There’s No Such Thing as Gay Panic: Allen Andrade Knew Angie Zapata was Transsexual Before Having Sex with Her


This is another I told you so from me to all the naysayers who throw caution to the wind and claim I’m wrong. I blogged before about Allen Andrade, who is a cold, calculating killer who knowingly picked up a young male to female transsexual (a ladyboy in the parlance of people who are into that) to have a day long sex session with then rob and murder. We only can speculate on why Andrade likes to have sex with then kill transsexuals but the evidence of the case pointed to that being basically what happened.

Then the murder groupies showed up on my previous posts with comments like this:

Liz said,

on August 15th, 2008 at 12:55 am

Who do YOU think YOU are saying that Allen Ray Andrade deserves to die? Granted…he should not have killed JUSTIN but JUSTIN should not have been deceitful either! Search Angie Zapata on myspace….its not private. On HIS profile HE states HE is female and straight! What part of that is NOT deceiving? On many television interviews, Justins family states that they were always concerned with HIS lifestyle! WHY? Like if they knew HE would purposefully deceive men and somehow knew that someday HE would deceive the wrong man and possibly end up hurt. By no means, do I totally blame Justin for his own death, but i do feel he played a big role that led upto it! As far as this being a hate crime…i dont think so. Andrade did not target Zapata because HE was gay and then killed HIM for that reason! Come on now! And just because he had served time in prison before….that doesnt mean he went out “criusing the web looking for teens!” For petes sake…quit making up stuff! Now someone tell me this… some articles MR. Zapata’s age is 18 and in others HE is 20! How old was HE really? And why is there such a conflict with HIS age? Was that also part of the deceit? As for Zapata’s family, my heart truly goes out to you because I feel you all are the true victims here!

It should be noted that I did not edit the above, it was left on my blog with random ellipses. What this was responding to is my belief that Andrade knew Zapata was a transsexual well before they spent the night together and that even were it true he didn’t know, it is simply impossible for a man to spend an entire night with someone and not know they had a penis. The very idea is irrational.

But not to Andrade groupies, swooning on the Internet over the career felon who they hope will one day father their illegitimate children. You can read my exchange with “Liz” and other people who are friends of Andrade in that original post, which as you would expect consist of them calling me disgusting for suggesting the brutal murder of a 20-year-old should be punished. But then this guy show up with a challenge:

Amazed said,

on March 11th, 2009 at 1:18 am

Mr. Taylor,
I have spent over an hour reading your blogs I came past trying to have an unbiased point of view. However, your many arguments have been weak and illogical. Many of the things you have brought up about Andrade have been speculation on your own part (i.e., practically all of Blog #1) and unless you prove to me you are some how directly associated with the case (for instance if your God, a judge, lawyer or some kind of prosecutor ) and know details of what happened FOR CERTAIN then your speculation has no foundation for those reading. Andrade is not who your making him to be and neither is Zapata. Any person who can read and can think logically can see that. 

Semi-literate legalese that it is (and that was the most readable part of a 20-paragraph opus that included Bible verses and severe misinterpretations of the legal code) I took it to mean that were I proven correct in my assertion that Andrade was just a guy who likes to have sex with then rough up transsexuals “Amazed” would bow down before me as his new god, since only God, a lawyer or a judge would know the facts of the case. On your knees Amazed, you have a new god:

Deputy District Attorney Brandi Lynn Nieto told the jury that Andrade knew for 36 hours Angie was biologically male. He even attended a court hearing for a traffic ticket where clerks called for the case against “Justin Zapata.”

“You’ll hear a call to his girlfriend that demonstrates his hatred for homosexuals,” Nieto said. “It will give you a window into the defendant’s mind. It will show his bigotry, his prejudice and his bias against homosexuals.”

Nieto showed the jury transcripts of those calls, including one that said it was not like he was shooting a teacher in cold blood or a straight, law-abiding citizen.

“He makes it clear there is a difference between killing someone who’s homosexual and someone who’s not,” Nieto said. “He knew for some time she was transgender, and he brutally killed her because of it.”

