Degenerate Democrat Fire Chief Beats Puppy to Death, Claims Self-Defense

Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson is a filthy degenerate who beat a 6-month-old puppy to death for kicks. He then claimed “self-defense” even though a witness who was there and saw the attack says the puppy did nothing wrong. From KTLA:

Was the beating of a puppy self-defense, or animal cruelty?

Now it’s up to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office to try to uncover the truth.

“I just think he’s an evil person.

How can any human being just murder a puppy for no reason?” dogowner Shelley Toole says fighting through tears.

Her family can’t sleep.

They say Monday, their next-door neighbor, in some kind of violent rage, beat their puppy so badly the dog had to be put down.

Karley was a six-month old shepherd mix.

What may surprise many people is the fact that the neighbor is Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson.

An online biography lists a stellar 30-year career with the department. It says he’s an expert in counter-terrorism, among other areas.


The Tooles say Monday evening, Karley got out and went to neighbor Travis Staggs’ home. He lives on the other side of Chief Johnson’s house.

Staggs says he was walking Karley home when Johnson stepped in and said he would take the dog back home.

Staggs says he reluctantly handed over the puppy, and that’s when it happened in Johnson’s front yard.

Travis Staggs tells KTLA that Glynn Johnson simply started beating the dog, and that the dog had not attacked Johnson first.

According to this witness, Johnson hit the dog repeatedly with a closed fist, put his hands in the puppy’s mouth and tried to break its jaws, and eventually beat the dog over the head repeatedly with a large rock from the front yard.

Staggs says he tried to stop the attack but couldn’t. The Toole family later decided to have Karley put down because of the extent of her injuries.

“It scares me, knowing I live next-door to this man,” says Travis Staggs.

The Tooles say they will take civil action against the assistant fire chief regardless of the outcome of the criminal investigation.

The Tooles report that Johnson has a “history of violence” which of course the good old boy Democrats covered up while they were allowing him to help plan for dealing with terrorist attacks. As goes California so does the rest of America, lock up your puppies people, the Democrats are looking for ways to celebrate the one party government we’ll have come January.

And what’s with that Staggs character? He couldn’t stop Johnson? There was apparently a rock laying around so I’m thinking he could have stopped Johnson the hard way. He could have at least grabbed the puppy and ran. You suck Staggs.

Here’s hoping that Johnson is relieved of duty permanently, succumbs to an alcohol/drug binge induced depression and does the right thing with a bottle of sleeping pills. Have fun in Hell Glynn Johnson, if that is your real name since it is suspiciously similar to hardware manufacturing company. How odd. It’s almost like his name’s a poorly chosen alias…

KTLA has video if you have the stomach. The L.A. County Fire Dept. can be contacted at (323) 881-2411 or just in case you wanted to ask how a man rumored to have blinded a dog with a BB gun and had police called on him for beating his daughter well before this incident could have risen through the ranks of their organization.

14 thoughts on “Degenerate Democrat Fire Chief Beats Puppy to Death, Claims Self-Defense

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  2. What does being a Democrat have to do with this maniac, Please cite your sources that he is even a democrat!, what he is a senior member of the Stentorians which means he has a get out of jail free card because of race….

  3. He’s a registered Democrat. And find me a Republican, Libertarian or even a Green who’s killed a puppy then claimed self-defense and I’ll concede your point.

    But seriously. You don’t see how the political affiliation of a weirdo, and his ability to be well respected in his field, has anything to do with terrorizing his neighbors? If he was a Republican in California rumored to have blinded a dog with a BB gun would he have risen through the ranks as far?

  4. I think the answer can be found on within the organization. If he is what I believe he has to be the person who is suing him can dig deep enough and find out the truth. He is arrogant and thinks he is above the law.

    He needs to be put in jail where they can break his jaw and his cruelty

  5. While I don’t doubt or have a problem with the assumption that Johnson is a Democrat, which I side with you on, I do want to point out that Johnson is a very large man compared to Travis Staggs. In the televised report, it was clear that Travis is a young man of small build. Johnson is a large, intimidating size. While I don’t understand why anybody in that neighborhood would have passed off the dog to Johnson with his alleged history of violence in the community, I still think Travis should be commended for trying to step in to save Karley and for his courage in stepping forward as the only witness to this animal abuse.

