White Pride Party Wide II:Dirty Dem’s Trick Exposes his Klannery

A lawyer from California named Harry Reynolds posted a hate filled pro-Klan site while typo-squatting on the URL I’mwithfred2008.com. Thanks to Captain’s Quarters, Mr. Reynolds has been exposed as a MoveON.org contributer as well a John Kerry supporter. He also contributed the DNC.

Captain’s Quarters caught the Democrat’s dirty trick because Mr Reynolds is a moron who had his information listed publicly with Go Daddy. Not a company name, his name and the phone number attached to the account went to an answering machine in his office.

Perhaps because of this ineptitude, the prevailing wisdom is that Reynolds is some partisan hack who tried undermine Fred and failed due to his stupidity and inability to understand that the Internet is not at all anonymous. And to be sure this is as malicious a display of attempted cyber smearing as I have ever come across, but isn’t it also possible that Reynolds attempt at cyber squatting was a genuine attempt to drive traffic to the Klan site using Thompson’s name as bait.

That “Liberal” Democrats and White Supremacists at the least share certain values is clearly evident. Both are rabidly anti-Bush and the “neo-con” agenda and both are anti-military, anti-war and anti-globalization. MoveOn’s action forums were plagued with anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic rants and the occasional racist comment about Blacks. These are all traditional targets of the Klan. There are literally sites worth of Klan like rantings that were mined from the MoveOn action forums before they were indefinably shut down because the moderators couldn’t control the racist anti-American bile being vomited forth on their site.

Democratic Underground has much the same problem, and DailyKos has its share of diarists who quote the ideology of neo-Nazism, even posting Nazi videos for their progressive friends to marvel at. Jewish progressives have begun noticing the slide toward 1920’s style “progressivism” with alarm, and have been shouted down for it.

Anti-War zealots Justin Raimondo and Brian Wilson are often featured on White Supremacist sites (though Wilson has claimed in e-mail to know nothing about this) even thought they are considered progressive anti-war liberals.

So is it so hard to believe that the elusive Mr Reynolds, who as far as I know has yet to make a statement about his perfidity, is multi tasking on this one. That he’s trying to smear Fred as Klanner to give the left some much needed ammo, but also hoping to draw in some disaffected White guys? Ron Paul has done as much for White Supremacists, giving neo-Nazis a foot in the door with “libertarians” who ignore the fact of Paul’s outreach to groups like Stormfront.

Why bother putting up a site with so much content? Content including a side bar quote claiming the Klan is “progressive.” Who would that appeal to?

And if he isn’t a Klanner, he sure is willing to do business with them. His site is ad heavy and links to a store that sells Klan jewelry and (I kid you not) statuettes! He also links to a “Christian” bookstore which sells Klan tee-shirts. If this is just a dirty trick, why take the chance that money will be sent to people peddling hate merchandise like this? The answer seems obvious to me, Harry Reynolds is not just a Democrat willing to engage in a “false flag” operation to sink Fred Thompson, he’s also a Klanner himself, driving traffic to his inbred friends so they can head out to the Home Depot and by the wood for their cross burnings.

I can’t say I’m surprised, or even shocked. Fred Thompson is the next President of the United States and he won’t let the Democrats, and their White Supremacist allies, beat up on him the way Bush does. Thus they’re scarred and desperate and willing to try anything to derail the momentum of Fred Thompson. Too little, too late boys, like millions of FredHeads across this great nation I’m proud to say, smear jobs or not, I’m with Fred!

Hot Air, Americanpundit and BCB are all blogging this one. Check them out.

UPDATE: After redirecting his site several times, once to the infamous Goatsie, Reynolds now has his site redirect to some boring Wikipedia page. His own website, courtesy of Ed at Captain’s Quarters, is here. C.Q. has also cached a copy of the original here.

4 thoughts on “White Pride Party Wide II:Dirty Dem’s Trick Exposes his Klannery

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  3. MoveOn.org is an anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate organization that exercised editorial control in favor of such hate speech, while encouraging it with a derogatory photomanipulation of Pope Benedict plus official bulletins (from Noah Winer) that cite anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian sources. It comes as no surprise that its people are resorting to dirty tricks of this nature.

    Did anyone download the fake Fred Thompson site before it was changed? Google apparently did not have time to cache it, and I would like to post a copy for all to see. This is a major scandal. The hate speech scandal last year should have finished MoveOn instead of just crippling it, and I mean to put this organization down for good before it can play any major role in next year’s elections.

    We need to publicize this scandal, plus the hate speech and 9/11 conspiracy theories, far and wide to finish this repulsive hate group for good.

  4. I don’t know if anyone got a chance, but I read that what this guy was doing was sending people to the official Klan site. I knew it looked familiar, I ran into those cretin before.

    I’m ready to keep hitting them with this for the next couple of weeks, and look forward to burying the MoveOn hate site once and for all.

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