What’s that? You say Allen Andrade was in court with Zapata and heard him called by his given name Justin? He had a girlfriend he talked about killing gays with? It seems like he knew Zapata was a transsexual before they had sex? Sounds exactly like what I said happened, so sorry Andrade lovers your big manly hero who “went insane” after learning of Zapata’s gender apparently had sex with Zapata between learning about her transsexual and the murder.

There is no such thing as Gay Panic and while Homophobe is a convenient word to lob about to describe bigots who don’t like Gays there really isn’t anyone suffering from a crippling fear of Homosexuality. There are people who uses these pop culture delusions to excuse their proclivities which often include preying upon gays violently and often sexually.

As long as we accept the idea that drag queens and transsexuals are “fooling” poor innocent straight men so oozing with machismo that they are blinded with rage when they “find out” someone is not female the Andrades of the world will have a cheerleading section of stupid people defending them. To my fabulous friends I say, sorry girls, but unless someone is coming from an isolated village of very tall extremely feminine women who love Cher I just don’t think it’s possible that straights are being fooled. I think some straight men want to be fooled for their own reasons.

Likewise transsexuals are only “fooling” people who desire to be fooled, who are invested in the deniability that comes with claiming the biological man they just had sex with was such a good woman that anyone would have done the same.

But Andrade knew Zapata was a transsexual as surely as the men who go to dragshows know that’s not really Judy Garland on stage. Andrade sought out a young transsexual he desired, had sex with her than killed her in the ultimate fulfillment of his sado-homoerotic fantasy. Andrade is evil not tormented, sadistic not sick and he deserves to die for this murder.

Andrade deserves to die not because his victim was gay or a transsexual, but because his victim was an innocent person brutally murdered. His “gay panic” defense is just another attack on the victim of his crime, and an idea which should be abandoned by right thinking people.

Visit Light a Candle for Angie Zapata to show your support.

Pedophilia is Not a Sexual Orientation: Some Thoughts on the BBC’s Coalinga Treatment Center Report

When I read the BBC report on California’s Coalinga sex offender treatment facility I was struck by the assumptions of both the reporter and the California judicial system regarding what kind of people rape children and how we as a society should best treat those criminals. The piece begins with a brief profile of one of the sex offenders remanded by California to the center after his sentence ended that should have elicited more than a passing curiosity in a journalist:

I’d been at Coalinga a couple of days when Mr Rigby showed me his dormitory. He’d been a high school sports coach before being convicted of molesting some of his students.

He told me he was a great appreciator of the male physical form.

Above his bed were photos of classical statues of male nudes. These gave me pause, since I knew some paedophiles like to justify their proclivities by citing the ancient Greeks’ famous enthusiasm for pederasty.

There was also a reproduction of a painting of young male ballet dancers, which had a definite erotic overtone. I asked one of Mr Rigby’s social workers, who was standing by, if it was okay for patients to have mildly sexual imagery on their walls, especially since it seemed to me it was in the area of the patient’s offences. He said it was – “as long as they’re of age”.

Mr Rigby’s room, which he shared with three other men, was airy and spacious. There was a large window with no bars on it. Mr Rigby had told me he was married with two sons, but that he’d also been in a physical relationship with another of the men at Coalinga, who was also a child molester.

This too, apparently, was not in violation of hospital rules. Mr Rigby’s therapists told me he’d been making good progress in his rehabilitation. In theory, if he carried on with counselling and group sessions, he might be back outside in less than a year.

Child molester Rigby was married and able to perform well enough with an adult woman to impregnate her twice, molested underage boys and is in a physical relationship with another adult child molester. This last relationship is seen by the hospital as evidence of his “rehabilitation” taking, but the question is rehabilitation from what? Though child rapists may claim otherwise, it is patently obvious that the Mr. Rigby interviewed is not uncontrollably attracted to children only, but seems to be satisfied with sexual relationships with any and every kind of person.

The article however goes on to give us the standard medicalized definition of pedophilia which relieves child rapists of their moral and perhaps legal responsibility for their crimes:

Though no consensus exists as to whether paedophilia is genetic or environmental in origin, therapists at Coalinga agree that it can’t really be cured. There is evidence to suggest that a sexual attraction to children may be an “orientation” and no easier to reprogramme in a person than, say, heterosexuality.

