Fiesty! Female Newt Capaign Worker Beats Down Dirty Methed Out Hippy in Florida!

I love it. Though it actually didn’t happen. Some fey photographer was helping a dirty Squeaky Frome impersonator disrupt a Gingrich rally. Our blonde hero, who time has been very, very kind to, steps in to confront Squeaky about her con job to get close to Gingrich. The videographer was there I guess to catch Squeaky martyr herself at the hands of “rethuglicans” but when the blonde bomber didn’t take the bait he seemed to get fresh with her. She grabbed his camera, he whined in a voice that sounded suspiciously like Andy Dick then stopped filming and uploaded the video claiming he was assaulted. By a stunning middle-aged woman.

Can you say sissy?

If I wasn’t a happily married man I’d say that Gingrich staffer can come “strike” me anytime.

The Death of Manliness: Effeminate Hipsters LMFAO Claim Mitt Romney Attacked Them

It should be noted that Mitt Romney is a 62-year-old Mormon. How little pride and testosterone do you have to have to spin a yarn about being punked out by Mitt Romney?

Hipster Douchebags are Pussies

TMZ claims these guys are “are major rap stars” but if LMFAO are today’s rap stars I might give up blogging and start charging protection money for rappers to not give them atomic wedgies. In case you didn’t sit through the mincing story above the “rapper” above says he was minding his business, Romney punked him out then snatched him up like he was a little bitch. At that point he slapped Romney’s hand. O.G.

He also admits to being a Democrat which probably explains the real facts of this case.

If I ever see this guy I’m taking his lunch money. As an aside thanks for making us look good my strong Black brother, but at least you make a good living tap dancing for White hipsters. That buys a lot of ironic clothing …  if not self-respect.

Degenerate Puppy Killing Democrat Glynn Johnson Found Guilty of Felony Animal Cruelty

I blogged about this piece of garbage before. Glynn Johnson had a history of violence, including a brutal attack on his onw 14-year-old daughter and a rumored bb gun attack on a dog that left it blind. Despite this, the well connected Democrat rose through the ranks of government workers unhindered by his profligacy, eventually becoming Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief. While he held that position he began a campaign of harassment and threats against his neighbors that ended in him brutally beating their 6-month-old German Shepard puppy so badly it had to be put to sleep.

The beating was so bad the dog lost an eye and most of its teeth. It had multiple skull fractures and a broken jaw. It was a puppy. Glynn Johnson, the Assistant Fire Chief for Los Angeles, beat a puppy to death. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now he’s been convicted of felony animal cruelty. He won’t get anywhere near as much time as he deserves, but hopefully someone in prison will treat him the way he treated his daughter, this puppy and everyone else he spent a lifetime bullying:

People You’ll See in Hell has a good write up on this case.

Someone let me know when Johnson dies so I can go piss on his grave.

Note to Glenn Beck: Men Don’t Read Cosmo or Want Their Adult Daughters Unmarried

Because Glenn Beck is a strident anti-Communist I watch his program and tolerate his pretentious “Republicans are just like Democrats” nonsense which is frankly designed to make him king of some illusionary third party that believes in Liberty, Free Markets and a total ban on implied male nudity. I actually like the Beck show and think he’s done great work exposing the Marxism that infests the Democrats (though his analysis that leftists aren’t really Progressives is laughable) but like Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Beck’s good works are overshadowed by his sanctimony and unseemly cattiness.

Via Gateway Pundit here’s Beck from yesterday bashing Scott Brown:

First let me deal with the nudity issue. I’m going to go out on a limb here because as a straight man I haven’t bothered to check out Scott Brown’s “sexiest bachelor” pictorial, but I guarantee you Scott Brown was not “nude” in Cosmopolitan. Maybe there was what we call an “implied” nude shot but I will eat my lucky hat if Scott Brown’s junk was dangling in the wind for all to see. But even if he did so what?

Sorry kids, but men who have it, they flaunt it. I tired of doughy, testosteroneless, male haus-fraus telling everyone else how to dress and act. I’ve got good genes so in college when I hit the weight bench  I became quite hulking which I showed off by buying mostly sleeveless shirt for two years since my arms then were bigger than most men’s legs now. Being a longtime hiker I have huge legs, my calves are so big I have trouble finding boots that will fit me. I’m proud of being a big guy (except for the middle which is expanding these days at an alarming rate) and though all this rugged eye candy is reserved for the wife (sorry ladies) I would strip down in a hot minute for a couple of grand. Am I not to the right of Pinochet anymore because of that? Silly me, I thought freedom meant being free to make your own decisions.

I thought Beck was a “free market, free people” kind of guy but he seems to be saying that men shouldn’t be free to look like they might be naked in a magazine made for middle aged women who get so few thrills in life that an old Scott Brown pictorial is all that stands between them and a lethal dose of cooking sherry. Brown was proud of his body, which is good, so he went out and showed it off. Also good. Even better is that he made some money doing it. I like Brown more knowing he’s got hustle and he’s not afraid to live his life as he, not finger wagging god-botherers, sees fit.

