Cyan Brown is a Hero and Thomas Winston Deserved to Die? Update: Cops Claim She Was Main Aggressor?

The Lord of the Gallows

Harsh? Not so fast gentle readers. 16-year-old Cyan Brown was almost gang raped in a wilding attack that began outside a New York restaurant and continued when eight thugs, led by career criminal Thomas Winston, dragged Brown off a subway train she had fled to. Of course being New York this all happened in front of witnesses who did nothing.

Luckily Cyan was able to defend herself, something which the authorities of New York frown upon. From The Daily News:

Several thugs tried to drag a woman off a Queens subway train Thursday night, but she fought back and fatally stabbed one of her tormenters before fleeing on another train, police said.

The large group of men – perhaps as many as eight – surrounded the woman outside a chicken restaurant above the 21st St.-Queensbridge station about 9 p.m., police and a witness said.

The harassment, which may have included unwanted sexual advances toward the woman and grabbing, continued as she entered the subway station.

The woman broke free from the men and frantically ran down to the platform and hopped on an F train, with the thugs right behind.

“They tried to physically drag her off the train, but she fights back,” one cop said.

The struggle continued as the group pulled her off the train and dragged her up the stairs to the mezzanine level.

At one point, the woman stabbed one of her attackers – identified by family as Thomas Winston, 29 – multiple times in the chest.

The woman then sprinted back down to the platform – with the thugs in hot pursuit, said witness Ricardo Josephs, 41.

“Seven or eight of them were chasing the woman,” said Josephs, an MTA employee.

“They all jumped over the turnstiles after her,” he continued. “She got on the Queens [-bound F] train. They tried to grab her; they tried to hold the train – but she got away.”

Winston, who lives in a nearby shelter and has a 10-month-old daughter, was pronounced dead at a Manhattan hospital.

The article goes on to point out that Winston had “numerous” arrests in his past. A follow up story relates that he had faced attempted murder charges. His family, however, claims he was just an innocent bystander, which must be why the teen victim is in hiding:

The 16-year-old girl suspected of fatally stabbing an ex-con lashed out after he and a bevy of men chased her onto a Queens subway train and tried to fondle her, her mother said Friday.

Thomas Winston, 29, and a pack of thugs tried to pull Cyan Brown out of a subway car at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station about 9 p.m. Thursday following an altercation that began outside a nearby chicken restaurant, police and family said.

She fought back and stabbed Winston before she fled on a Manhattan-bound F train, police said.

Winston, the father of a 10-month-old girl,was pronounced dead at a Manhattan hospital.

Although police have not disclosed any official suspects, Brown’s family said detectives have been trying to contact the girl in connection with Winston’s death.

“The guys tried to feel up my daughter and the next thing I know, someone was knocking on my door saying Cyan stabbed someone,” said Erika Brown, 40, the teen’s mother.

Winston, who lived in a nearby shelter, had a long list of prior convictions that included criminal possession of a weapon and selling narcotics and also faced an attempted murder charge, sources said.

But Winston’s cousin Tedra Laws, 31, said he was never in the subway station, but was trying to catch a cab to bring a present to his daughter.

Detectives should be looking for the rest of Winston’s gang, not harassing the family of Cyan Brown. Brown not only defended herself admirably, but she has stopped Winston from victimizing any other women. She is a hero and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a criminal.

Winston, however, got exactly what he deserved.

Update: Cops are claiming that this was an altercation between tow groups and Winston got stabbed after demanding her friend apologize for bumping into one of his. In other words Cyan was a thug and Winston, who was supposedly turning his life around (by traveling the streets with a gang of thugs looking to fight people for bumping into them) died as he lived:

A Queens teenager who stabbed a man to death in a subway was facing charges Tuesday after cops said she was to blame in the Christmas Eve fracas.

Charges were pending against Cyan Brown, 16, who was originally portrayed as a plucky victim who stabbed Thomas Winston, 29, in self-defense after a group of men tried to attack her.

