Allen Andrade Deserves to Die


I was reminded when I came home from my trip to check in on the brutal murder of Angie Zapata when I found that at some point “Wow” left this comment on my original post:

I can’t believe how many people are saying that Zapata seems to have no partial fault in the resulting death. I don’t have to worry about telling someone my genetic (XY/XX) status. I would think that someone who had started out live as one and was turned into the other, would say,”oh btw, i was ‘X’ and now i am ‘Y’.” I think it would show something about that someone.
Things people should say upfront;
I am divorced
I am an ex con
I have (insert STD)
I was once a (genitalia description)
So the (bio)man gets the shock of his life. And no one seem to be saying. just maybe (non bio) woman should have said something sooner. instead we get, “it is a macho thing. (bio) males are dumb and can’t resolve shocks without violence.” just WOW

Really? What “Wow” is implying is that Zapata bought this on him/herself which is ludicrous and sinister apologia for people who think violence against gays, women or some combination of the two is acceptable. His idea that the murderer was a shocked lover is in direct opposition of the facts of the case as they stand. As I said in the original post, Zapata’s killer had sex with her, then killed her to cover up his own peculiar predilections:

Allen Ray Andrade, 31, was arrested in Thornton on Tuesday and faces second-degree murder and aggravated motor vehicle theft charges.

In an arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS, Andrade admits to police to killing Angie Zapata, 20, who was living as a woman but born as Justin Zapata.

Zapata was found beaten to death in a Greeley apartment in the 2000 block of 4th Street on July 17. Authorities say Zapata had suffered fatal wounds to her head and face.

The affidavit says Andrade met Zapata on a social networking site, MocoSpace, and the two arranged to meet July 15.

Zapata picked Andrade up in Thornton where he lived and the pair returned to Zapata’s Greeley apartment together. Andrade told police Zapata performed a sexual act on him.

The following day, the affidavit explains, Andrade started to look at photos in the apartment and questioned Zapata’s sex. That night, Andrade questioned Zapata directly, according to the affidavit, and Andrade says Zapata responded, “I’m all woman.”

At which point he say he grabbed Zapata’s crotch, found a penis and then beat the 20-year-old to death.You know, because after spending the night with Zapata he had yet to notice that Zapata was a man living as a woman. Right. Of course. That’s totally possible.

Or maybe Andrade developed a taste for the lady boys on one of the many bids he did in prison:

Andrade has a lengthy record that includes attempt to commit first-degree criminal trespass, attempt to commit theft from a person, possession of a contraband, attempted escape and attempt to commit theft by receiving. He served time for each of the convictions.

Make no mistake, Andrade knew Zapata was a male to female transgender the whole time and planned on killing her after sex, just as he likely assaulted and beat his rape victims in prison. The hate crime charge many groups want to slap on Andrade plays right into his defense lawyers hands by claiming this was the reaction of a homophobe and not the cold blooded planned murder of Zapata by a sexually sadistic killer.

Allan Andrade trolled MoCoSpace for victims, he found a person who I say he knew was a male-to-female transsexual and decided to victimize Zapata because he knew Zapata would be submissive to him. He knew he could dominate Zapata and as the last ultimate act of domination he killed the 20-year-old and stole her car.

Zapata’s living situation is inconsequential to this crime. Andrade would have found some other victim had he not found Angie Zapata and he would have done the same thing. Allen Andrade will kill again if given the chance and like the rabid dog he is he should be put down.

Allen Andrade deserves to die, not because Angie Zapata was transgendered and certainly not because various groups are using Zapata’s death to “shed light” on the plight of transsexuals, but because Zapata deserves justice and justice can only be delivered through the death of Allen Andrade.

NPR Claims Lazy Morbidly Obese Cretin Starving Because of “Bad Economy”


The above two desperately poor people are Gloria Nunez and her daughter Angelica Hernandez, who is only 19. NPR says the economy is so bad these two people are having to cut meat out of their diet and skip meals.

No really, that’s what they’re claiming:

A generation ago, the livelihood of Gloria Nunez’s family was built on cars.

Her father worked at General Motors for 45 years before retiring. Her mother taught driver’s education. Nunez and her six siblings grew up middle class.

Things have changed considerably for this Ohio family.

Nunez’s van broke down last fall. Now, her 19-year-old daughter has no reliable transportation out of their subsidized housing complex in Fostoria, 40 miles south of Toledo, to look for a job.

Nunez and most of her siblings and their spouses are unemployed and rely on government assistance and food stamps. Some have part-time jobs, but working is made more difficult with no car or public transportation.

So her father worked and she doesn’t, and never has but it’s the economy that’s hurting her. Her father managed to work but none of her siblings have jobs, her daughter who has a different last name than her (and grew up seeing her mother never work) has no job. But it’s the gas prices going up in the last year and a half that’s hurting them. Right.

Nunez, 40, has never worked and has no high school degree. She says a car accident 17 years ago left her depressed and disabled, incapable of getting a job. Instead, she and her daughter, Angelica Hernandez, survive on a $637 Social Security check and $102 in food stamps.

Hernandez received her high school diploma and has had several jobs in recent years. But now, because fewer restaurants and stores are hiring, she says she finds it hard to find a job. Even if she could, she says it’s particularly hard to imagine how she’ll keep it. She says she needs someone to give her a lift just to get to an interview. And with gas prices so high, she’s not sure she could afford to pay someone to drive her to work every day.

People tell Nunez her daughter could get more money in public assistance if she had a child.

“A lot of people have told me, ‘Why don’t your daughter have a kid?'”

