Less Than Six Percent of Reported Rapes in Britain Result in Convictions

While American Feminists are otherwise occupied, a report was released detailing Britain’s disgusting treatment of rapists, child molesters and other assorted degenerates who deserve death but are coddled by the English “justice” system which treats hardened criminals as if they’re victims. From WaPo:

LONDON — After Linda Davies reported to police that her 15-year-old daughter had been raped, it took three months — plus two dozen phone calls and a threat of legal action — before police questioned the suspect, a 28-year-old neighbor.

“I gave police his name, address, mobile phone number, car registration — everything but his passport,” said Davies, 44, a strong-minded mother of two daughters. “I was basically begging them. He lived five minutes away from us.”

The suspect was finally arrested but acquitted at a trial in which the judge told the jury that he was “in a way a man of good character” because his previous criminal convictions, for possession of stolen goods and marijuana, did not involve violence.

Davies was furious at the judge, who also instructed the jurors to ignore the victim’s young age, and at police, who lost cellphone records that contradicted the defendant’s account.

“This has shattered us,” Davies said. “We felt like the whole system was against us.”

Davies said she was stunned to learn that her daughter’s case was the rule, not the exception. According to government statistics, only 5.7 percent of rapes officially recorded by police in England and Wales end in a conviction.

“What are they saying?” Davies asked. “That 95 percent of women that come forward are telling lies?”

In Britain, a nation whose justice system has been used as a model around the globe, government officials and women’s rights activists agree that rape goes largely unpunished.

Solicitor General Vera Baird, who oversees criminal prosecutions in England, estimated that 10 to 20 percent of rapes are brought to authorities’ attention. According to government figures, 14,000 cases a year are reported and 19 out of 20 defendants walk free.

Re-read that last part to get the full effect. Only one or two out of every ten rapes is being reported and even less than six percent end in convictions. Horrible. But it gets worse:

A 2005 report commissioned by the police found a “culture of skepticism” in the justice system when it came to rape cases, and recommended shifting the focus from seeking reasons not to believe the accuser to gathering evidence to support the charge.

Lisa Longstaff, spokeswoman for the London-based group Women Against Rape, said rape cases are “not a priority” for busy police and prosecutors and, as a result, “so few rapists get locked up that those who do feel unlucky rather than guilty.”
This Story

Even some cases that do end in a guilty verdict stir outrage. Last year, a judge sentenced a 24-year-old man to two years in prison for having sex with a 10-year-old after concluding that the girl had “dressed provocatively.”

Patricia Scotland, England’s first female attorney general since the job was created in the 15th century, appealed that sentence. It was increased to four years.

That’s not the first time I’ve seen a story in which a pre-teen was said by an English judge to be “asking for it.” I assume our American Feminists will be rallying to support these girls any day now. Meanwhile the article hints at the problem being in part Britain’s insistence on multiculturalism as opposed to assimilation as a societal goal, leading to a sizable portion of British subjects clinging to primitive beliefs about women’s sexuality:

Kerim Fuad, a barrister who has defended more than 100 men accused of rape, including the defendant in the Davies case, said most of the time the defendant and the accuser know each other and the jury must decide whom to believe.

A woman always has a right to say no, he said, but when she goes into a man’s bedroom late at night after they have both been drinking, juries may have a hard time voting to send a man to prison.

Fuad declined to speak about specific cases, but he said he has been surprised by some “not guilty” verdicts. He said jurors have been shown compelling evidence — such as blood at the scene or internal injury to the woman — and still not returned a guilty verdict.

It is illegal in Britain to interview jurors — even after a verdict. But public opinion polls show that a sizable proportion — a quarter to a third — of Britons say a rape victim is responsible for the attack if she is drunk or wearing “sexy” clothes.

“As many as one in two young men believe there are some circumstances when it’s okay to force a woman to have sex,” said Conservative Party leader David Cameron, citing studies.

In my mind,” he said, “this is an example of moral collapse.”

Ya’ Think?

The article claims we in the U.S. have only a 13% conviction rate, which crime bloggers will note seem low since every day there are literally hundreds of stories of some pervert getting sent to the joint. This DOJ crime sheet on juvenile rapes has different numbers, though still embarrassingly low. It also shows that child rapist are more likely to be arrested than someone who rapes an adult.