To make this square with the example of the omnisexual Mr. Rigby in the earlier section of this piece would require Olympic level mental gymnastics. Pedophiles routinely act out sexually in ways that don’t conform to their “orientation” and despite the claims of pedophilia activist groups, most are not simply people romantically attracted to children and unable to control themselves. Child rape is a crime of deviance, but it is a mistake to assume, as the medical and legal community do, that there is a class of mentally ill or “differently oriented” people out there with no control over their desire to rape and defile children.

I would suggest that in most cases, pedophilia is an expression of mental illness or social maladjustment and not the underlying pathology. Most child rapists are as different from one another as they are from decent people, but what all seem to share in common is a sense of entitlement to their own sexual and emotional gratification so exaggerated that they feel they have the right to exploit children.

Mr. Rigby reminds me of Harold Spurling, an active online pedophile who went by the name Aztram. Spurling claimed to have an “age of attraction” or AOA, as online pedophiles call it, of 4- to 9-year-old boys. Yet when Spurling was arrested with his roommate and rumored lover Jeffrey “The Night Raven” Brisson, police found the pair making pornographic videos using a threemonth-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. Brisson claimed to have an AOA of 2-6 for boys and 3-8 for girls. Both, however, went outside of their supposed orientation to satisfy their disgusting desires.

Serial killer Joseph Duncan’s first arrest for molestation was when he was a teen and his victim a younger boy. He is thought to have killed several children of various ages and genders before massacring the Groene family and kidnapping 8-year-old Shasta and 9-year-old Dylan Groene. Both were raped during their weeks long ordeal and Dylan murdered; Shasta was only saved by a quick thinking waitress at a Denny’s. Duncan was a sex offender advocate who blogged about how unfair it was that people would put him on a registry and discriminate against him. His actions prove both that such registries are necessary, and that yet again this “pedophile” did not have a set orientation. There is some evidence that Duncan fits the profile of the “mysoped” pedophile but there is also evidence Duncan “bottomed” in prison and while released apparently enjoyed it.

Litigious degenerate Tom Madison is a sex offender advocate who works with pedophiles to change sex offender laws, but his own offense was the sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl. It should be obvious that a grown man molesting a 16-year-old is not “differently oriented” than a heterosexual, but simply lacking the morals and boundaries that make civilization possible. Madison is not attracted to children, he was simply an amoral opportunist who felt entitled to his sexual gratification and used a teen because she was the most convenient female he could dominate.

All these “pedophiles” are very different from each other except in one important aspect: they all used transgressed societal norms to sate their lusts. Thieves are not steal-o-sexuals who are oriented toward banditry, they are people who think they deserve the wealth of others. Likewise the three people above, and the high-living Mr. Rigby, are simply degenerates who use children for their pleasure for a variety of reasons which are totally under their own control.

That isn’t to say some people who are child rapists aren’t mentally ill, but certainly no one benefits from treating child raping as a hard wired orientation like hetero or homosexuality. Not society, not the criminals who may want to change (though I doubt they do after reading the BBC peice) and certainly not the children they prey upon. In our age of rationalism we have lost sight of the most basic metaphysical truth of existence in our zeal for science to explain the very minutiae of our lives. Some people are simply bad people, they choose to do horrific things out of greed, selfishness, envy and anger. Some people rape children simply because they can’t find an adult to rape, some because they like the feeling of power that comes from dominating someone weaker than themselves. All have the ability to stop themselves unless suffering from legal insanity, which so far no pedophile I know of has ever been diagnosed with.

The BBC and the media have spread this medicalized view of criminality to the detriment of society and especially our children. It is time we reexamine the idea of the hapless pedophile and refocus our sympathy on their victims.

h/t Ann Althouse

Born Bad: Werribee Gang Rapist’s Rap Song Proves Sex Offender Counseling is a Sham

Back in 2006 a 16-year-old girl with a developmental disability met two boys on a social networking site. The girl went to hang out with her new “friends” when she was surrounded by several other teens who the boys invited, dragged into a nearby wooded area and raped in a case that shocked Australia and the world. The group filmed the girl as she was raped, beaten, urinated on and had her hair set on fire. The group, who came to be known as the Werribee rapists, then made DVDs of the film and sold it to people. They called their film Cunt: The Movie.