“She was the main aggressor, without a doubt,” a police source told The Daily News.

Brown got into a shouting match with Winston after one of her male friends  bumped into him  on an F train at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station.

Winston, who was with his pals, asked the man to apologize, setting off a confrontation that apparently spilled onto the sidewalk in front of a chicken joint.

“You could say excuse me,” the slain man said, according to cops.


Winston’s friends chased after Brown, who escaped into the night.

Witnesses believed the teen was fleeing from a gang of aggressive men and told cops they thought she acted in self-defense.

Brown turned herself in for questioning yesterday at the 114th Precinct.

She will face first-degree manslaughter and weapons charges, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said.

Hmmm. Like I said in the comments the cops in New York aren’t big on self-defense. Winston and company went looking for a fight and got one from some of their fellow hoodrats. Rather than call an ambulance and try to staunch the flow of blood, or call a cop, when Winston got stabbed his so called friends kept fighting. Since Winston was charged with attempted murder just recently I’m not crying.

Of course, all these people who claimed you can’t trust the cops story when they say Winston may have started the altercation are now claiming the cops are 100% right after sweating a confession out of a teen. A confession that the NYPD was, allegedly, under pressure to get since the story was making the city look unsafe. But whatevs. I don’t buy it but the cops got her to admit to causing the fight which makes the city happy and shuts down criticism of a city that allows gangs of thugs to get out of control.

So did Thomas Winston deserve to die? I’ll let the person he recently tried to kill decide. Is Cyan Brown a hero? Not if she got stabby during an argument. But how is a teen girl and a couple of her firneds the “main aggressors” against eight or nine adults? Not buying it.

Update: If Cyan was the main aggressor who just stabbed Winston out of the blue why is she being charged with manslaughter rather than murder?

NEW YORK (AP) – A 16-year-old girl who said she pulled a knife on a group of men accosting her in the subway, leaving one man dead, has been arrested on manslaughter charges.

Cyan Brown surrendered Tuesday with her attorney after police located an eye witness to the Christmas Eve incident at an F train station in Queens. She’s to be arraigned Wednesday.

Police say others witnesses saw her jumping a turnstile and trying to get on the train before the group grabbed her and pulled her out.

The girl’s family says she was on a trip to a restaurant when a group of men chased her onto a subway and tried to fondle her. Fearing for her life, they say she pulled out a knife. Twenty-nine-year-old Thomas Winston was stabbed to death.

A call to her attorney wasn’t immediately returned.

Sounds like the cops threatened her with a murder rap an forced her to plead down to me.

The New Misogyny: Tila Tequila’s 15 Minutes of Fame are Up Says … Paul Heyman?


It’s no secret that I am a fan of Tila Tequila, and not just because she once linked to a piece I wrote about her shoddy treatment by a certain rotund gossip columnist. Although that and the fact that she Tweeted a nice compliment about my writing doesn’t hurt.

I’m not really a fan of her music which is actually quite listenable if you like pop music but being a Diamond Banger of old it just isn’t my thing. And although I have been accused of simply liking “hot chicks” at 38 I’ve seen my share, many in person, and with age comes the jaded wisdom that almost any women can be “hot” and what’s more important is that a person be interesting. Which Tila Tequila is in my opinion, but even that isn’t why I’m a fan.

No I’m a fan of the Tila Tequila industry, the way Tila Nguyen used the Internet in what was at the time a novel way to build herself up into one of the most iconic American figures of the 21st century.Tila Tequila captured the spirit of the times and was the first to embrace, and fully utilize, web celebrity. She’s changed things, for the better in some ways and some may argue for the worse in others, but she has left her stamp on history as surely as Charles Baudelaire or Alice Cooper.

Tila Tequila seized fame by the throat and dragged it to her while the gate keepers of celebrity, the self-appointed taste makers, could do nothing but wail at their own impotence and insignificance. This makes her unique among all the supposed stars of today and that’s why I’m a fan.

