was part of a poem from Sophocles’ tragedy Ajax:

Fair Salamis, the billows’ roar,

Wander around thee yet,

And sailors gaze upon thy shore

Firm in the Ocean set.

Thy son is in a foreign clime

Where Ida feeds her countless flocks,

Far from thy dear, remembered rocks,

Worn by the waste of time–

Comfortless, nameless, hopeless save

In the dark prospect of the yawning grave….

Woe to the mother in her close of day,

Woe to her desolate heart and temples gray,

When she shall hear

Her loved one’s story whispered in her ear!

“Woe, woe!’ will be the cry–

No quiet murmur like the tremulous wail

Of the lone bird, the querulous nightingale–

The actual note [2] was not released by the Department of the Navy until April 2004.

James Forrestal is buried in section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.
[edit] A Conspiracy?

Doubts have existed from the beginning about Forrestal’s alleged suicide. These were fueled by the fact that the Navy did not release the transcript of its official hearing.[citation needed] The early doubts are detailed in the book The Death of James Forrestal (1966) by Cornell Simpson, which received virtually no publicity. Additional doubt has been raised by the 2004 release of the Navy investigation, informally referred to as the Willcutts Report, after Admiral Morton D. Willcutts, the head of the National Naval Medical Center, who convened the review board.

Among the discrepancies between the report and the accounts given in the principal Forrestal biographies are that the transcription of the poem by Sophocles appears to many to have been written in a hand other than Forrestal’s, and there was broken glass found on Forrestal’s bed, a fact that had not been previously reported. Theories as to who might have murdered Forrestal range from Soviet agents — a view championed by Joseph McCarthy — to U.S. government operatives sent to silence him for what he knew about UFOs.

Forrestal himself maintained that he was being tracked and bugged by Zionist operatives. As Forrestal biographer Arnold Rogow puts it:

“…Forrestal, during his last months in office, harbored a conviction that he was under day-and-night surveillance by Zionist agents; and when he resigned as Secretary of Defense in March, 1949, he was convinced that his resignation was not unrelated to pressures brought to bear on the Administration by American Jewish organizations.”

—Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy, p.181

Rogow footnotes this passage, noting:

“While those beliefs reflect the fact that Forrestal was a very ill man in March 1949, it is entirely possible that he was ‘shadowed’ by Zionist agents in 1947 and 1948. A close associate of his at the time recalls that at the height of the Palestine controversy, his (the associate’s) official limousine was followed to and from his office by a blue sedan containing two men. When the police were notified and the sedan apprehended, it was discovered that the two men were photographers employed by a Zionist organization. They explained to the police that they had hoped to obtain photographs of the limousine’s occupant entering or leaving an Arab embassy in order to demonstrate that the official involved was in close contact with Arab representatives.”

—Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy, p.181

New light was shed on Forrestal’s concerns in March 2006 when The Times of London, referencing newly declassified documents, revealed that a serious attempt by Menachem Begin’s Irgun Gang to assassinate Britain’s anti-Zionist counterpart to Forrestal, Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, had been thwarted by British intelligence in 1946. Forrestal had been the most conspicuous and forceful anti-Zionist in the Truman administration.

There was also a press campaign against Forrestal, led by columnist Drew Pearson. The campaign tried to make it appear that he was paranoid. Paranoia, however, was never mentioned in the official evaluations of his psychiatric state. One of Pearson’s most spectacular claims was that while Forrestal was at Hobe Sound, Florida, shortly before he was hospitalized, he was awakened by a siren in the middle of the night and ran out into the street exclaiming, “The Russians are attacking.” This claim has not been confirmed by anyone who was there that night, and was described as a fabrication by Captain George Raines, the Navy doctor in charge of Forrestal’s treatment[4]

John McCain knew all about James Forrestal and the JEW assassins. His father told him.

McCain, supported by his pal Senator Lieberman, and other Congressional Jews, recently stated ( rebutting Ron Paul), that the USA will be engaged in the mid-East for 100-years.

McCain, initially favored variations of amnesty for Illegal aliens. Under pressure from polls he is reluctantly slithering his position. Alas, too late. Whites will soon be a minority population.