But the most outrageous part of the story is that when all was said and done, Australia’s liberal “justice” system did not send these unreformable deviants to prison where they belong, but let them off basically scot free with probation and sex offender counseling.

Would it shock anyone to know the counseling didn’t take? As Trench points out on MyCrimeSpace, the ringleader of the attack has released a rap song online bragging about the rape and getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Feminist blogger Hoyden About Town has a transcription of this vile piece of garbage designed to further victimize the poor girl who saw justice denied in her case. Fair warning, she seems to believe in that old Ritual Abuse Hoax canard about “triggering” so while I think her information is accurate as far as I know, grain of salt. Ozsoapbox is just as disgusted and tentatively identifies the rapper as Daniel Porto based on a reference to in the song, which OSB has embedded, to the rapper setting the girls hair on fire.

But the most outrageous aspect of this story is that in the article reporting this, there is a psychologist claiming that this unrepentant rapist is a victim who has been failed by the system:

A TEEN who posted a hate-filled rap about the Werribee sex DVD online has been failed by the system, an expert says.

Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said one of the ringleaders behind the infamous DVD received the appropriate sentence.

Dr Carr-Gregg said the system had failed the teen in question, but said his chance of reoffending may have increased with a jail term.

“The reality is if you send someone to jail at that age the likelihood that they are going to reoffend is huge,” he said.

“The sexual offending program is massively more effective and on research and statistics the kids are much less likely to reoffend.

“It would appear that that has been the case fore six out of seven of these kids.”

Piffle. It is more likely that seeing the light sentences rapists get, women, especially those in contact with the Werribee gang, will simply not bother reporting assaults because they know it’s pointless as long as Dr. Carr-Gregg is around to defend them. It is beyond nonsense to claim that a person predisposed to sadism will be amenable to changing after counseling if he believes he’s gotten off easy for his crimes, which this display proves. The thug-hugging Dr. Carr-Gregg continues to spin this obvious refutation of the “cure sex offenders” movement:

Dr Carr-Gregg said there was no proof that the teen would not have made the rap song if he had been sent to jail.

“What we have to recognise is that while everyone gets their jollies from the whole idea of retribution, what we actually have to think about long-term is what’s best for society,” he said.

“What’s best for society is that these kids – who made serious errors of judgement, performed gross indecency on a developmentally-delayed kid – should be given the chance not to do that again.

“It would appear on the balance of what we hear today that it’s worked six out of seven times.”

In the rap, the teen brags of his notoriety and vows to commit more violence.

“I hope it hurts to reminisce when you think about us Werribee kids, all things we did,” he sings.

The teen escaped jail over the crime but attacks “c–s who judges us”, saying they can all “get f—ed”.

Victims of crime advocate Noel McNamara said the song was “disgusting”. He said it proved the teenager treated his crime like a joke and should have been sentenced to jail.

Notice that Carr-Gregg himself is predisposed to think the violent attack is not evil, or even horrible, but simply a “serious error in judgment” as if they accidentally gang raped a defenseless teen, accidentally laughed while she was sodomized, and didn’t realize it was wrong to spit on her, urinate on her and set her hair on fire.

I suspect the good doctor is trying desperately to distract the country from the obvious innate flaw in the idea that counseling sex offenders works (people have to want to change before any counseling can help them) by making a claim that essentially means little (“look, these other kids are doing well as far as I know“) because he doesn’t want the public to realize the simple truth of the matter: some people are just bad people.

Rapists aren’t people who need sympathy, they’re simply sadists who enjoy hurting others and that isn’t something tat you can cure in them. It is a decision they make, just as there is no therapy for muggers, ponzi scheme con artists and people who beat their wives. These people aren’t mentally ill, they just decide to act in horrible ways because they enjoy it and feel entitled to.

