Rachel Maddow Inspired Communist Phones Death Threat into Freedomworks Office

Tabitha Hale posted this death threat phoned in by some deranged hausfrau who claims the left is organizing, arming and ready to “fight you to the death,” referring of course to we people who don’t want to pay high taxes for entitlements aimed at lazy, shiftless White liberals. Of course, it’s we on the right that are dangerous.

Listen here.

My response to the left. We can do this:

Surprise! “Elite, Progressive” Boarding School in Germany was a Rape and Torture Factory

Since “progressive” really means Marxist and Marxism teaches submission to authority and the abolition of private property, this should come as no surprise. Our bodies are the most important piece of property we own, and our sovereignty over our lives is our most precious right. Marxism denies both these facts and thus attracts people who don’t respect your person or your autonomy:

The Odenwaldschule school board admitted to the paper that teachers had abused wards at the school for years. School director Margarita Kaufmann  told the newspaper, “As far as I am concerned, it is a fact that sexual abuse occurred here at least since 1971.”

According to accounts by former pupils, teachers at the school in Heppenheim woke them by stroking their genitals, forced them to perform oral sex, and were made into “sex slaves” for whole weekends.

Teachers also beat their wards, provided them with drugs and alcohol, and did not intervene when several pupils sexually abused a girl.

The way the school was structured encouraged an unhealthy lack of boundaries:

The Odenwaldschule was established in 1910 with a holistic ethos of raising a child according to its own individual desires, rather than through discipline and drill. The 225 pupils currently attending (200 as boarders) live in so-called ‘families,’ with their class teacher as a kind of ‘family head’ who lives in an adjacent room. A boarder’s place at the school currently costs €2,220 a month.

Now that’s progressive.

Update: Some Paulnut says this is all a ploy by me to try to get America to invade Germany because I’m a Jew loving “neo-con.”

Union Thugs Assaulting and Harassing Workers in from Vale Inco!

Vale Inco has been engaged in ongoing negotiations with United Steel Workers Local 6500 who are on strike. Rather than bargain in good faith the union thugs have been stalking and assaulting people who don’t support them and the milquetoast Canadian government is doing nothing to stop it.

From The Chronicle Herald:

SUDBURY, Ont. — Striking union members in Sudbury, Ont., have engaged in “unlawful thuggery” by threatening personnel during a bitter seven-month strike at Vale Inco, the company alleges in a lawsuit.

United Steelworkers Local 6500 and some of its members have posted personal information about people who are continuing to work during the strike, which has led to intimidation, threats and an assault, the mining giant alleges in its more than $1-million lawsuit.

“This has not been a peaceful strike,” the company writes in a statement of claim, filed in Superior Court in Sudbury.

“Masked picketers have engaged in criminal conduct, including an assault of a Vale Inco employee and the sabotage of Vale Inco property.”

People on the picket lines have set large fires so trucks carrying explosives and fuel can’t cross, hydro wires have been cut, rail equipment has been damaged and roads have been littered with nail spikes to puncture truck tires, the statement of claim alleges.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Maybe the suit hasn’t been proven in court but the union itself is not shy about continuing to participate in this despicable and cowardly behavior. On their website they have a section entitled “Know your Scabs” which has pictures and names of people crossing their lines, and when photos don’t have names, pleas for “information” on the subject. Clearly they are inviting violence toward these people.

There is also a section for Vale Inco management and staff and security among others. The site proudly boasts in the sidebar that they have been able to get eight scabs to quit since posting the photos.

But intimidation and threats have nothing to do with that I’m sure.

Don’t look for much coverage of this in our lefty MSM. I found out about it from a 1%er website. I wonder why that is?

When will the Canadians stop the USW from this criminal activity?

Alleged Hell’s Angel “Nomad” Terrorized Two Women in Canada

The “Nomads” of the Hell’s Angels (or any biker gang) are kind of a combination elite corp/death squad that operate independent of any particular Chapter authority and are known to do the hits for the club if need be. Though the Hell’s Angels aren’t known to be as brutal in their treatment of women as clubs like The Outlaws or The Pagans they have a deserved reputation for brutality that people who aren’t affiliated with the group can sometimes use to their advantage:

An Ottawa man who claimed to be an outlaw biker and the nephew of a notorious Hells Angels boss used fear to rape, extort and repeatedly beat two women, an Ottawa court heard Friday.

Peter Guido, 31, admitted that he pretended to be a member of the elite Hells Angels Nomads and routinely told the two women he dated that their lives would be at stake if they didn’t submit to his demands for money and sex.

Assistant Crown attorney Marie Dufort said the women were afraid to talk to the police out of fear Guido or his associates would harm them or their families.

Court heard Guido, who frequently wore “Support Nomads” T-shirts, told one of the women he was the nephew of Hells Angels Nomads president Paul “Sasquatch” Porter, had shot a man and his wife, as well as murdered others and spent time in prison.

He pleaded guilty to 15 charges, including sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, choking, extortion, uttering threats and criminal harassment.

According to an agreed statement of facts, Guido assaulted the women often during the two relationships, which occurred between August 2006 and November 2008.

During one incident, Guido grabbed one of the women by the throat and strangled her before forcing her into a Jeep and driving toward Manotick, said Dufort.

Dufort said the woman feared for her life when Guido made a call to someone requesting they bring shovels to the area and told her she was going to die.

Guido pulled out a clump of the second woman’s hair and punched her repeatedly in the head during one argument, and assaulted her 15-year-old son during another. Guido told the woman, whom he met on an online dating site, that if she reported the incident the Hell Angels “have a way of making bodies disappear and they will not find her body.”

When the two women broke up with him, Guido went to their homes and forced himself on them, pulling off their pants and having sex with them.

Dufort said the women, fearful of what Guido might do, gave him a total of $27,000.

While supporters will be quick to (rightfully) point out that this scumbag wasn’t actually a Hell’s Angel it is the Angels themselves, and their history of violence,  that made his abuse of those women possible.

Joshua Andrew Stepp is Pure Evil

Joshua Andrew Stepp is Pure Evil

Late in 2009 Joshua Andrew Stepp made a 911 call claiming his 10-month-old daughter was choking on toilet paper. The girl died and no crime blogger was surprised when allegations were made that the evil bastard above stuffed the toilet paper in the child’s mouth in the first place and likely during a sexual assault.

A couple of weeks ago the autopsy results were released and they were worse than even the most jaded crime watcher thought:

RALEIGH — A 10-month-old girl whose death in November led to first-degree murder charges against her stepfather died from “abusive head trauma,” according to a state medical examiner’s autopsy report.

Cheyenne Emery Yarley died Nov. 8.

Her stepfather, Joshua Andrew Stepp, 26, of 1223 Silver Sage Drive, Apt. 303, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree sex offense after the incident.

When Stepp called 911, he told an emergency dispatcher that the infant had choked on toilet paper and was not breathing. After several attempts to calm Stepp, the dispatcher talked him through emergency measures until paramedics could arrive at the Villas apartments in West Raleigh, where he lived with the baby, his 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and Cheyenne’s mother. Despite resuscitation efforts, Cheyenne was pronounced dead at WakeMed in Raleigh.

The autopsy report indicates that paramedics and emergency room personnel at WakeMed found injuries to the child’s right ear, face, vagina and anus.

This man beat and raped his 10-month-old daughter vaginally and anally. That’s just pure evil. Truly it is the end of days.

h/t Dodiafae from Pagans Against Child Abuse