It is also why I was slightly surprised to see Tila Tequila cheap shotted by Paul Heyman, the failed wrestling promoter and professional douchebag who now makes a living running The Heyman Hustle which I think is in some way affiliated with British tabloids, but frankly who can tell? I’m sure that too will collapse like everything else he touches.

Heyman a.k.a. Paul E Dangerously is himself best known for taking the old Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion from obscurity into legend by doing things differently, by changing the very expectations of wrestling fans and that influence can be felt to this day. Not having the business acumen of Tila Tequila, Heyman squandered his success, and the good will of many of the people working for him, by bankrupting the company. Now fans of the 90s phenomenon can watch the WWE dig up the old ECW’s corpse and sodomize it on SyFy every Tuesday at 10:00.

This too is the legacy of Paul Heyman.

But back to Heyman’s cheap shot. While running some pictures of Tequila walking down the street the unlikeable Heyman and his new merry band of soon to be screwed over employees made a little funny:

So, we get these photos of Tila Tequila (heavy breathing commences … now!) and she’s walking by a parking meter in Los Angeles. Our own Hustler De Tuti Hustlers Paul Heyman says “has the time expired on that parking meter yet?”

Of course, we took the bait.

Yes … how did you know?

“Because that bitch’s 15 minutes is waaaaay up!”

Says … Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman was sort of a proto-Tila Tequila in the 90s. He was Tila without the Internet, sex appeal, and ability to run a business. His destruction of the company his ideas helped make legend is well documented, as was his poor treatment of female talent (like selling video of the infamous Kristina Laum striptease when he promised the performer he wouldn’t even tape it) which I assume helps explain why Heyman would be anything but enamored with the Tila Tequila brand, if not the person. Tequila has surpassed Heyman in that after making a splash she was able to keep afloat, something Heyman has still never proven he can do.

Which is probably the point. Heyman has had his 15 minutes of fame several times over and at least 45 minutes of it wasn’t worth seeing and all have basically led nowhere. Tila Tequila turned her 15 minutes into a career and in doing so altered the pop culture landscape in a way even Heyman’s ECW has not.

When I first started blogging I was actually doing a Sci-fi/Wrestling blog (no longer safe for work!). There I blogged about indy circuit wrestlers like the unfortunately retired Kayla Sparks and wrestler turned fetish icon Tara Bush. Both these young women did what hundreds of bands, wrestlers, models, and other performers having been doing since Tila Tequila became famous, and that’s putting all their promotional efforts into social networking sites and other web-based marketing. Advertisers are throwing money into the web with reckless abandon and the Internet has launched hundreds of careers, and I myself have sold Tila Tequila merchandise to finance Red Alerts on more than one occasion. Tila Tequila’s “15 minutes” are responsible for much of this.

Unlike anyone who’s worked for Heyman,Tila Tequila can be counted on to generate profit. For better or for worse, she has inspired a whole new class of celebrity and a new model for doing business that has had far reaching consequences for thousands of people. Heyman cannot say the same, but he can claim her 15 minutes are up. This is wishful thinking on the part of a man who assumes he’s more important than he is and is irritated seeing a woman do better the thing he almost did well himself. Is this misogyny? Maybe, maybe not.

But hating Tila Tequila has become popular these days, as the outrageous comments on her recent Global Grind piece illustrate. Too popular for it to be explained away. The venom aimed at her is almost as bad as the venom aimed at Sarah Palin, and often by the same people. Like this YouTuber whose channel is set up to mock Trig Palin. She left this comment on a video with Tila Tequila. A video, I might add, that was made to support the oppressed people of Burma:

Tila wouldn’t know her pussy from her asshole if there wasn’t a dude ramming one of them everyday and telling her they are loose as fuck and she is washed up. Bet she smells like fish sauce and poo.

Classy right? But vulgarity aside how different is this from Heyman publishing his insult/fantasy of Tila Tequila being more insignificant than him? Not much if you ask me. Both are seemingly envious attacks on someone who will be remembered as an innovator in this industry, and both are attempts to degrade Tila Tequila and her accomplishments. This sort of behavior should be beneath both, but it isn’t.