The medicalization of criminality is the single worst thing progressive politics has done to our society. It leaves the victim without justice and makes the victimizer essentially a victim who receives the same sympathy and often more consideration than the little girls they rape. This rap song is what all these people feel, most of them are just smart enough to keep it to themselves. Unfortunately people like Dr. Carr-Gregg aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

Cat in Trench’s comments points out that the profile hosting this song is breaking MySpace’s TOS. So if you have a minute lodge a complaint to get this site taken down. Here’s the page:

Fatal Identity: Reporter Gina Barton Details the Bizarre Tim Wicks Murder

In January of 2002 a surveyor working near the Michigan/Wisconsin border made a grisly discovery. Just over the guardrail on the road he was working sat a headless, handless body. Unbeknownst to investigators at the time it was Tim Wicks, a part time jazz drummer who died at the hands of his “friend” Dennis Gaede in the culmination of a crime spree so bizarre and audacious that it seems like fiction. Gaede is a Moriarty like villain whose criminal machinations kept him on the run for years, until fate finally proved that justice can be delayed, but not denied.

Award winning journalist Gina Barton spent four years tirelessly investigating the case and brings her in depth knowledge to the reader in her book Fatal Identity. Available at Amazon or through the author’s own site, Fatal Identity is a must read thriller for anyone interested in true crime.

Dateline did a story on the case with Gina Barton’s help which aired in 2005, here’s a snippet of it:

This is the story of the monsters that live among us, and how they insinuate themselves into our lives. Everyone should read this book to understand the mind of people like Dennis Gaede, as least as much as we’re able.

Degenerate Democrat Fire Chief Beats Puppy to Death, Claims Self-Defense

Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson is a filthy degenerate who beat a 6-month-old puppy to death for kicks. He then claimed “self-defense” even though a witness who was there and saw the attack says the puppy did nothing wrong. From KTLA:

Was the beating of a puppy self-defense, or animal cruelty?

Now it’s up to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office to try to uncover the truth.

“I just think he’s an evil person.

How can any human being just murder a puppy for no reason?” dogowner Shelley Toole says fighting through tears.

Her family can’t sleep.

They say Monday, their next-door neighbor, in some kind of violent rage, beat their puppy so badly the dog had to be put down.

Karley was a six-month old shepherd mix.

What may surprise many people is the fact that the neighbor is Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson.

An online biography lists a stellar 30-year career with the department. It says he’s an expert in counter-terrorism, among other areas.


The Tooles say Monday evening, Karley got out and went to neighbor Travis Staggs’ home. He lives on the other side of Chief Johnson’s house.

Staggs says he was walking Karley home when Johnson stepped in and said he would take the dog back home.

Staggs says he reluctantly handed over the puppy, and that’s when it happened in Johnson’s front yard.

Travis Staggs tells KTLA that Glynn Johnson simply started beating the dog, and that the dog had not attacked Johnson first.

According to this witness, Johnson hit the dog repeatedly with a closed fist, put his hands in the puppy’s mouth and tried to break its jaws, and eventually beat the dog over the head repeatedly with a large rock from the front yard.

Staggs says he tried to stop the attack but couldn’t. The Toole family later decided to have Karley put down because of the extent of her injuries.

“It scares me, knowing I live next-door to this man,” says Travis Staggs.

The Tooles say they will take civil action against the assistant fire chief regardless of the outcome of the criminal investigation.

The Tooles report that Johnson has a “history of violence” which of course the good old boy Democrats covered up while they were allowing him to help plan for dealing with terrorist attacks. As goes California so does the rest of America, lock up your puppies people, the Democrats are looking for ways to celebrate the one party government we’ll have come January.

And what’s with that Staggs character? He couldn’t stop Johnson? There was apparently a rock laying around so I’m thinking he could have stopped Johnson the hard way. He could have at least grabbed the puppy and ran. You suck Staggs.

Here’s hoping that Johnson is relieved of duty permanently, succumbs to an alcohol/drug binge induced depression and does the right thing with a bottle of sleeping pills. Have fun in Hell Glynn Johnson, if that is your real name since it is suspiciously similar to hardware manufacturing company. How odd. It’s almost like his name’s a poorly chosen alias…

KTLA has video if you have the stomach. The L.A. County Fire Dept. can be contacted at (323) 881-2411 or just in case you wanted to ask how a man rumored to have blinded a dog with a BB gun and had police called on him for beating his daughter well before this incident could have risen through the ranks of their organization.