Senator John McCain (“son of Cain”), Presidential candidate, is firmly in the hip-pocket of Israelis/Neo-cons/JEWS; and is FOX-JEWS-NEWS favorite candidate for President. McCain is a Neo-con lap-dog.
McCain-Feingold Bill

September, 1998

McCain-Feingold: As anticipated, Senator John McCain (R-Az.) once again pushed his “campaign reform” bill to the Senate floor, this time as an amendment to an unrelated appropriations bill. This bill would severely restrict the right of NRLC, NRLC affiliates, and other citizen groups to communicate with the public about the positions of federal politicians, and about upcoming votes in Congress. Once again, pro-life Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Majority Leader Trent Lott (R- Ms.) objected to a direct vote on the bill, thereby forcing McCain to seek to “invoke cloture,” which requires 60 votes. The Sept. 10 vote was 52 to 48 for cloture; in other words, McCain fell eight votes short. No senator changed his vote from the last such roll call, which occurred on February 25. All 45 Democratic senators voted to advance the bill, as did seven Republicans: McCain, Chafee (RI), Collins (Me.), Jeffords (Vt.), Snowe (Me.), Specter (Pa.), and Thompson (Tn.). McCain then withdrew his amendment and said he would support no further attempts this year unless there is “some sign of progress.” McCain also suggested that his side might have better luck next year, adding, “Time is on our side.” In reality, however, the lobbying by NRLC, NRLC affiliates, and other pro-life groups over the past two years has stiffened opposition to the bill among Republican senators, and McCain has lost ground in the Senate since 1996, when he had mustered 54 votes for cloture.


John McCain, traitor.


James von Brunn

Sounds like a typical Alex Jones groupie to me.

Update: D.C. Fox station is reporting that Fox News was one of the intended targets of this “right wing extremist.” That’s odd.

25 thoughts on “James Von Brunn Wasn’t a “Right Wing” Extremist

  1. Good point — we don’t know whether he was a registered Republican or not. But just because he doesn’t like John McCain, does NOT prove that he wasn’t a registered Republican. I know plenty of Republicans who didn’t vote for John McCain precisely because they thought he wasn’t right-wing enough for them. This guy seems to be that sort of person, someone with an extremely messed up and bigoted view of the world. Three other things:

    1. By your reasoning, one might also stop grouping eco-terrorists (who, I might add, don’t tend to kill people like the vast majority of right-wing extremists) with Democrats. Most eco-terrorists are anarchists who do not vote or if they do, they vote Green.

    2. If people can blame what happened at Columbine to the influence of videogames, I see no reason why one should not blame Rush Limbaugh, the nasty Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck for treasonous rhetoric.

    3. In the spring Janet Napolitano released a DHS report about right-wing extremism and conservatives became all indignant. Though the report was poorly worded, I would say the killings of George Tiller, the attack in Alabama, and this recent shooting should compel the government to keep a closer eye on these terrorists.

  2. Nice try, but you right-wingers also dissed McCain. Sounds like you and von Brunn had a lot in common.

  3. Name three registered Republicans who think Jews are responsible for 9/11, McCain is a puppet for a Zionis conspiracy.

    1) I never group in ALF, or ELF with Democrats, but I do believe PETA funds both, but I do believe the radical left supports eco-terrorism and the left in general encourages an anti-Natural order anti-Human ideology that supports the goals of those groups.. Most Republicans make the same distinction.

    2) It was Democrats, including Clinton, who blamed videogames for Columbine. It was Gore and the Dems who said music caused Satanism in the 80s. Lay that rap on yourself fascist.

    But more to the point what has Michelle Malkin said that is treasonous and acceptable to neo-Nazis? Stormfront was supportive of MoveON, the Aryan Nations are supporters of Palestine and David Duke has supported Iran since 2001. From what side of the aisle are they really getting their ideas?

    3) The Alabama attack was committed by a radical Black Muslim. Hardly “right wing” and this attack is by a person who was a 9/11 truther. I didn’t see either on the DHS list, did you?

  4. By your definition Rush Limbaugh isn’t “right wing”; he didn’t support McCain either.

    Sorry, just like Tim McVeigh you guys own von Brunn.

  5. on June 10th, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    By your definition Rush Limbaugh isn’t “right wing”; he didn’t support McCain either.

    Sorry, just like Tim McVeigh you guys own von Brunn.”

    Sorry but there’s a difference between not supporting McCain and claiming he’s part of a Jewish conspiracy. Since you lefties are always claiming conspiracies by Jews, or ‘New york money men” or “the Israeli lobby” you may not see the difference.