Maybe both will have a change of heart 15 minutes from now.


Elitism, Europhilia, and Roman Polanski

The basic theme of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the nightmare of a modern virtuous society invaded and corrupted by decadent “Old Europe” style nobility, who act in ways that defy morality and flaunt the laws of society due to their belief that they themselves are beyond the reach of man’s justice. Stoker wrote Dracula at a time when England was surpassing Europe as the cultural center of the West, and his novel was a reaction to the antinomian and often blasphemously obscene art and literature of men like Huysmans or Baudelaire. Dracula in Stoker’s work represents not only the dark antiquity of Europe, where men of low character could, by nature of their birth into noble households, literally get away with rape and murder, but the fin de siècle movement’s seeming embrace of that sort of depravity and decadence.

Dracula, the noble who defied even death (and thus God in Stoker’s universe), took what and more importantly who he wanted without regard to common decency. He murdered, raped, and stole his way through the story, acting as the ultimate metaphor for the evil of Old Europe’s degeneracy for decades. Then something peculiar happened. Post-modern society began seeing Dracula not as a metaphor for the sexual predator protected by his wealth and power, but as an anti-hero rebelling against Victorian morality. There is no Humanities or Literature department, book publishing house or film studio where this is not the prevailing interpretation of the Dracula character. Perhaps those that see themselves as the cultural “tastemakers” of our society, the university professors, leftist “artists,” and the business interests that surround the arts, have vested interests in reigniting the noble-worship of Old Europe, in creating a society that believes in the noble’s exception including their privilege to assault and otherwise molest non-nobles. But anyone having been exposed to some published poet or author (and I’ve meet far too many) knows that this reimagining of Dracula, and vampirism in general, is simply another expression of these people’s misanthropic elitism.

A common expression of this elitism is also academic Europhilia, by which I mean the adoption (primarily by the left) of what they assume are prevailing opinions in Europe and the pretense of a disdain for America. Those of us on the right are mistaken to think the modern academic’s tendency to scoff at “dead White males” and their contributions to civilization as in some way Europhobic. To the contrary, academics have merely adopted two of Europe’s most pernicious and degrading philosophies outside of the idea of the hereditary divine right: Marxism and multiculturalism. So entranced by Europe’s ability to project the air of cultural superiority, the self-appointed elites here have entered vassalage with the new “nobility” of Europe.

Which brings us to Roman Polanski, hackneyed artist, peripheral character in the Manson murders, and violent rapist of children. Roman Polanski drugged and violently raped, both vaginally and anally, a 13-year-old girl. He then skipped bail and fled to Europe where the arts community there, with the open approval of the “tastemakers” here, helped the degenerate continue to work and prosper while avoiding justice. His recent arrest exposed how the people who consider themselves part of the most sophisticated sectors of American society are little more than living caricatures of the gypsies who followed Dracula, doing his bidding and aiding him in his most heinous crimes.

Even though (to her credit) racist Amanda Marcotte tried to commit herself to justice, the negative reaction of Pandagon’s readers made her temper her attacks on Polanski by claiming we on the right are only disgusted by him because we don’t understand his works. No one on the right, you see, is in reality disgusted by rape because of course we’re all rapists. This clearly says more about Marcotte and her relationship with some authority figure she sees as conservative, but since I’m not Marcotte’s therapist I’ll never know for sure. What’s important here is that Marcotte, even while braking ranks with the left, cannot stand to “lower” herself into being on the same side as those she sees as beneath her.

This is elitism in its most obvious form. Pathological, spiteful, and based largely on reinterpreting reality to make these supposed elite minds less sadly pedestrian than they are. In fact, attacking Polanski is the one thing Marcotte has done in her entire life that would set her apart from millions of 15 to 45-year-olds who even now are thumbing through their copies of Poppy Z Brite’s Lost Souls.