I’d also point out that since Sarah Palin posed in a swimsuit for a pageant 20 or so years ago Beck is being a little hypocritical here, since he orgasms whenever he interviews her.

Then we come to the daughter comments. Oh the horror of a father wanting his adult daughters to meet nice guys, get married, and get the hell out of his house. The deranged Beck, channeling his inner Charles Johnson, even went so far as to smear Brown with a “dead intern” joke. Brown’s daughters didn’t seem to mind his joking plea for suitors, however. Ayla Brown came out in support of her father. But Beck is hellbent on making something sordid out of a joke between a loving father and his daughters. Why? Just to smear another Republican?

In an odd coincidence, while Beck was implying Scott Brown had a strange sexual relationship with his daughters American Pravda Huffington Post ran this picture:

Scott Brown Daughters in Bikinis

Why did they take this photo from Ayla’s MySpace, of the family at a Hawaii themed birthday party, and post it? To imply Scott brown was a bad father of course. The left is remarkably prudish when it comes to conservatives. If I were more given to Beckism I’d point out that this seems to be a coordinated attack on Brown from different fronts designed to “neutralize” a threat. Then I’d look weepy for a second while I said to known kook (but excellent author) Andrew Napolitano “circles within circles, man.”

But there’s really no conspiracy here, just a petty little man who doesn’t like Republicans. His attacks on Brown are beyond tasteless. So awful are they in fact that you can find similar attacks coming from the same leftists Beck claims are a danger to the Republic. That makes you think doesn’t it?

Men don’t read Cosmo, Glenn, and they damn sure don’t want their adult daughters single forever while living at home. They do want to think about what they say. Beck has made a living attacking leftists, until now when he’s in essence siding with them against Scott Brown. But I guess Republicans are the real enemy, right Glenn?

Liberal Tolerance Link Round Up

“Liberals” these days. I’ve never come across a more hateful and spiteful group on the Internet. But I guess the fact that Obama didn’t cause “The Change” ala 1980s hippy wet dream Ariel has gotten some of these people angry enough that they can’t hold in their inner Gestapo officer. All those solar powered rainbows and vegan unicorns never arrived in their sad and wasted lives and they need to take out their frustration on someone:

My wife Jenn Q. Public ended up on a “hate tweet list” created by liberal pundit/reanimated corpse Alan Colmes. Colmes claims that the Mrs. Tweeting to her followers that Colmes was an “asshole” after he made a childish dig at Sarah Palin is proof of rabid right wing hate. I guess we should be rounded up for thinking ill of douche bags.

If Colmes was truly worried about hatred on Twitter he would have mentioned the now thankfully defunct Murder Glenn Beck twitter account. The tweeter in question claimed that if enough people “followed” him he would murder Beck and made it clear this was not a joke. Many a lefty joined I’m told. Luckily there are screen shots:

Murder Glenn Beck Twitter Account

Now that’s tolerance!

But it’s small beans compared to Obamunist “anti-war” group Code Pink who is running a banner ad on the English language version web page of the militant Islamist group The Muslim Brotherhood. The ad invites Wahhabist Muslims to join with them to “cleanse our country” of people on the right. Code Pink founder Jodie Evans is also promoting a campaign to kidnap George W. Bush and his wife.

Which also barely compares to the Florida chapter of A.N.S.W.E.R. which is organizing violence against Tea Party protesters by recruiting union thugs and militant Islamist groups. This is the same A.N.S.W.E.R. chapter that was filmed in a vicious gang assault against a 62-year-old man a few months ago.

But lest you think the Communists masquerading as Progressives pretending to be “liberals” have dropped their petty bigotry and abandoned the childish cattiness they’ve displayed for years in favor of “Direct Action,” take heart! I still get emails sent to me by people who can’t stand the thought that they might be responded to in a comment. Like “Jason” here who took exception to a post I wrote about how I thought Tila Tequila shouldn’t be called a whore:

Only a scumbag republican like yourself would write that Tila Tequila blog.

My post, it should be pointed out, was based solely around my disgust with the fact that while Tila Tequila was doing a charity event for breast cancer for the Keep a Breast foundation, which involved having plaster casts of her breasts made, she was attacked by professional misogynist Perez Hilton. I said it was wrong to call a woman stripping down for a good cause a whore and I put forward that nude modeling is hardly whoreish. But I guess only a “scumbag republican” thinks it’s unmanly to berate women for for being successful and attractive.

Look at all that tolerance! I would suggest to the few remaining classical liberals or even old fashioned Democrats on the left that it will soon be your turn to feel the tolerance that the left speaks of so much.