    I certainly hope Johnson is convicted and spends some time behind bars. He doesn’t deserve to retire with benefits from the county (which he is allegedly desperately trying to do right now before he’s officially charged).

  6. Fair enough. But that’s why people need to be serious about learning to defend themselves. Johnson could have just as easily decided to assault Staggs or rape his wife, then where would Staggs be?

    There are ways smaller people can defend themselves from larger attackers, and people should learn them.

  7. I think it all depends on point of view in this case since one witness called the police saying that the guy was being attacked by the dog then a second 911 call says that he’s the one attacking the dog. The guy has a 30 year stellar record as a public servant and has put his life on the line defending our homes against fires. I think there’s alot of things that we don’t know. I’m not so quick to take Staggs testimony to heart since the guy didn’t like Johnson to begin with and found him intimidating. Don’t be so quick to judge. I read in the Press Enterprise that the dog bit Johnson, partially severing his thumb which may have caused him to snap and obviously violently beat the dog. I wonder why the media isn’t publicizing that lil bit? Although I think that it was definitely excessive violence and cruel to boot, I don’t think it was premeditated as others have claimed. I also don’t understand why Johnson being a democrat has anything to do with the situation. I mean there are plenty of degenerate republicans out there who ran our country to the ground (like the executives of these huge banks and car companies who I consider as “degenerate republicans”). Let’s get one thing straight, whether Johnson is a democrat or republican, black or white, the situation is messed up regardless of where he stands politically or what he is racially. If he were a regular white guy in the same situation, I wonder if the media would pay as much attention or even bother with the whole “degenerate democrat” comment.

  8. Cop murders unarmed black man (who was in handcuffs BTW) by shooting him in the back while he is laying down…NOTHING HAPPENS.

    Fire Chief beats worthless dog who never had a chance of being a doctor, lawyer, good husband,. son, etc etc and nothing other than a pet for white people’s amusement….ALL OUT WHITE RAGE!

    If you cant see the hypocrisy in the outrage then you arent even a human being.

    Please dog fetishist GET OVER YOURSELVES!


  9. A) This story was posted several months before Oscar Grant was shot.

    B) I’m Black (or actually Bi-racial)

    C) That’s not what hypocrisy means. Both times you used it it was wrong. I hope you aren’t Black because it makes us all look bad when this happens.

    D) I don’t claim dog and human lives are the same, but he beat a puppy to death, what are you a Muslim?

  10. Are you saying, “because he’s a Democrat he’s cruel enough and stupid enough to kill a puppy”? Well what about that idiot that “took us to war, lied to the whole world, responsible for millions of deaths” and is a “Heartless REPUBLICAN!!!!
    Another moron republican, “YOU STARTED IT ROB T.

    I think the next question is : “WHY DO REPUBLICANS SPEAK BEFORE THEY THINK????
    Someday maybe we could examine the brain of a Republican(Richard Nixon, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh), to see what causes the “distorted thinking” or the lack OF thinking!!!

  11. I suppose 9/11 was an inside job? I suppose Rush Limbaugh saying things you disagree with is morally equal to beating a puppy to death. I suppose the deaths in Bill Clinton’s wars (Somalia, Europe, Latin America) are in some way different than deaths in the wars we fought under Bush.

    Maybe. But what I know is that weirdos who type in CAPITALS (see how it looks) and wish for the deaths of people they disagree with (so they can “examine” the brains) are not much better than degenerates who beat puppies to death.

    Have fun a) dying alone and b) burning in Hell when you do.

  12. I am deeply sadened by the way this FAT LARD killed the poor puppy. I wish i would’ve been there to protect the little fellow. And even though i am a female at times like these i wish i would be a man to show this coward what its like to feel powerless.

  13. The ‘democrat’ who thinks regular people ought not have puppies, or any kind of pet, are the same type who sees nothing wrong with letting ‘grandma’ die and “get out of the way.” Watch yourselves people, ideological actions do speak much louder than words.

    As for the post which asked, “can you imagine a Republican” doing such a beastly thing? No, I really can’t imagine that happening, and to let us know that the perp was a democrat does provide everyone a fuller picture.

    Thank you for this article, no matter if it is ugly or not, it will be repeated for all those democrats who would ban pet sales in your communities.

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