But since she fails to understand Polanski’s work herself (implying Rosemary’s Baby is a feminist statement against the patriarchy) I find the suggestion that we righties simply hate art thus we hate Polanski (even though we love raping children apparently) to be the kind of textbook projection those whose identities are dependent on being seen as smarter than others (but who simply aren’t) tend to throw around when they angrily realize that those they hate the most are actually those who they should hate the least.

But at least Marcotte hates rapists as well.

There are 100 filmmakers who signed a petition to “free” Polanski who clearly do not. Whoopi Goldberg characterized the violent vaginal and anal rape of a child, while she cried and pleaded with her tormentor to stop, as not being “rape-rape.” Long time Red Alerts hater and admitted pervert Robert Lindsay claims “sane” people are outraged by Polanski’s arrest. Supposed feminist Joan Z. Shore claims Polanski’s arrest is shameful. She’s a Vassar graduate from New York City who lives in Europe. John Farr claims Polanski deserves leniency, just by nature of being Roman Polanski. Farr thinks movies he enjoys should be given the same status as Classical Literature, and oddly doesn’t think the overrated 28 Day Later was essentially an amalgam of plots from Romero’s Dead trilogy stuffed into one awful movie. Movie critic Kim Morgan thinks that despite drugging, raping, and sodomizing a little girl, Roman Polanski “understands” women though she’s clarified that doesn’t mean she condones his actions. Only letting him off the hook for his actions.

I do not point out these disparate defenders of Polanski and child rape to show that in contrast to Marcotte’s views on rape apologia it is the left that produces the majority of it because this isn’t a political point. This is more of an ethnographic sketch of those Americans who consider themselves culturally and intellectually superior to their fellow citizens. No doubt there is a vast difference between Robert Lindsay, Kim Morgan, and Amanda Marcotte, which is illustrated by the slight variations in their views, but there is an overarching theme here that I would suggest makes these self-appointed elites more of a subculture. They are the American thralls to a mythic Old Europe, where a person’s corpus of work is more important than their penchant for sexual criminality. They believe in a social order in which there are nobles (themselves) and a peasantry (the rest of us) who are devalued for our inability (or unwillingness) to participate in their decades old masquerade. Roman Polanski is who they aspire to be, his victim a meaningless indiscretion for which a man like Polanski cannot be expected to suffer.

Maybe a man named Ronnie Pulaski who worked construction, but not Roman Polanski!

Considered a genius, unencumbered by morality and the complete opposite of what Americans have long considered the ideal, Polanski challenges society in real life the way Dracula challenges Victorianism in Stoker’s novel. Were they better read, they would perhaps see Polanski not as the Gary Oldman version of Dracula, a tortured loved-starved creature punished by a hostile and puritanical God, but as I see Polanski. He is like the Don Juan of Tirso de Molina’s The Trickster of Seville, sinister, spiteful and ultimately damned. But to see that in Polanski is to look past the European trappings and artistic prestige, and to see the man as equal to all others and thus worthy to be judged. This is a step these self-appointed elites cannot take, lest they admit they too can be judged by their true equals, their fellow Americans.

We have our own royalty in America, the celebrities we build up and tear down as part of our entertainment industry. But there is something seductive in the royalty of Old Europe, the idea that a person could be considered worth more than another and never really have to prove it. We all have such pretensions if we admit it, and the best of us cast off this burden to meet the world and all in it as equals, and rise and fall according to our abilities, our sweat, and our blood. Polanski represents for some the easier way, the illusion of class and worth, the comforting lie of elitism. For those who embrace that outlook there is no action too wicked to defend if it props up the lie and reinforces the artificial distinctions between us.

Especially if it happens to those of us they consider beneath them.

Washington Post Guest Blogger Wayne Logan Says Jaycee Dugard Case Proves Sex Offender Registries Don’t Work

Even though sans registry Dugard would have never been rescued. I guess that little tidbit slipped past guest blogger and “expert” Wayne Logan (author of a sex offender martyrdom fantasy disguised as a textbook called Knowledge as Power) in this Washington Post piece in which he basically repeats the arguments that “sex offender activists” make about how unfair and ineffective it is to have sex offender registries. You know, because it somehow makes children less safe to have known degenerates listed on a database people can check before they hire or date them:

The alleged kidnapping, sexual assault and 18-year imprisonment of Jaycee Dugard highlights the need to reassess the nation’s sex offender registration and community notification laws.