They both reject that as a plan.

“I’m trying to get a job,” Hernandez says. “I just can’t get a job.”

Hernandez says she’s trying to get training to be a nurse’s assistant, but without her own set of wheels or enough money to pay others for gas, it hasn’t been easy.

Huh. Hernandez had a job but doesn’t work there anymore. What’s that mean? Hmmm.

Putting all that aside, let’s say you just take their word for it that they can’t work. So, if I may be indelicate for a second, how do they manage to remain so, shall we say, rubinesque?

Couldn’t they use to eat less? And frankly I’ve been poor and I did not, at 19, look like that. These people probably go over 350 each, closer to 400 I’d say. To maintain that weight and not lose any walking everywhere, which is what they claim they do, they’d have to eat five or six times a day. They have no car but they buy groceries, they’re active enough to lose weight but they’re morbidly obese and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them?

Nice try NPR but if you want sympathy from me you’re going to need to trot out somebody who actually skips meals. And if this is the best sob story you have, a couple of obese people having to eat less than the 40,000 calories a day they’re used to, then maybe the economy isn’t really all that bad, huh?

h/t Gateway Pundit

Born Bad: Jay Morales Attempts Murder at Ripe Old Age of Five

That’s right Five. And the intended target was his grandmother who told him he couldn’t go out and play. He set a fire then called 911 saying his grandma had died. Luckily she hadn’t:

NEW YORK — A 5-year-old boy is in critical condition with severe burns after he allegedly started a fire in his grandmother’s Brooklyn apartment to punish her.

Jay Morales was angry about being reprimanded and planned to burn his grandmother’s apartment down in revenge, police told the New York Post and MyFOX New York.

The blaze at Nancy Herrera’s apartment in the three-story building on Knickerbocker Avenue broke out about 3 p.m. Monday, the Fire Department of New York said.

Police said the boy called 911 on Sunday night claiming his grandmother had died, according to the Post. But firefighters arrived to find her unharmed. Herrera tried to save her grandson, but he was engulfed in flames, so she escaped.

The next day, Jay allegedly told friends he planned to burn the house down after Herrera wouldn’t let him go out and play.

Frankly this story seems a little odd, but if it turns out to be true what the hell is going on with that kid?

Thanks for Making Black Folk Look So Damn Good LaToya Bell

On Labor Day a group of up to 20 “men” and boys gang raped an 11-year-old girl with the assistance of a 16-year-old girl and another adult woman who was there at the time. What About Our Daughters has been covering the case and has just posted about one of the degenerate pervert’s sentencing hearings. Some of the younger rapists have gotten off basically scot-free with a few years in Juvenile Detention and the Supreme Court has ensured that the adults need not worry about the punishment they truly deserve.

Within this horror story we have a quote from 22-year-old LaToya Bell, a friend of the gang-rapists and a woman who has some nuanced beliefs about gender equality and the validity of American social mores:

A number of women in the girl’s neighborhood said the males involved were good people who made bad decisions.

“Five years? Ten years? That’s ridiculous,” said LaToya Bell, 22, sitting on a porch with four others who nodded in agreement. “They (are) getting time for nothing. That girl, she knew what she was doing.”

“That girl” is an 11-year-old child who was gang raped. Even if she “knew what she was doing” what LaToya, with the full support of her four gutterslut friends, is saying is that rape, child molestation and sexual sadism with children is acceptable.

Forget for a second the self-loathing, violent homo-eroticism that is at the core of any man who participates in a gang-rape, the misogyny driven by jealousy of women stealing the attention of other men from the rapist that is the fuel for his libido, and the rank perverse evil of sexually violating pre-pubescent children. Let’s assume that LaToya fathoms none of this and just believes this girl “wanted” to have sex with a large group of men. What kind of sexual deviant is she that she thinks it’d be O.K. as long as the girl’s willing?

What sort of disgusting trollop not only blames the victim of of a gang rape for her brutalization, but thinks it’s perfectly normal for a) a group of up to 20 men to all have sex with one woman and b) adult men and teenagers to be attracted to and have sex with 11-year-olds? Besides trollops who are hell bent on ensuring that Black Americans look like barbarians I mean.

As a Bi-racial man I’ll just share a rueful head shake with Barack Obama the next time I run into him in Whole Foods and sigh heavily while saying “That’s why I moved out of East Orange.” He’ll agree while we amble through the bakery sampling the rosemary baguettes then he’ll say something like “but I’m still proud of where I came from,” perhaps a little too loudly if only to placate the shrewishly glaring Michelle.

Yeah, me too.

The commenters at What About Our Daughters aren’t as forgiving of Bell as the B-man and I are. And surprise! Francis Holland doesn’t give a crap about this girl being abused because he’s got more important things to blog about. Then again it fell to Ron Paul supporting N.A.U. truthers to rally for Jamiel’s Law because as Holland wrote to me in the comment thread on this post, caring about Black folk getting raped and killed won’t get Obama elected, reaching out to the people who do the killing will. Stay classy, Francis.

Also staying classy, the increasingly nutrooty blogger Charles Johnson whose readers at LGF are busily condemning anyone who thinks Dixiecrat parasite Jessie Helms was an evil bigot whose main “accomplishment,” besides benefiting from Reagan’s party discipline policy, was to break that same policy by attempting to rob fellow Republican Martin Luther King of his well earned holiday. The irony is that a woman named Natalie was just banned form LGF for “supporting fascists” because she simply agreed with someone Johnson doesn’t. Yet I don’t see the mass banning of lizards who loved Helms yet. Hypocrisy at it’s finest!