Americans Facing Higher Canadian Oil Prices Thanks to Obama

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is showing a lot of backbone and common sense in his reaction to the Obama administration giving the green hell for wanting to build an oil pipeline that would have created thousands of jobs and made us much less dependent on oil imports from our enemies. I wish we had leaders like this here:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even if President Barack Obama approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline tomorrow, at least some Canadian oil would still flow to Asia, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In a public one-on-one interview here with Jane Harman, head of the Wilson Centre think-tank, Harper said Obama’s rejection of the controversial pipeline — even temporarily — stressed Canada’s need to find other buyers for oilsands crude.

And that wouldn’t change even if the president’s mind did.

“Look, the very fact that a ‘no’ could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets,” Harper told Harman in front of a live audience of businesspeople, scholars, diplomats, and journalists.

“We cannot be, as a country, in a situation where our one and, in many cases, only energy partner could say no to our energy products. We just cannot be in that position.”

His wide-ranging question-and-answer at the influential non-partisan think-tank — which also touched on border security, trade, the Arctic and Syria among other topics — followed a meeting with Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the White House for the sixth North American Leaders’ Summit.

Harper also told Harman that Canada has been selling its oil to the United States at a discounted price.

So not only will America be able to buy less Canadian oil even if Keystone is eventually approved, the U.S. will also have to pay more for it because the market for oilsands crude will be more competitive.

“We have taken a significant price hit by virtue of the fact that we are a captive supplier and that just does not make sense in terms of the broader interests of the Canadian economy,” Harper said. “We’re still going to be a major supplier of the United States. It will be a long time, if ever, before the United States isn’t our number one export market, but for us the United States cannot be our only export market.

“That is not in our interest, either commercially or in terms of pricing.”

Obama is of course claiming that this is the fault of Republicans but the reality is he thought Canada would knuckle under and sit on billions of dollars of oil as a favor to Obama. Now China, an increasingly belligerent threat that is already a match for America in terms of military manpower and might, will have even more cheap oil to build their force projection capabilities. The liberals and greens in Hawaii and on the West Coast will get bombed first so i don’t really care.

But more expensive Canadian oil means food price will start climbing even faster in the future so factor that into your plans now. Store food.

h/t Hot Air

LA Strip Club Gives to Charity … And People Complain?

So I read a story about a strip club in LA called Jet Strip Gentleman’s Club that gave $1,200 on a little league team that desperately needed cash, and in the article it’s mentioned that the team is still in need of cash. The reaction in the comments was less than supportive consisting mainly of sanctimonious finger wagging and stupid jokes.

Nowhere have I seen any of these people complaining about this offer to match the donation or even give anything. Even so-called conservatives who believe that charitable giving is the ideal in a free society as opposed to welfare and government hand outs would rather complain about stripping than follow the lead of this club and help these kids out. I understand many people have moral issues with clubs like this but it is legal. I don’t drink and think it’s a filthy habit but I don’t opine about beer companies sponsoring community sports teams.

I would especially keep my mouth shut about it if I didn’t give to charity. Instead of complaining about how this club made their money I suggest donating your own money to a worthy cause – like this little league team that will close down if they don’t get any. I know doesn’t sound like it’ll be  as satisfying as complaining about other people who are doing something worth while but give it a try. You might be surprised by how much more satisfying it is to do a good deed than try to shame others for their supposed moral short comings.

Let me be very un-PC here and point out something all men used to know. Men don’t complain about women working these jobs unless the women are being forced or you’re willing to pay their bills and men don’t let these same women – who often are in a bad situation – pick up their slack in the community. How about you stop making T&A jokes and start taking care of your community. Maybe then there wouldn’t be a little league desperate for money and there probably would be people who thought the only way they could make a good living was flashing you.

For You Liberals Who Think Pepper Spray is Adequate for Self-Defense

The dangerous myth that pepper spray will stop an attacker cold is thrown at women with reckless abandon. Much like the groin strike myth it is aimed on woman in particular who feel uncomfortable with other weapons and have no idea how often men are stuck in their groins as kids horsing around. Find ten men and at least one will have allowed himself to be pepper sprayed by friends, and there’s probably one who’s taken a dose from a cop. Having experienced it they will not panic when it’s used on them again and can keep fighting. This is also the case with drunks, addicts and just people with anger problems who don’t care how much there eyes burn or how difficult it is to breath.