The problem in England, and here in many states, is the acceptance of society at large of criminals mitigating their crimes. The current trend toward medicalizing sexual sadism and claiming it’s a treatable condition is having the same effect here as it does in England. Of course unlike England our crime rate is down so we are not confronted with news of a violent assault every time we turn on the TV. Continued “liberal” policies toward crime will no doubt change that.

7 thoughts on “Less Than Six Percent of Reported Rapes in Britain Result in Convictions

  1. Ohhhhhhh, Lord… this is truly worrying, Rob… A ten-year-old dresses provocatively?? And that is considered as a “legal” reason to be raped???

    And I thought that Spanish judges were bad… 🙁

  2. England is proof that the end result of “political correctness” is the abuse of minorities and the poor. Hopefully there’s more of a chance to turn things around in Spain, but England really exploded in a short period of time.

  3. No, Rob, I really don’t think that Spain is in a better situation than UK. What I think is that we are much better in not considering the real cuestions. For example, do you know that recently a Constitucional Tribunal’s member died and has been discovered that Spanish Intelligence has been spying on him and that he had already denounced them? The problem is that NO MSM made any kind of report about it, when he was alife.

    And he was one of the few conservatives in the Tribunal, someone very inconvenient for Zapatero.

  4. I didn’t know that. I was surprised when their wasn’t more of a connection with F.A.R.C. in Columbia to Spain so I assumed that the Socialists there were more Fabian than Castroite.

    I admit to HOPING Spain was in a better position than Europe, but that news makes me fear for her as well. I think a civil war is brewing there, especially in England. But already Germany is trying to institute a no Muslims immigration policy and Italy has a “right wing militia” fighting Immigrants according to our MSM. I looks like Balkanization to the outside observer.

    Send me a link about the judge, I’m covering more crime stories now and this is the kind of thing I want to cover.

  5. This is weird–why is this an example of “political correctness” and of some kind of yielding to the supposedly laxer and more sexist standards of some foreign minority within England. I have yet to hear the juries in England are entirely made up of pakistani immigrants, or that muslims are more likely than non muslims to excuse rape as “just boys being boys.” It has to be obvious that if England doesn’t have a category “statutory rape” for children as young as 10 and judges are free to opine that a child can “ask for sex” from an adult that the problem is of a much deeper history than recent immigration or political correctness can account for. For g-d’s sake learn something about Britain’s own history of sexism at law. There is nothing new here. The police don’t want to prosecute and the judges aren’t interested in victims rights because its the same old story as it always has been. “Good women” don’t get raped and bad women can’t be raped in english custom going way, way back.

    but hey, blame it on american feminists if you want. That’s a sure fire winner.


  6. Actually I’ve reported several times on higher rape rates amongst Muslims and the police decision to not pursue charges of statutory rape against Asian immigrants for purely political reasons.

    England does have statutory rape laws and even if it didn’t it isn’t then obvious that the English would have a long history of sexual degeneracy to anyone except a person invested in proving that only Whites are capable of changing society through activism, civil disobedience and demographic change. This is a pretentious and racist view.

    What’s truly weird is that tepid criticism of American feminists lack interest in the plight of women anywhere but in suburbia and Women’s Studies program is thought by you to be in some way blaming feminists fro the situation in England. As I’ve written before, an out of control drug culture, an ineffective police force, an infantilizing welfare state and, yes, political correctness are to blame for the crime rate in England.

    The fact that you think I’m saying you could stop what’s going on in England points to an inflated ego or a severe misreading of my post. I merely think it’d be nice to see someone besides crime bloggers and Red Alerts covering this story.

    Or perhaps you could have covered the racist murder of Sandra Hall by Muslims here in America, a case where Muslims from as around the world rallied to the support of a man who ran down an unarmed Black woman and dragged her for more than a mile, because he was scared of her.

    Or maybe the case of Robert Van der Ohe, a university professor and talking head who is accused of raping a 13 year-old girl.

    Or maybe even the Newark Murders, where two young Black women were killed by racists in a hate crime.

    There are no winners here, Aimai, but there are cases of people being victimized that are ignored by the media, including the new media, for political reasons.

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