    Tim McVeigh’s partner was married to a Muslim from the Philipines by the way. But that aside if they were both neo-Nazis then they’d be … to the left of Republicans. You know, since the neo-nazis support universal health care, state ownership of means of production and are against capitalism.

    Just like you!

  6. “#
    sticksstones said,

    on June 10th, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Nice try, but you right-wingers also dissed McCain. Sounds like you and von Brunn had a lot in common.”

    As usual some White liberal calls me an uncle tom. I get it, because I don’t agree with you I’m a Bi-racial Nazi. Ha ah. but who’s the real racist? Me or the White douchebag who thinks I don’t have a right to disagree with him on economics.

  7. Maybe you haven’t noticed but a lot of right wing Republicans hate McCain just as much as Obama!!!!

  8. He had a Bush Cheney sticker on his car. He was anti-black, anti-catholic, and and anti-semetic. I hope people will reread the DHS report that the right went crazy over even though it explicitly talked about right-wing and left-wing extremists.

  9. >As usual some White liberal calls me an uncle tom. I get it, because I don’t agree with you I’m a Bi-racial Nazi. Ha ah. but who’s the real racist? Me or the White douchebag who thinks I don’t have a right to disagree with him on economics.

    How do you know I’m white? Let’s see if I stated that anywhere… No, I don’t believe that I did. Let’s see… did I bring up anything about race at all?? No, I don’t think so. YOU did. Defensive much?

    As for his political party affiliation, suck it up; you’re pwned:

    From the (now conveniently scrubbed) Free Republic website:

    To: Nathan Zachary

    And I forgot to mention that the picture of his truck had a Bush/Cheney ‘04 sticker on it. wince Go looking around holywesternempire.org and Stormfront if you have the stomach. He’s got pictures up.

    Effing Stormfront thought he was an extremist.

    74 posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 2:10:56 PM by TomOnTheRun

    Nice try. Epic FAIL, though, Rob.

  10. I’m not surprised the shooter in the holocaust museum was white supremacist, aside from that being a phony right-winger.

  11. Any person who tries to compare a conservative to a white supremacist or a liberal to a communist simply have no clue what they are talking about.

    I am a moderate and do not agree with either the left or right, but it seems to me that drawing an analogy between extremists and the average leftist/right winger is grossly inaccurate and quite frankly, an indication of hate.

    Von Brunn and the rest of these idiots are pathetic losers who long ago lost touch with reality.Any extremist should be feared–left or right.

  12. “#
    pete said,

    on June 10th, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    He had a Bush Cheney sticker on his car. He was anti-black, anti-catholic, and and anti-semetic. I hope people will reread the DHS report that the right went crazy over even though it explicitly talked about right-wing and left-wing extremists.”

    He has sevewral dozen posts on the Internet claiming Bush and the JOOOOOS were behind 9/11. I doubt he was a Bush supporter.


    “How do you know I’m white? Let’s see if I stated that anywhere… No, I don’t believe that I did. Let’s see… did I bring up anything about race at all?? No, I don’t think so. YOU did. Defensive much?”

    A) I’m psychic and a well know neo-Pagan I know it the same way I know you have cheerleader porn on your computer and that you cried at least twice this week (once while watching Gilmore Girls). The gods themselves.

    B) All Kossacks are White, and racist. Just ask that Black Clinton supporter that was banned after being called a monkey.

    C) Calling me a Nazi is bring race, and specifically views on race into it.

    D) Only teenagers say “PWD”

    E) Why would Stormfronters, who support the theory that Bush was a puppet of Jews (first spread by Kossack Sabbah on DKOS I believe) support Bush. Pics or it didn’t happen, if we’re throwing out emo-douche jargon.

  13. Hallucinate while reading much, Rob? Do tell where I called you a Nazi, please. Oh that’s right… you can’t because I didn’t.

    I never brought up anything about race; you did, then accused me of being a racist then called me a “white douchebag”… and I’m the racist?

    Ad hominem attacks are the last vestige of the scoundrel, Rob.

    And you “doubt he was a Bush supporter”. He just puts the guy’s bumper stickers on his truck.

    Does being a right-wing apologist come with a certificate for being delusional? Apparently so. I’m done here… the stupid is too strong for me!

    Have a great life defending a right-wing political ideology that sees YOU as less than human, Rob.

