The New Misogyny: The Unhinged Misogyny of Pandagon’s Jesse Taylor

An avid reader of Pandagon alerted me to Jesse Taylor’s most recent intellectually dishonest attack on everyone who triggers his unresolved father issues (Conservatives and anyone else who he thinks represents an authority figure) with the note that this one borders on misogynist. Here’s little Jesse’s post in toto:

A word of advice.  Well, a few words, actually.

If you are a conservative black person trying to convince the overwhelming majority of black people to stop voting for Democrats, do not call us ”original recipe dark pieces of chicken”.  Similarly, if I want you to vote for Democrats, I will not call you a retrograde shitstain on Michael Steele’s Lando Calrissian Underoos.


Ouch. And it’s not shocking at all that in a fit of pique Jesse Taylor would use a child-like vulgarity (shitstain? Really?) linked to an immature pastime (Star Wars fandom) with a hipster douchebag reference (Underoos, sooooo ironic) tying the package so neatly even an armchair psychiatrist like me could figure him out. But why’s little Jesse so angry at Afrocity anyway? In the piece he links to, Afrocity doesn’t mention Jesse Taylor or Pandagon, and I am told neither are really on her radar. And vice versa.

Jesse Taylor never mentioned Afrocity’s awesome blog (which I urge all my readers to visit) before, and he likely wasn’t aware of it until today.

That’s when he came to a post I wrote called Jesse Taylor of Pandagon Still Tap Dancing for his White Masters on JournoList where I pointed out that Jesse Taylor is little more than a token for known racists like Amanda Marcotte to hide behind.There Jesse left this comment at around 5:30pm:

Jesse Taylor said,

on August 13th, 2009 at 5:23 pm

What I want you to do next time is count how many times you use the phrase “house Negro” in the post, and then try to surpass it. It’ll be fun!

As an aside, the answer is once. So it’ll be easy to surpass at some point. But it’s interesting that his comment exposes him as being a little too sensitive to that charge. I’ve had people (like Jesse Taylor of Pandagon for instance) call me some variation of Uncle Tom dozens of times. I’ve never felt like they said it more often than they did. It’s almost like he didn’t read it at all…

Coincidentally I’m sure I ended that post with a link to Afrocity who was blogging about a similar subject but not about any particular person.

Again coincidentally Jesse Taylor posted his short and snarky post at around 7:00 pm using the same post I linked to in my piece which upset him so much. As my tipster has pointed out, he sure seemed angry at Afrocity after reading my post.

I just wrote a piece about an adult film actress named Bree Olson who was attacked by hundreds of her “fans” after mentioning on Twitter that she was essentially a fiscal con libertarian. Before that I blogged about another adult film actress named “Gauge” who was supporting McCain for President. She too was savaged by liberal fans who had no problem with her sex work until she dared step out of line politically with them. Tila Tequila was another Republican woman I’ve blogged about who was attacked with misogyny by the supposed liberals who created the demand for Internet models.

In all these cases, liberal men took out their frustrations on women who they disagreed with in lieu of dealing with the real causes of their anger.

Jesse Taylor’s new post is part of that same tradition of misogyny. He was most angered by the admittedly hurtful, though completely true, things I wrote about him. Because like many other unstable and feckless bloggers, Taylor won’t allow me to register for comments there (though I will ALWAYS allow him to comment here) and will not link to my site so his readers could get context for his anger, a la Charles Johnson of LGF. Jesse has limited options when it comes to dealing with attacks on him. In this case, he found a woman whose writing I admire and attacked her. I’ll leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions.

Pandagon is considered a “feminist” blog but its creator didn’t want to bother to answer the post that upset him so he went to the blog of a woman I linked to and attacked her. She took the hit that was really meant for me, the way Jesse Taylor’s wife will take a punch whenever he feels emasculated. This is the impotent and feminized face of “liberal” misogyny and the behavior I frankly was not surprised to see from a sheltered man-child like Jesse Taylor.

Afrocity didn’t deserve derision and venom from Jesse Taylor, but the feminized self-esteem lacking Taylor needed to lash out at someone. Because of my prior history with their racism and homophobia the gals of Pandagon and their “Black friend” usually avoid interacting with me because I remind them of exactly how hypocritical they are. Racists, liars and men who attack random women when they are upset, everything they pretend the right is in what is part cynical role playing, part projection and mostly sublimation of their own immature impulses into a sub-culture based entirely around lowering the bar for what it means to be a decent person.

So I apologize to Afrocity if she was confounded by venom from someone she was probably unaware of. I am the “shitstain” in Jesse’s mind to be sure, but unsurprisingly he found it easier to say that to you than me. I wonder why that is?

One thought on “The New Misogyny: The Unhinged Misogyny of Pandagon’s Jesse Taylor

  1. Jesse’s words do prove Afrocity’s point perfectly, don’t they? Liberals feel tremendously entitled to prescribe what behavior is appropriate for people of color.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Jesse’s hands was down the front of his pants while the other typed that “retrograde shitstain” line.

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