Suspect Phillip Garrido was on California’s registry, which like other state registries is known to be rife with inaccuracies and missing data. Garrido, however, was not among the scofflaws. He dutifully kept authorities apprised of his whereabouts, and his identifying information (including home address) was prominently posted on the Internet due to California’s concern about the significant offenses in his history.

Perversely, Garrido was thus a “success.”

But his sustained depravity highlights a reality long known to police: Individuals determined to commit repeated sexual crimes will find a way to do so. Garrido not only was compliant when his crimes came to light in 2009 but also was on California’s registry when he abducted Dugard in 1991.

No, actually Garrido was a failure. He was a failure of a system that never took a dangerous predator seriously. Law enforcement failed to investigate him aggressively and ignored the woman who married and aided him in his crimes, his parole officers failed to keep up with him or his co-conspirator wife and his neighbors all were happy to turn a blind eye to obvious and overt degeneracy. Garrido was a failure of society not the registry.

But let’s say none of that was true and Garrido still got away with his crimes, until of course he was caught due to the great police work of Allison Jacobs, who used her head, the registry and some good old fashioned common sense. Let’s say Garrido slipped through the cracks. How does that prove the registry is useless? Does the fact that some murders go unsolved mean prison sentences don’t work? Does the fact that felons get handguns mean we shouldn’t have laws prohibiting felons from buying guns? This is what Logan is basically saying, that one case of a program not being 100% effective means that program is totally ineffective.

And the program here failed due to human error (or negligence really) a point Logan himself is aware of but considers unimportant:

A reassessment of the laws will need to surmount at least two major obstacles. First, any effort will be distracted by the knowledge that human error played a role in this case — police repeatedly failed to aggressively investigate Garrido. If registries are to exist, individuals such as Garrido surely should be on them. Yet, we know that registries contain far more individuals than can realistically be monitored, including many low-risk convicts.

This problem calls to mind Justice Potter Stewart’s comment that “[w]hen everything is classified then nothing is classified, and the system becomes one to be disregarded by the cynical or the careless.” There will always be a risk of police errors, but the nation’s over-inclusive system significantly heightens this possibility.

In other words monitoring the registry is too hard so let’s quit. It would seem to me an author and professor would be embarrassed to use the same logic we scold children for using. It’s hard to stop gangs from taking over inner city neighborhoods, should we stop trying? It’s hard to get addicts off meth, does that mean we should simply legalize meth or should we be re-doubling our efforts to educate people about the dangers of meth use? That effort would be helped by showing teens meth users during their health classes, because there would be less people trying meth if they knew beforehand what tweakers eventually look and live like.

Likewise the registry is as educational as it is functional. Despite what people like Logan would have you believe, the registry isn’t full of people who were caught peeing in the bushes of a park. Anyone who has looked one up can tell you they are full of rapists, child exploiters and criminal sexual deviants. This exercise, in and of itself, is educational for many people who buy into Logan’s brand of hug-a-thuggery. Logan seems to think that the registry is full of too many types of offenders, but this simply isn’t true. Most of the offenders are people who A) shouldn’t work with children and B) should be on a list people who need to know can check (single mothers or non-profits, for example) and the idea that we “can’t monitor them all” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to monitor any them. If anything the Dugard case proves we should be more proactive in monitoring sexual predators.

Then Logan simply starts repeating the SOSEN talking points about how awful we law and order types are for making these poor rapists and child molesters suffer:

Second, any effort at reevaluation will likely face political resistance. Politicians raising the possibility of a reevaluation risk being branded as soft on crime or — worse — regarded as disrespectful of victims after whom laws are often named. Moreover, one often hears that the laws are justified “if one child is saved.”