  14. Oh. I was actually talking to your friends sticks and stone although I stand by my statement that you are A) White and be) a weepy emo-douche. You claiming he and other White nationalists, who I have blogged about on this very site and proven that they supported Baathism, recruited for Al-Qaeda on their websites and supported Chavez, is outrageous and is race baiting class warfare rhetoric of the most intellectually lazy kind.

    You can go to any neo-Nazi’s website, including von Brunn’s, and see him agree with you about Bush, Cheney and Republicans in his own words. But like the two-legged sheep you are you take the word of some shill as truth without ever once bothering to see for yourself.

    If you have a membership at DailyKos, a site that posted propaganda from neo-Nazi group VNN, then you are a racist.

    As for the bumper sticker, if he supported Bush why does he claim, on his site, that the Bush’s are traitors to America and the White race?

    By the way, the last person to call me the “N” word was a Kossack. So far no one on the right has ever done that. So nice try racist.

  15. Hmm … who’s the racist? Maybe the Kossack troll who thinks that the Party created to oppose the pro-slavery policies of the Democrats is the one that sees blacks as less than human?

    The Republican Party has a long and proud history of civil rights achievements, including supporting the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries it has stood for freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility. That doesn’t sound like an ideology that sees Rob as “less than human.”

    But of course, if radical liberals didn’t perpetuate the myth that Republicans are a seething mass of racists and homophobes, they’d be hemorrhaging apostles. Oh, and nice job, Snud, trying to tell Rob what political ideology is best for him. That’s not paternalistic in the least. Can’t let those uppity blacks think for themselves, can you?

  16. He was a Far Rightie who hated John mcCain becuase he thought he was a RINO and soft on immigration.

    On most of the Right leaning blogs they hated McCain, thought he was a weak candidate.

  17. Syl,

    Do you really care that a white supremacist nut whom shot up the holocaust museum is a Conservative Republican? You’re still promoting the lie even though white supremacists like him believe that AIPAC “controls” both Republican and Democratic parties?

    You think that all Republicans or Conservatives who disagreed with McCain to a degree is “right on the same level” as the pathetic white supremacist nutjob? If you live in this sad little world, grow up.

  18. Sly-

    Actaully Stormfront has supported Chavez, as Dictatorships in general like the Mullahs of Iran. They supported Chavez’s raids on Jewish centers recently for example. You’re being dishonest, or too lazy to search out the information. The Aryan Nations are big supporters of Chavez as well, something I blogged about in 06 or 07.

    DailyKos members published Vanguard News Network videos on their diaries as recently as last year. You know as well as I do that the NV have many beliefs you personally and the left as a group accept as true such as the evil of Capitalism, the power of the “Jewish lobby” and that the ongoing pogrom against Black Americans by Latino gangs is acceptable. That’s my point.


    I’m not a freeper myself but are all truthers Muslims because they publish the work of Kevin Barret? Am I a lefty because I let your comments stand here? Free Republic is an open forum full of Paulnuts (who agree with DailyKos’ foreign policy) and truthers. How’s that reflect on the mainstream of the Republican party? Or are Republicans now non-interventionist truthers who think Jews run the world?

    You can’t have it both ways. You promote the same conspiracy theories Von Brunn wrote, then claim he’s a righty. Sorry, we righties support Israel and the Jews. It’s lefties who want a second Holocaust in Israel.

  19. Hitler was left, but on the left he was right.
    National Socialist and National Communist unite:
    See it all on:

    We will not fall for the US-British-Zionists a third time. The Jews can go and prepare to save their 700.000 jewish virgins in the famous City-Valley and when they cannot manage this, also the 700.000 jewish virgins will go bust. It’s end-time for you historical scum-bags.

  20. James von Brunn was a right-winger, and a popular member of the neo-Nazi right-wing site Free Republic. Anyone who tries to rewrite history and claim that the Nazis were “left-wing” are nothing but closet Nazis who dream of putting liberals and other leftists into the gas chambers themselves.

  21. Are you retarded or just illiterate? Nazis are SOCIALISTS and are only to the right of Stalinism and Leninism. Von Brunn worked for a left wing publishing house and embraced the leftist vision of Jews causing wars. He was targeting “right wingers” stupid.

    But sure sure, I’m the world’s only Bi-racial Nazi. Whatever else you sleep at night.

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