Observe. This guy is 53-yearold Glenn L. Horlacher. He was drunk and violent at Disneyland. Security pepper sprayed this old douchbag several times and he kept fighting:

Now I don’t think you shouldn’t have a good pepper spray in your arsenal (or bear spray if you can get it) but people have to understand what the spray does. It gives you an advantage over an opponent, slightly disorienting them with mild pain and discomfort, and that gives you the opportunity to flee or fight. But just spraying a guy then trying to walk away in your heels will get you killed. Spraying an assailant (and when you do you should empty the can on him then hurl the can as hard as you can into his head) should be followed up with some other form of violence while you have an advantage. Because as you can see after multiple pepper sprays it Glenn was able to knock the security guard off his feet and injure someone. A young healthy mugger or rapists can be expected to outperform him.

After pepper spraying someone it’s a good time to give them the groin kick, followed up by a stabbing in the neck with car keys and maybe some good old fashioned strangulation. That’s not even close to what an attacker is planning on doing to you ladies.

CDC Warns of Growing Super Gonorrhea Threat

It’s almost as if having sex with the drugged out skanks you meet at a club or the dirty, homeless hippies you meet in an Occupy encampment is a bad idea. From U.S. News and World Report:

Gonorrhea, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, is increasingly showing resistance to one of the last known effective antibiotic treatments, leading researchers from the Centers for Disease Control to “sound the alarm” about potentially untreatable forms of the disease.

“During the past three years, the wily gonococcus has become less susceptible to our last line of antimicrobial defense, threatening our ability to cure gonorrhea,” Gail Bolan, director of the CDC’s sexually transmitted disease prevention program, wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine last week.

According to the CDC, gonorrhea has a long history of developing immunity to antibiotics, but doctors have always had a stronger medicine up their sleeves to treat patients. Not anymore—about 1.7 percent of gonorrhea is now resistant to cephalosporins, the last line of defense against gonorrhea. That might not seem like much, but it’s a 17-fold increase since 2006, when about one tenth of one percent of gonorrhea was believed to have resistance to cephalosporins.

According to Bolan, the strains are showing up most often in the western states, where 3.6 percent of gonorrhea has shown resistance to cephalosporins, and in men who have sex with men, with nearly 5 percent of gonorrhea showing resistance.

Ah, the “wily gonococcus” that strikes without warning . . . mostly in liberal strongholds and at bareback parties. Here’s a thought – the bacteria isn’t “wily” we as a society are just disgusting, wallowing in unclean practices and unsafe sex. I assure you that gay men who are in long term committed relationships do not have incidents of this “wily” gonorrhea, despite what critics of the late Herman Slater would have you believe. Why? Because if you don’t want a STD the only sure way to get it is to not have sex with anyone except on exclusive partner who doesn’t have it.

Now, before some of you “feminists” start about the United States not having good sex ed I know at least three people who were told they couldn’t get an STD if they just had oral sex. And this by supposed sex ed teachers. We all know that’s a load of crap, right? OK I know you actually don’t know that, which is why we’re looking at new strains of super gonorrhea.

Want some real information on how to avid super gonorrhea:

If this is what your potential partner thinks is family time:

She’s got super gonorrhea, don’t have sex with her.

Ladies if you meet a guy at a club, protest, coffee shop, women’s studies course, PETA meeting, Ron Paul meet-up, concert or on the subway he has super gonorrhea. Do not have sex with him.

For my gay friends out there it’s best to assume everyone at your favorite cruising spot has super gonorrhea. Don’t have sex with them.

For ladies and gentleman – if someone offers to get you high they have super gonorrhea. Do not have sex with them.

In fact, maybe everyone should stop having sex with people they don’t particularly know well  – at least until we figure out this super gonorrhea thing. Maybe people can start (gasp!) dating without sexual activity and getting to know each other before trading potentially fatal bodily fluids. I know how “fascist” that sounds but give it some thought.

Red Alerts Re-Launch

Red Alerts is reopening and reverting back to its original content – covering crime, culture, politics and news with an eye on cultural decline and the collapse of civil society. Red Alerts will be a group blog and I’m excited to have some unique and powerful voices willing to contribute to the site.

I closed Red Alerts originally because of very frequent hacking attacks that took up much of time and destroyed my ability to make money via advertising. Frustrated by the frequency of the attacks I abandoned the site, perhaps too quickly. With the help of my multi-talented wife we’ve removed the exploitable features and and I’ve decided to reopen.

While trying to fix the original problems many of the pictures and videos included in old posts were removed. For stories where these were important (such as news reports) I’m trying to get those materials back online.

Though I did my best to honor agreements with advertisers, any advertisers who feel they were not given the service they expected can contact me for free advertising.

I will update my blogroll and exchange links with other appropriate sites. Thank you to all the people who continued to visit the site even after its closing and all the supporters of this and my other projects.