Lessening penalties for people who rape infants, bury children they raped alive and trade in child porn is being soft on crime, and indeed disrespectful of not only well known victims but all victims. Here Logan is truly exposed. He doesn’t believe there is such a thing as being too soft on crime, that’s just nonsense we right-wing knuckle draggers say to politicians when they aren’t torturing some poor helpless rapist. And certainly the idea that one child’s life could be weighed against the inconvenience of being put on a list of people not allowed work with children or the possibility that the single mother some pervert is trying to date acts responsibly and checks out her boyfriend before allowing him to babysit is the very definition of fascism!  Logan acts as if the registry grabs random people of its own volition. Every person on the registry committed a crime that violated another person.

To Logan that’s irrelevant. He goes on:

But the nationwide social experiment of registration and community notification laws, affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families, imposes significant costs. It also distracts from other — possibly preferable — public safety strategies. The system demands a closer look. Indeed, it would be difficult to identify any other social policy of such magnitude that has evaded a critical review.

“Other preferable public safety strategies” like not forcing sex offenders to take responsibility for their crimes? Not empowering communities to ensure the safety of their children? I worked in after-school and teen programs and public registries of sex offenders are a god send. When I hired a staff for a summer camp in Brooklyn we required all applicants to pass a background check where their fingerprints were to be taken to the police and their prints and name checked against all manner of criminal databases. A significant portion of those applying never got that done and never came back. Many of those people were likely dangerous to children. The system works there, but it cost a pretty penny to implement. So what if there is a program in a state which doesn’t support background checks? What if I wanted to check out a volunteer at a church program or teen center before leaving that person alone with children?

He goes on to sound very much like Tom Madison or “Zman” wrapping up his essay with rousing leftist articles of faith such as it’s unlikely for a child to be victimized by a stranger … as Jaycee Dugard was. I hear this repeated so often I suspect it’s taught in some sociology textbook. It’s a tidbit that’s meaningful to the academic trying to prove a point, but probably not to the mothers of the hundreds of thousands of missing children who have experienced this “rare” stranger abduction. It certainly is a finer point lost on Jaycee Dugard. Or Jessica Lundsford. Or the 12-year-old girl who was molested by a stranger in Chicago who walked up to her out of the blue and made her touch his genitals. Or the six-year-old boy grabbed and French kissed by a stranger in California. But that’s the real world, not the university quad or a faculty meeting, so Logan will never have even heard of such things.

Police and communities having the ability to know what kind of people live in an area is a good thing, and sex offender registries, public or not, are part of that. But Logan and his ilk aren’t interested in that. They are interested in boilerplate platitudes that mesh well with liberal sensibilities and the intellectualizing of degeneracy, sadism and ultimately evil. Logan is one of a thousand academics in their ivory towers who throw out dubious statistics always meant to mitigate people’s depravity. They write their books and articles with the cold detached eye of the sheltered and the privileged, always ready to deconstruct the next rape and murder until the savages become the victims and the victims are forgotten. The supreme irony of all academics that study criminals is that they see them ultimately as the real victims, and work to promote that idea no matter what the cost.

But they rarely even mention the real victims. Sympathy for them isn’t a narrative that gets you a cushy job at a liberal arts college which is much more important than some child they don’t even know.

The New Misogyny: The Unhinged Misogyny of Pandagon’s Jesse Taylor

An avid reader of Pandagon alerted me to Jesse Taylor’s most recent intellectually dishonest attack on everyone who triggers his unresolved father issues (Conservatives and anyone else who he thinks represents an authority figure) with the note that this one borders on misogynist. Here’s little Jesse’s post in toto:

A word of advice.  Well, a few words, actually.

If you are a conservative black person trying to convince the overwhelming majority of black people to stop voting for Democrats, do not call us ”original recipe dark pieces of chicken”.  Similarly, if I want you to vote for Democrats, I will not call you a retrograde shitstain on Michael Steele’s Lando Calrissian Underoos.


Ouch. And it’s not shocking at all that in a fit of pique Jesse Taylor would use a child-like vulgarity (shitstain? Really?) linked to an immature pastime (Star Wars fandom) with a hipster douchebag reference (Underoos, sooooo ironic) tying the package so neatly even an armchair psychiatrist like me could figure him out. But why’s little Jesse so angry at Afrocity anyway? In the piece he links to, Afrocity doesn’t mention Jesse Taylor or Pandagon, and I am told neither are really on her radar. And vice versa.

Jesse Taylor never mentioned Afrocity’s awesome blog (which I urge all my readers to visit) before, and he likely wasn’t aware of it until today.

That’s when he came to a post I wrote called Jesse Taylor of Pandagon Still Tap Dancing for his White Masters on JournoList where I pointed out that Jesse Taylor is little more than a token for known racists like Amanda Marcotte to hide behind.There Jesse left this comment at around 5:30pm:

Jesse Taylor said,

on August 13th, 2009 at 5:23 pm

What I want you to do next time is count how many times you use the phrase “house Negro” in the post, and then try to surpass it. It’ll be fun!

As an aside, the answer is once. So it’ll be easy to surpass at some point. But it’s interesting that his comment exposes him as being a little too sensitive to that charge. I’ve had people (like Jesse Taylor of Pandagon for instance) call me some variation of Uncle Tom dozens of times. I’ve never felt like they said it more often than they did. It’s almost like he didn’t read it at all…

Coincidentally I’m sure I ended that post with a link to Afrocity who was blogging about a similar subject but not about any particular person.

Again coincidentally Jesse Taylor posted his short and snarky post at around 7:00 pm using the same post I linked to in my piece which upset him so much. As my tipster has pointed out, he sure seemed angry at Afrocity after reading my post.

I just wrote a piece about an adult film actress named Bree Olson who was attacked by hundreds of her “fans” after mentioning on Twitter that she was essentially a fiscal con libertarian. Before that I blogged about another adult film actress named “Gauge” who was supporting McCain for President. She too was savaged by liberal fans who had no problem with her sex work until she dared step out of line politically with them. Tila Tequila was another Republican woman I’ve blogged about who was attacked with misogyny by the supposed liberals who created the demand for Internet models.

In all these cases, liberal men took out their frustrations on women who they disagreed with in lieu of dealing with the real causes of their anger.

Jesse Taylor’s new post is part of that same tradition of misogyny. He was most angered by the admittedly hurtful, though completely true, things I wrote about him. Because like many other unstable and feckless bloggers, Taylor won’t allow me to register for comments there (though I will ALWAYS allow him to comment here) and will not link to my site so his readers could get context for his anger, a la Charles Johnson of LGF. Jesse has limited options when it comes to dealing with attacks on him. In this case, he found a woman whose writing I admire and attacked her. I’ll leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions.

Pandagon is considered a “feminist” blog but its creator didn’t want to bother to answer the post that upset him so he went to the blog of a woman I linked to and attacked her. She took the hit that was really meant for me, the way Jesse Taylor’s wife will take a punch whenever he feels emasculated. This is the impotent and feminized face of “liberal” misogyny and the behavior I frankly was not surprised to see from a sheltered man-child like Jesse Taylor.

Afrocity didn’t deserve derision and venom from Jesse Taylor, but the feminized self-esteem lacking Taylor needed to lash out at someone. Because of my prior history with their racism and homophobia the gals of Pandagon and their “Black friend” usually avoid interacting with me because I remind them of exactly how hypocritical they are. Racists, liars and men who attack random women when they are upset, everything they pretend the right is in what is part cynical role playing, part projection and mostly sublimation of their own immature impulses into a sub-culture based entirely around lowering the bar for what it means to be a decent person.

So I apologize to Afrocity if she was confounded by venom from someone she was probably unaware of. I am the “shitstain” in Jesse’s mind to be sure, but unsurprisingly he found it easier to say that to you than me. I wonder why that is?